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  1. R_Schneider_4

    2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    Saw a few asking about streaming CBS Sports. Just sign up for a free 7 day trial at FUBOTV. You have to enter credit card but you wont be charged if you cancel before the trial is over. I've watched all UND's CBS Sports games this year doing this with different email accounts each time.
  2. R_Schneider_4

    Help!!! Real or Fake??

    I don't recall the premiers having the non detailed Sioux logo on the reebok jerseys. I know they did for the nike jerseys.
  3. R_Schneider_4


    Anyone know where to stream Altitude 2 or TSN3 for the game tonight?
  4. R_Schneider_4


    2 years ago
  5. R_Schneider_4


    13 losses and 4 ties I believe in 91 games. The team didn't show up for the first 39 minutes of this game and it cost them.
  6. R_Schneider_4

    former players

    Here's 21
  7. R_Schneider_4

    former players

    Found 15
  8. R_Schneider_4

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Championship season (15-16) had 27
  9. R_Schneider_4

    NCHC Frozen Faceoff - Xcel Energy Center

    Add the 2 numbers together.
  10. R_Schneider_4

    Regional Tickets

    I kept clicking refresh for about 5 minutes and then I was able to get 2
  11. R_Schneider_4

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. UMD - FRIDAY Gameday ********

    Anyone know of a working live stream anywhere?
  12. R_Schneider_4

    ND High School Hockey 16-17

    01-02 played one of the GF teams and lost by a goal I believe. Then beat Bismarck High, then lost to a Fargo team. They were missing their best player Ryan Wolf most of the year with ugly knee injury. 03-04 we lost to RR and Minot.
  13. R_Schneider_4

    ND High School Hockey 16-17

    Yeah that was the year. Bob was the coach for 4-5 seasons before Gusto came in and had multiple winning seasons.
  14. R_Schneider_4

    ND High School Hockey 16-17

    I believe there was a winless year under Bob Gillen, but the stats had to be better than this years team. I did come across these stats from 01-02. Gave up less goals the entire regular season than this years team gave up in one game.