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  1. Keep them dumb and dependent on a government. People said in the past it was rediculous, and just a fantasy, but now its a very dangerous reality. It is happening and the "slippery slope" is now an avalanche of Idiocracy.
  2. The thing is he's just too stupid to even know.... why he's stupid. Which is the dangerous part.
  3. We view the people celebrating the Presidents hospitalization the EXACT same way we viewed the throngs of pestilent slime that celebrated the towers falling on 9/11.
  4. Griffey and its not close, Clark was too Charlie Lao, Griffey was perfect combination.
  5. The great ones cant even keep up with the HOF stupid but heres to catching up...
  6. Like your posts Alpha, keep liking your own posts. I'm sure you'll get someone to change their mind someday, there's gotta be at least one slutbag out there that needs a mythical "$20" . Think you missed out on Kamala though, she's already been promised the White House, if the ballot harvesting does go their way, she'll end up f*$king the country instead of her superiors. Although you'll probably be ok with that as you've demonstrated and proclaimed in your posts that you approve of such behaviors and forced sexual degregation of women in the workplace. Someday I hope these women have the chance to stand on their own merit without being forced to resort to such a degrading culture as you've approved of. Disgusting. #Metoo.
  7. ...and the gun totin felon is still going to be wankin it lefty for the rest of his life... also in prison hopefully. I'd say we all owe a debt of thanks to young kyle. How many people, how many kids, did he save that night. #Savethechildren
  8. Wrong. You're wrong again, and repeatedly. Page right out of the libtard playbook, wait a time,forget about the previous times you've been bitchslapped with facts, and keep spewing false until you think people believe your BS. Nope. Nada. Zero points. You are continually wrong. AND as a reminder..... ............AND a felon.
  9. In a lifetime of experiences throughout this country, in business, athletics, education and the military.... By FAR and away they most racist and intolerant people I have ever met, or known have been white educated liberals. And it's not even close.
  10. Yes, I wish I was shocked you can't understand this. Read for understanding. The studybwas purposely done to look at the effectiveness of Hydrochloroquine as a Prevent measure. Which was never suggested, it was and is used as a treatment option. You cited a study that was equivalent to the National Institute of rRedundant Rediculousness findings that water is in fact wet. Then you attempted to equate a relevance of said study to attempt to slander thebadorangeman and reinforce your sheepled hatred. Again its an absolute nothingburger. Other than the public University who used public tax funding to deliberately propriate a misleading headline. Which was the intent all along.
  11. To show as an example to the millions of mislead Americans that it was a safe option that would not kill you as the libral screaming fear factory played it out to just to oppose Orangemanbad This isn't hard to understand.
  12. Never was meant as a preventative measure but an OPTION to treat symptoms along with other treatments. But congrats on your nothingburger of a story you seem to cling to in some desperate attempt to remain relevant.
  13. Best comment that can follow this is with a jif or a gif or a....
  14. Creepy Joe sniffing these supporters could be the next Netflix/Weinstein production, the left goes crazy for.
  15. Of note.... What ISN'T counted in the coevid numbers are cases such as a family member, who while in a longterm memory care center on lockdown... rapidly declined without her daily interactions with family and visits. She lasted less than 2 months before completely shutting down and passing away. Now it is very unlikely she would have lasted to christmas this year. but was doing well with daily interaction with her daughters and grandchildren visits. How many "coevid" deaths have been be the same. These numbers aren't counted anywere, because they dont fit an agenda. There's nothing to gain from them.
  16. yeaaah.. stay in your lane son, This has been explicitly explained many many times BY the dept of health both in print and in radio interviews. Deaths such as crashes and natural causes in which corona is found but post mortem, asymptomatic, having no effect of helath, ARE counted in the overall count. 219 above. They are not counted in the 153. the 153 are where coevid is the leading instigator of the death process which is coumpounded by the underlying conditions. To dig down further you can find the actual numbers of deaths without underlying conditions.... you can count those on homer simpsons hand. 153 is the number closer to an actual number the rona has caused the death of...... maybe. 37 is the number of no relation i.e. car crash. 29 cases pending, cant even figurebit out it was such a killer virus.. this equals the fear number... 219. Cause, math. If you'd like, you can call the Dept of Health and ask yourself to verify, they will be pissed at you wasting their time and not paying attention to the interviews they've given, but you can call. Not sure they'd have time meet and draw it out in crayon for you but .. you can call.
  17. This number is listed EVERY SINGLE DAY in the ND dept of Health coevid update news release. They specifically state, daily the number of total "coevid" deaths then identify the number of cases that coevid was a "factor" in the death, and that the remaining are deaths where coevid played no part whatsoever.. i.e. car crash, suicide, brain hemorage from hayalphas posts and so forth. Here is Fridays excerpt from the news release.
  18. Remeber of those 219 only 153 actually had something to dobwith Coevid.... the others coevid was a completly unrelated factor. i.e. car crash.
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