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  1. Hope we aren't heading towards a rep as the "Last chance U" for NCAA Hockey. Don't want to be thought of in the same light as Youngstown football is in the MVFC.
  2. OK! All of you who forgot to take your meds today raise your hands!!
  3. If he's gonna be a seal, it won't be in the Navy. Sea World, maybe (if he can learn to balance a ball ln his nose.) The Navy? Not in this lifetime...….
  4. When you get to heaven, it appears that it will be the first time you've existed in a positive environment.....
  5. Mama Sue, if you are not prepared to tell us who else was with you on the grassy knoll, please give it a rest.
  6. Any news on 2019 Hawks signing as free agents after the draft ended? Seems like several would draw some interest.
  7. Don't forget that they have that 7 footer from Dickinson (Meidinger) siting in the wings. If he gets healthy, he will add to the post presence greatly.
  8. Sicatoka, I think you have just struck another genius chord! The new nickname MUST be the University of North Dakota Boondockers. Boonies for short.. BRILLIANT!!!!! :D
  9. Are you saying there is something in my post that isn't accurate?
  10. Well, they were all home games for UND. We spend so much of our resources on hockey that we can't afford bus fare to Fargo? ?
  11. Luv Bubba and think Schmidty is the bomb. Could not have done better than these two hombres.
  12. Darrel, What the F&%k is up with you. You go on the FU board and give them all these +++ props, and then you come here and talk !@#$ like a Jr High school kid. I think maybe ACES11 from AGS has you pegged correctly. Be consistent, man. That's the only way you can be creditable, in my mind any way.
  13. Stanley Jones spent his Freshman year at West Fargo HS, so there already was a natural connection to the F-M community that probably influenced his decision to go with the Bison. He has a strong upside and could be a future star.
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