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  1. Its not perfect but it sure is great they worked out some type of solution. This is very inportant to make sure as many students can be in the seats. Now just move those seats behind the visitor tendy and let then have a bit more of a leash, props, no sitting down, and it'll be even better.
  2. After all the talk and fearmongering of the mighty flood of 19... Its a real kick in the testicles that a Late September rainstorm causes the most harm. Prayers for thosr dealing with loses. Not fun. I hate water sometimes.
  3. "#Anyone who takes me seriously, seriously needs to take a hike." ..... Abraham Theodore Lincoln. .......................Micheal Scott. .............................#Frozen4sioux But seriously the content count of 3, me thinks this ones trolling couldnt catch a drunk catfish on the west bank of the red river in a drought.
  4. wooof.... Shocked he's getting another year in Detroit.
  5. Thats a very interesting concept on the motive behind the marketing. Hadn't considered that angle, it unfourtunetly makes sense. Way too much sense. UND needs to market the college experiences and relate them to being AT UND, that very much includes Athletics, acedemics, social experiences, and the value of the networking (something vastly absent from the online experience). Notice how something called Grand Canyon University does this well in their TV commercials. The name and logo should be a part of, but not the sole focus, of the marketing. Don't force the damn thing down the throats, just relate it to the experiences, as the connection is made gradually through time, the acceptance will follow. Or it wont... but money won't be wasted in trying to coherce and admonish it into acceptance. Thats how I'd do it, and how I'd pitch it. Marketing agency's can PM me here and we can discuss my consulting fee.
  6. "Or talk to a student athlete and ask them how they feel about playing in front of their home crowd, yet hear boos when the nickname on their jersey is mentioned or especially the reactions that show up on social media any time a hawk logo is shown or the nickname is mentioned"...... Quote from the previously mentioned post. Literally talking about their feelings. Reading for comprehension and understanding is difficult, but worth your time and effort. Not really a complex concept being discussed, was just a very basic observation of waffling sentiment. If I have more time, and can find some crayons I can expalin it again in a more understandable format for you later.
  7. Just completely and totally missed the point, like it went right over your head. Cant have it both ways ... either the logo matters to a student athlete or it doesnt. The anti crowd has repeatedly made the point that the logo doesnt matter to student athletes and doesnt have an effect of performance .... Now that same crowd is saying its effecting the athletes ability to perform and hurting their feelings. That has nothing to do with "if these athletes" have a connection to either or.. The post is calling out the BS wishy washy waffling flip flop arguments... not this this one but all the others as well. Then you go and dredge up a "Hockey vs. all " argument? That had nothing to do with the topic, but DID prove my point from a previous post quite exactly.
  8. Brad Malone sent to minors Dillon Simpson Zane McIntyre on waivers to send down.
  9. UND isnt the only place student apathy was waned obviously, but UND should own the issue, embrace it and engage the students with creative and alternative ideas. Doing the GF thing of just basically passive aggressively complaining about it while also not really admitting the problem is going to have disastrous consequences.
  10. Not saying that the officiating was unbalanced or that a certain State school benefited from it but..... If you checked stripe's pants on the way out of the fargodome this evening.. better than average chance there a few extra beet shares in those pockets.
  11. Michigan looks terrible, good.
  12. This is another great development. I applaud the NCHC on this move.
  13. It is quite possible Jdubs is in fact GFhockey's grandfather. His much much more senile grandfather. or another parody handle from the same dude.
  14. Philipinian caning punishment is perfectly applicaple for the wave.
  15. Ate there, was meh. same as a gas station with chester chicken under a heat lamp, thats my 1ST HAND opinion. By all means check it out for yourself though, thats the fun of trying new places, get to eat and have your own opinion..... "Newspaper article"???.. where did that ASSumption come from?
  16. Wait.... when peple wanted to keep the logo years ago.... I thought the kabal propaganda ministry said no athlete plays for the logo and that the logo doesnt win game or score goals, or catch TDs??? Now we have athletes that are so mentally week they crumble and take their feelings to the safespace if someone prefers the old to the new??? WTF is going on with the Athletic dept admin?
  17. Everytime the core few here are trashing the people who support UND athletics but hate the new logo.... THAT is what is continuing to cause any potential issues. Its basically similar to another aspect of our culture now, People screaming that everyone else MUST have the opinion they hold or they are wrong and causing the problem..... label them with an ..."ist" label. Forced indoctrination and coerced acceptance is not working to aliviate anything. ZERO number of suppporters want to be told how they MUST feel. Now if anyone in the AD office is sitting around wringing their hands about the bird not being loved...... they need to be FIRED immediately!! What a waste of time. This victim mentality is what will hold back UND Athletics for decades.
  18. Extreamly meh.... IMHO... a glorified gas station/convenience store fare. But thats just my opinion.
  19. I still hate the logo, but by my experiences of the surroundings of the football game last weekend, tailgaiting and post game activities, it is impossible to say acceptance is not gaining. I talked with some people specifically about it in the Champs club tent, and some students while tailgating, and it was a kind of an embarrassed admittance that they hated it but... meh its what we got so it is what they wear. That's sad, and very telling about the state of UND athletics fans and supporters.
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