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  1. Good post, I could not agree more. He gets NOTHING extra out of his players. They leave with the same level of talent they came here with. Next year is a lame duck season as far as i'm concerned.
  2. Sometimes a question of firing, can be answered by asking who else would hire said individual. Brian Jones is the Christian Ponder of Division 1 basketball coaches. I can't think of any reason another Division 1 school would call him in for an interview. Can you?
  3. That's your response? LOL. Well, you brought up "sporting events", and how you remember the details of those involved. Hockey qualifies as a sporting event. Care to answer the rest of the questions? I didn't think so. Given your immediate response, have fun camping out on siouxsports.com for the night.
  4. Congratulations on being the Wilt Chamberlain of watching sports. It seems FU fans are always obsessed with getting put on maps, or getting people to look at them like a 2 year old searching for attention. Honest question: If millions (heck maybe billions if the Chinese were tuned in) watched FU vs. Kansas during that 2009 game, what did those people do, armed with whatever information they gleaned by seeing a big green buffalo lose to a blue bird? Did they all buy yellow clothing? Did they all enroll in goat-roping? And, after watching 10,000 sporting events in your lifetime, what difference have you personally made for each team, school, etc. that you saw play those games? Any? Soooo tired of the Bison fans coming on Siouxsports and talking about "exposure" and how many people are looking at them. Especially just a few weeks after the Olympics, which involved a few current and former Sioux athletes, dominated world sports coverage. good grief.
  5. Does anyone in the #ButtSummit ever factor in an average of 6 additional non conference games for each #ButtSummit school as compared to Big Sky schools? 8 #ButtSummit teams, 6 additional non conference games each, equals 48 additional opportunities for #ButtSummitters to get non conference wins and up their #ButtRPI. This is a major flaw of using the #ButtRPI when figuring individual team and conference rankings.
  6. Really? What were you contributing when you said "so Southern Utah would've fared better against Weber?" You obviously didn't watch the game last night, or you would have a clue. you obviously don't know UND was playing shorthanded- two mainstays of the lineup were hurt. If you really want to contribute, hurry up with my order of fries.
  7. And to think you lost to that very team by 18 earlier this year. The Summit cake walk is over, good luck in the tournament!
  8. I don't think we could've won tonight playing our best game possible with this shorthanded lineup.
  9. I could do without the 4 hour interview of the ex Weber State player during the espn commentary.
  10. Geez Bolomboy just turns into traffic, flails and flops, and automatically gets the call from the underneath ref who can't see a thing from there, twice. Frustrating.
  11. This is one of those games where the clock seems like its in slow motion. We're playing a great game so far.
  12. 1:46 left, and the web stream is finally working without freezing every two seconds.
  13. This web feed is more like a slow IV drip. Augh...
  14. Cheap foul injuring Stefan. Seems to be a theme at the end of our tournament games. Sheesh
  15. Yes... Very, very, very quietly.... Shhhh...... Lol
  16. They're touching chests before Huff's elbow comes down.... No way that's anything on Huff.
  17. Foul on Salmonson was ridiculous. They're raping us on the other end and barely a call.
  18. Great to see some hustle tonight. Wouldn't have expected a lead like this with Huff not hitting shots thus far.
  19. My guess is those on here saying the Summit isn't that great, actually watched the Summit title game on tv. And those claiming NDSU and the Summit are head and shoulders above the Big Sky, didn't. I saw the game... If beating a team with a starting lineup consisting of: a morbidly obese man, a guy so old he is almost completely bald, and a "leading scorer" who had an offensive meltdown of epic proportions in the second half- by a few points in the last seconds of the game, for a conference title is your idea of a tougher conference than the Big Sky, then I have some oceanfront property for you in eastern North Dakota.
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