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  1. Yeah baby, UND going for the sweep! They better not outshoot them too bad though or risk being accused by DU of "showing them up".
  2. Wow, with our culture, recruiting, facilities, draft picks,...and we don't have 1, not 1, freaking top 50 freshman scorer in the nation? Wow, that's telling and says a lot/all.
  3. Yoy. That's a harsh call to overturn that goal IMO but unexpected, certainly not.
  4. I don't necessarily disagree but this is college and, fair or not, coaches recruit those players who "execute". Using that logic, Haks was the greatest coach ever you'd have to agree based on your logic then as he coached/set up his team and gave them the "opportunity" to win a natty damn near every season but got blasted by many for those players not "executing" in the end.
  5. Agree, "scoring" is the issue and getting more goals than you allow is what clearly defines a team that's better than the others. It's the most important thing, bar anything else (score more than you concede). I do agree thought, next season will be better but it better be! No where to go but up (I HOPE!).
  6. How do you necessarily know it's not his coaching (you checked out the power play percentage, SOG scoring percentage, and goalie save percentage) that puts this team in a position to lose game after game? Another coach (no names...) might put them in a position to win most of these games.
  7. You make a good point and I do hope you're right.
  8. Hey, Mafia Man what's wrong with you? I wanna be just like Wisco hockey! That's my ambition/dream/definition of excellence!
  9. You probably nailed it, we could certainly be a #6 seed in reg season conf play which would probably put us at W Mich in 1st round--yikes! Don't like them chances.
  10. I hear you but I'm starting to grow tired of highly skilled/high caliber/high-end recruits (hear it every season with all our draft picks) coming in but they can't produce/produce minimal goals and points. It sure seems to be a trend lately.
  11. Looks like a good goal to me.
  12. No doubt, better (to start) late (over half a season in) than never I guess.
  13. Like the one poster said, start citing shooting percentage, not SOG. And that's piss poor shooting at 0% for the game/8 % (or lower) on the season.
  14. Can't blame you based on play/results these last few years, team goes on a 3-3 (or 4-2?) run and gain a split at home vs a real good and hey, those are damn good times anymore! Prior to these last few years, for many years that was considered nothing special really or even a bit of a funk. My, times have changed.
  15. Wow, Hain going for the goal was just literally tackled in to the goal by a DU guy and no freakin' penalty call! Huh?
  16. No, not according to UND media, Fargo Herald hockey writer, and radio voice...22 SOG for naught is better than just 7 SOG w 2 g.
  17. Same verse, sing it again...wash, rinse, repeat...getting so tired of this...it's so freakin' predictable.
  18. Our home game vs W Ill they scored 60 pts on us in the 2nd half. UND is not a very good team at all on a terrible run, need a coaching change for next season if this doesn't improve this season.
  19. Just put the game on, see SOG are UND 15 DU 6 but we're down 1-0. Sigh, same old, same old again?
  20. Sioux fan but gotta agree, no way in hell Jones is taking UND to the Big Dance this season or next season.
  21. Not to be Nancy Negative (or Danny Downer) but I tend to agree, MM. DU comes in ticked/hungry/fired up to go against rival UND, they're at home where they play well at mile-high altitude/other teams less-so, and UND is probably going to be feeling "sweet" (relaxed, confident,...you name it) after their slaughter of #1 St Cloud previous week. Don't like the ingredients but please prove me wrong cus, as Mr. Berry said, every game now is essentially a play-off game. Go get 'em boys, beat the Pio's!
  22. Yah, school closed for several/many days I believe the GF Herald said so the "wussification" of America as one person posted started well before this week.
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