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  1. Any clue as to what the Minn ST-Mankato coach makes? I would hope we could double his salary, couldn't we or is he getting big bucks down there? I realize they play in the weaker WCHA but he has them in top 10 or maybe even top 5 in the Pairwise in a college town similar in size to GF with no real hockey tradition of any pedigree and yet competing with ST Clown, Duluth, and U Minn. Plus, he was the recent US coach in the junior (under 18?) world championships this past winter. Some hockey experts must recognize he's got coaching talent, hey?
  2. Spot on. It's one of two things or a combo-platter; either we are judging poorly in our recruiting or when players arrive here they are not developing as players. And I'm talking strictly offensive (forwards) players, defense and goal keeping aren't really the issue.
  3. Well, "funeral" might be an apt description. Seriously, if we play like we did tonight and Den plays like they did tonight (uhhhh, minus us not scoring and them scoring 2 goals...) I like our chances of taking game 2.
  4. Weeeeel,.....it is UND hockey for these last 2 seasons. For the last 20 years or so, no.
  5. Hey, hey. Berry won us a natty. Fire Haks!
  6. You effin nailed it buddy. And right now I hear Tim Hennessey apologizing again for lack of scoring, basically saying bad puck luck ("no bounces"). This team's lack of ability at finishing/scoring is so inept they can't even buy a greasy goal.
  7. Please...oh, please...bring in a few goal scorers or finishers next season...this is getting so freakin' old...or coach some of our underclassmen forwards on how to finish...bring in a new power play coach....please, just please...I beg you Berry...
  8. Yah, I said the same thing. I noticed as soon as they showed the replay of the Sioux barrage on net he didn't bring up the point again so probably realized what he said was BS.
  9. God, I sure hope he was being sarcastic...
  10. Can just one or two effin upper classmen forwards (lower classmen for that matter, I don't care!) just step up and earn that scholarship. My God.
  11. Edge in goaltending and I may be wrong but am guessing they didn't lose 2 out of 2 games to a "Canisius" type team or go winless in 2 games vs a "Bemidji" type team (UND did of course). That's probably the big reason for the difference in the two team's PW ranking I would guess.
  12. Same verse, sing it again,...yoy, yoy, yoy
  13. GDPritch

    UND vs DU

    Agree but that doesn't explain why AZ St is ranked as high as it is in the PW. Sure, they beat avg/poor tams but they've hardly beaten anybody good. Hell, the Goofs ain't nothing special and they slaughtered (swept) them a few weeks ago and I'm not sure AZ St even dropped in the PW, did they?. They must have something on somebody.
  14. GDPritch

    UND vs DU

    Exactly, my first thought. Pretty small sample size/misleading even though it's been like 24 seasons as at least 2/3 of UND's conf playoff series' have been at home during that time.
  15. GDPritch

    UND vs DU

    Big UND hockey fan and cautiously optimistic about our chances in Denver but I just hope we can score 2 - 3 goals a game, let alone win by 2 - 3 goals each game.
  16. GDPritch

    UND vs DU

    I'm not so sure about that? Didn't we jump out to a nice lead and then of course played in safe mode to stay ahead for the win? Yah, not a great number of shots on goal for us (don't believe Denver did either) but rather see that with good goaltending on our part than we get 45 shots on goal and only nab 1 - 2 goals.
  17. GDPritch

    UND vs DU

    Yah, I thought the exact same thing.
  18. GDPritch

    UND vs DU

    Great point. 50/50 chance maybe?
  19. No offense or nothing at you (we are who we are) but, man (hey. it's all relative), my, my how standards have slipped these last few seasons.
  20. I'll have what he's having bartender! Seriously, I do see better things next season ((my God, it better be better) but unless goal scoring/finishing skills take a big jump we'll probably be looking at 3rd or 4th place in conf play/hopefully make top 12 ranking in Pairwise but certainly not top-tier as like in the Haks days most seasons. I sure do hope I'm proved wrong but standards/expectations here lately have dropped just a tad for obvious reasons.
  21. Amen to that. Thoughts are with him.
  22. Uhh, he did not play "well" (maybe he's a great face-off guy or whatever, I'm judging strictly based on points-production) even when he was "well" these last few season. Again, offensive production aside, maybe he does other small things well (I'm no great hockey mind).
  23. Uhh, more like undisclosed injury/illness (somebody knows what it is, surely).
  24. 2 effing minutes on Weininger for embellishment!
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