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  1. Second verse, sing it again! I'm Henry the 8th I am, …..Groundhog Day all season long.
  2. Yah, but we can play down to anyone in the country, meaning we are a very average team. The worst of the best and the best of the worst. That's why we are where we are and we are who we are. Man, we had great intensity/urgency.....in the last 5 minutes. To be understood I guess though as we're a lock for the big dance. Oh wait, we're barely on the bubble looking in from the outside. Yoy.
  3. And guess what, that changed tonight boys! Gee, what a surprise.
  4. Hmm, my bad, I thought they had no pp and was thinking it was about time they hired one after tonight's 0 for 7 "power" play effort/result.
  5. I figured CC would get the first goal the way this game was going. It seems if we score in a game fairly early we do alright but if it goes on for awhile then it doesn't bode well for us.
  6. Yup, for all of Hak's critics, he would of handled this. God forbid we sit him a game, can't afford to do that as we would be w/o a guy who .....hasn't scored in half a season.
  7. It boggles the mind but it's really just a microcosm of the last few seasons and how we are so offensively challenged.
  8. I agree, it's starting to seem like church at times. Considering the # of fans that makes the games, it's quieter at times than many college games with 1/3 to 1/2 the attendance.
  9. Plays and takes undisciplined penalties, how's he stay captain? I don't care if he's a senior, not a good example.
  10. You nailed it, they were a different (better) team tonight. Still, as well as they played, it took them two-2 man advantage power plays(and a solid pipe by UND) to pull this one out on UND.
  11. Puzzled, where does he say or necessarily indicate that he "hates" girls hockey? My hunch is he's just not tuned in to it. I tried watching UND women's hockey (I coach girls soccer, watch women's national team soccer, and have 3 daughters/no sons so I've got no inherent bias against women's sports) but the fact they don't check makes it a different game. That's not good, bad or anything but in my mind (certainly others can disagree, that's fine) it's what inherently makes hockey a great sport in that is has skill, speed and physicality. One aspect of those, the latter, is missing from fema
  12. Good point. The last decade or several years of the WCHA Final 5 I St Paul was basically Minn home ice but UND sure did a number down there.
  13. You know what, I might of argued with you but I saw highlights tonight of both girls and boys HS ND state hockey tourney and I'm not a great hockey mind and did not play hockey but watching the girls was like night and day compared to the boys in terms of skating skills, speed, power, balance. No contest, boys were superior based upon the highlights I saw, it just jumped right out at me . Can there be exceptions, sure there can, but overall no debate.
  14. He made my heart skip a few beats too, he certainly likes to bounce around and flop and it makes it scary at times. Probably his style but it's scary. I think he needs to tame it a bit to improve.
  15. What you're saying is spot on but what it means is it's essentially an average team or just slightly above average cus we have beaten some good teams on several occasions (although lost/tied some games to less than average teams), hence the #21 (?) PW ranking.
  16. You make a great point, I hear you, yet a good number of folks on this board wanted Haks fired despite that achievement cus he kept coaching badly in the FF and natty final.
  17. And that, my friends, is the elephant in the room.
  18. I agree 100%. The Betty is fine (and not the issue), believe me.
  19. I hear your sarcasm and yes, the arena is fine. It's the recruiting and coaching that isn't. This is not good, a once proud program that in its D-2 heyday beats ORU looks like a middle of the road/meddling D-2 team now. If there's not a coaching change after this season, my gosh. What Roebuck built, a proud women's hoops program with a real nice fan base (now deteriorating), has just been burned in a dumpster fire these last few seasons. And next season looks like the downward trend continues. Yoy.
  20. And these last few seasons approx one-half of Berry's post-game radio comments get old too.
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