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  1. I guess the obvious question to ask then is, If fans of the circus continue to wear elephant t-shirts, will PETA sue Ringling and shut them down? And on what "fair" grounds?
  2. So the ncaa also banned us from going back to the Flickertails? interesting....I think you're pulling some of this from somewhere other than the settlement agreement.
  3. Your bolded part makes my point, actually. The settlement assumes (correctly) the Fighting Sioux is the old nickname, and the old logo. Where in the agreement does it mention primary and secondary names and logos?
  4. Lol agreed. This is sounding more and more like George Orwell's 1984. The letters N and D have now been removed from the alphabet. Adjust accordingly or suffer the consequences!
  5. You know what I meant, but if this fits your premise, go with it. Lol If no logos or nicknames used in the past are going to be allowed as stated by Sicatoka a few posts ago, when will all the N's and D's be removed from campus? Seems like quite an undertaking, hopefully The Herald takes some pics.
  6. You are correct- "people" do, but the university doesn't. The deal is with the university, not the general population. People will still wear their Sioux apparel for years to come regardless of a new nickname or not. If it went to court the ncaa would have no grounds to stand on.....they would be using a Thought Police reasoning to state their case. And besides, the interlocking ND is a new logo. Slippery Rock University gets by calling themselves Slippery Rock with an inference to "The Rock" also being their nickname. So, their nickname is the same as their schoolname, yet they somehow get by without litigation from the ncaa.
  7. Wrong. It's been hashed over several times in the nickname threads.
  8. go with Blackhawks. Use a Blackhawk bird as the "official" logo, but everyone can just buy their logo'd apparel from the Chicago Blackhawks. And gfhockey is happy, because his favorite word is contained within the word Blackhawk. So it's a win-win. (minus the loss of apparel revenue)
  9. Given the fact he failed to get last year's most talented team in school history a signature win, or a dance appearance, or barely finish above .500....And followed that up with 6 D1 wins this year, I think we're right right and right again in our opinion of Jones. But you keep drinking the kool-aid.
  10. No, that's not at all what I mean. Hooker made a mistake on that previous possession and wasn't about to do it again. Making him catch the ball running away from the basket on the wing is not a good plan. After that, it was playground time again. If there would have been someone flashing towards the basket after he caught it for a potential layup, or a pick and roll, it may have made sense. Omaha got exactly what they wanted; they sagged off the poorest outside shooter on the floor, UND got the ball to the open man, and he of course missed. I never agree with his "game plans", so we're in agreement there.
  11. I was hoping to see an actual offensive play drawn up for the final possession, but I guess that was too much to ask. So to end the game, the one time all game Hooker doesn't bring the ball up, they run a worthless screen across the free throw line to get him the ball on the wing, forcing him to the baseline with no other options, 16 feet away from the rim. SMH If you're going to take the ball out of his hands so he can't run the show from the point, how about running an actual play to get him open? If you have a brain, you let him run it from the point, and set screens as he wants so he has choices.
  12. UNO looks to be the worst defensive team we have faced in quite awhile..... it's nice to see some open shots falling and some nice assists by Hooker.
  13. I guess the pressing issue is, what's his stance on big cocks?
  14. Sorry, but I don't play for that team. lol
  15. Can't wait to see your idea for a logo and mascot.
  16. Does anyone know when the next Merrimentics Anonymous meeting is? I feel I should go.
  17. Maybe the students can change the chant to- Who's he, Fire Kelley!
  18. FCS is what it is. College hockey is what it is. Can't we all just get along?
  19. Thunder's a nice name, but not gonna happen with the Thundering Turds to the south. they play Thunderstruck all the time down there for introductions, etc. Just another part of the problem trying to come up with a "new" name when we are 100 years late to the deciding-what-our-nickname-should-be-party.... all the good names are taken.
  20. This is exactly what a lot of the "let's just move on" people fail to grasp. Out of everyone that says ok fine let's pick a new name.... how many of those people are under the delusion that the name picked is going to be one they actually like? Step 1: Come out with a list of names to choose from. Result-- a bunch of people say hey wait a minute- I don't like any of these choices- let's just stay with no name. Meanwhile another group of people are still ok with the process because their name is still on the list. Step 2: New name is chosen, and a small percentage is happy because their choice for a name is the one picked. But now a large majority are ticked because none of their favored names were chosen- and they now feel like it would be better to stay with no name....but sorry, too late. Choosing a new name is an exercise in self-inflicted torture where the end result is a vast majority are not going to be happy.
  21. Typical answer from an FU buffoon.
  22. So.... Thanks to FU's complete ineptitude, both universities get punished if this goes thru.
  23. Every other team in D1: We got more! We got more! We got more!
  24. We may not win many games, or have any pride, or play hard, but at least we've got a great coach.....
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