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  1. Yoy, it makes no effin sense. Give me another beer.
  2. Yup. He simply came out so he could try to grab the 5 min penalty (perfect timing for it). Yoy. So typical nowadays.
  3. Yah, but finally got benched when it didn't matter though. Do it 2 - 3 weeks ago (bench him) when it mattered and perhaps we win a game or two extra. When he got benched tonight it didn't matter either way really as W Mich had all but officially won their game and whether we win or lose Fri or Sat we know we have to go on the road next week and then go on to win the Frozen Face-off in St Paul to make the ncaa.
  4. I agree 100%. They might not quite be as defensively sound as we are but (and I'm stating the obvious) their offense is certainly superior to ours (like 2/3 of college hockey teams I'm guessing).
  5. Piss-poor puck luck...(but not when Neb-O hit's one off the post)
  6. Wednesday's Fargo Herald 3 days later: "Minnesota Eliminates Men's Hockey Program".
  7. Agree. I'll be the last to defend Gardner and his propensity for taking stupid/costly penalties but on that play the goalie is behind his net and Gardner tries to squeeze between him ant the net to pursue the puck and somehow gets a goalie interference call against him. Huh? It was plainly the refs looking at reputation only and trying (which they did) evening the penalty calls at two apiece.
  8. Groundhog Day. Second verse, sing it again, I'm Henry the 8th I am,.....
  9. Are you freaking serious? Nobody does that. Wow, spot on, very disingenuous/misleading. Cheap.
  10. Yup, spot on. Tonight's game a microcosm of the whole season. Tons of shots on goal but only like 1 goal after 30 shots while UNO ties it up on like only 12 shots (luckily that one shot they had 1st period went off the post). How does this proud hockey program with it's recruiting, facilities, etc. have a team with such lack-luster finishing/goal scoring/offensive creativity that equates to a Yugo? So sick of it when programs such as Mia, Neb-O, CC, W. MIch, etc. have more offensively skilled players than we do? It boggles my mind. Just so frustrated after these last 2 - 3 seasons.
  11. Count me in! I heard from a pretty reliable source linked with REA that the deal (UND vs Penn St in Nashville) is all but signed so surely gotta be something coming out soon on it.
  12. Exactly. My guess is you're likely in more danger odds-wise while driving approx 700 miles to/fro GF - Chicago than you are actually being in Chicago assuming one uses common sense when/where you're in the Windy City.
  13. To be honest, although Ariz St has beaten some good teams (and so has UND), I really can't comprehend how they're so high up in the PW ranking. Their strength of schedule is nothing special.
  14. Huh? We've all seen what Gardner has been doing late in games to muck it up. We've watched those games so have seen it. And it's from a senior captain, no less! Unless GBH humped Berry's dog or hit on the water boy after practice, not sure what could top what Gardner's done when it matters most in games.
  15. I did not bother watching the game tonight, instead took in the class B girl's hoops final at the Betty (it was full, loud, and rocking--great to see!), but I did follow the CHN score app on my phone. So Gardner was not benched finally benched tonight following Friday night's performance against CC (which followed his debacle in last Saturday's game vs Duluth). He must have something on Berry, I do think.
  16. I would guess a win over an improved but still just an average team at best would not have vaulted us at all but I have not seen the latest/greates PW rankings since following Friday's games.
  17. Reminder me again, not that he's a top scoring forward but WTH is JJ's injury/illness/…? And is it just me or is Nick Jones always nicked up and missing games frequently it seems in his nearly 2 full seasons here at UND? Seems like he's missed a good portion of games despite not really having a major type injury (?).
  18. My long-time buddy fits the description/said basically same thing today that you just stated. Perhaps the perfect coach for UND would be combo platter of Haks and Berry. .
  19. Yup, he said that as I turned the radio on for the post-game show. I laughed as I thought he's finally being critical/hard on his players (you could tell) but thought that's ultimately on you guy no matter what.
  20. "Reveling" in it? Like me, I believe he's frustrated/effin sick and tired of it (albeit, MM tosses in some sarcasm to dull the pain) these last few seasons and would surely love to see it end. At least with Haks we nevery suffered from being a bad/mediocre team all season long, we only suffered from being a good to great team pretty much every season that could not win the big one come late in the season. Sure, that still hurt big-time but at least we were not embarrassed or apologizing to anyone.
  21. Not sure as did not hear him tonight but I would think it's the latter as his voice has really gotten "old" the last few years (listening to his morning show), which really is ironic as he looks to be in great shape and has certainly kept the weight off in his middle/middle-late age.
  22. You're damn right...and it...didn't pay off...If they didn't work on it the BAD on UND coaching staff and if they did work on it all week then BAD on UND coaching staff and players...Yoy, yoy, yoy.
  23. I hear you. We seem to have highly-recruited recruits coming in essentially every season (just count the # of NHL picks we get) so I ain't got no faith after the last 2 - 3 seasons for those coming in based solely on where they rack & stack as that doesn't really seem to matter anymore (i.e. predict "future success"). Do we chase the Minn-St Mankato coach? Not sure what he makes but gotta think we can double his salary?
  24. You said it, agree 100%. So dumb. "Emotion" is good only if it's good, productive emotion. His emotion isn't good and costs the team despite his all-star face-off %.
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