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  1. He’s making fun of UND fans for the uproar of Hain being pushed into Chrona.
  2. Who is all in there? How much do you want?
  3. Use YouTube downloader and you can save them all to your computer.
  4. Really wish UND would post their video board intros and pregames from every year. Would be really cool to see all of them through the years instead of fan videos on YouTube. Definitely gets a person pumped up for the game.
  5. Blackheart thank you for putting all of these games on youtube!!! I wish UND would make old games and jumbotron content available. Any chance that you have both postgames from 2016 frozen four? Thank you sir.
  6. Tychonick is a +20. Can’t believe he isn’t in the lineup more often.
  7. Thought for sure they were going to bury one of those at the end. St Cloud with some huge blocks.
  8. Last year Rhett takes a stupid penalty there and we’re down 2 men. I’m 100% Thome grabbing someone and holding them back.
  9. Free 14 day trial of YouTube TV then cancel when the game is over
  10. Everyone settle down. This team has only 2 losses. Yes they didn’t play well tonight but again they have 2 losses. Only 1 other team has less than that. We’re still OK
  11. Weird huh? If they lose a couple conference games I’m sure the idiots will show back up.
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