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  1. A poor counterfeit They are exactly fake china Jerseys.
  2. Theres also a bbq place downtown that i like.. No Bull smokehouse? India palace owner, literally nicest person ive met in years. Chicken vindaloo w/ garlic naan. (Credit BIG A HG on the India Palace introduction, a solid food review specialist)
  3. Meh... most of those places in Bis. I'm somewhat of an expert in this area, id post proof of my qualifications but... well .....family site and all. We tried to think of a restraunt in Bis/man that I havent been to and rated. Couldnt find one other than havent been to the Pier in some time. Who said cracker barrel. good lord. thats aweful. Literally been food poisoned there. Microwave crap made to look "down home" its, perkins wrapped in different pacakging, not even a 1 out of 10. on the professional scale. Bismarck does have a few ok places, Little Cottage is tops for breakfast. Lunch/Dinner: Bistro is ok, Fireflour ok, Nardellos ok, the rest you mention, very meh. Kobes is just a shinier Shogun, which is servicable at best. Oahu is ok, i dont trust it though. Los Lunas is good on tuesdays. Rice Bowl in Mandan is good. Walrus is ok once or twice a year. Best mexi is actually El Guerro in the gas station in Mandan. Although the new Churros and Tequila is good. Ill give the nod to Bis over GF in mexican category maybe. Also in the steak category. Eat Thai is actually my hidden secret star right now, pricey, but tasty. There is variety in Biz, just not outstanding quality and value. The cay in forks actually scores so high in points it carries some of the other categories. Fargo just plain sucks in all categories except Indian. India Palace on 13th. Go.
  4. its literally a non contact scrimmage. For charity.
  5. Is this a real question?
  6. Grand Forks is food paradise land compared to Bismarck, so many options up there, its actually a treat. Except for steak, we can get a good steak a few different places.
  7. I had heard this yeaterday and really hoped it wasnt true.
  8. Rowe is an absolute moron for looking elsewhere now that Karl is home. Not much can be done about thebother two, is what it is. but Rowe, that may be a big loss
  9. The reality of the budget crisis in Alaskan athletics is growing. There really may be no way to save those programs no matter what conference they play in or are a part of. This is just the helthy herd gently but firmly pushing their diseased bodies off the cliff instead of waiting for it to happen. Alaska University system hockey is not viable at this time, or for the forseeable future. By grouping back into a CCHA... and this will be the CCHA. These schools take control back from what has been a dumpster fire of an organizing body in the WCHA administration. 5 years from now I see the WCHA ... with all its regal history..... dormant or the equivelent of college hockey homeless shelter. None of the potential future expansion of hockey in the west will provide a suitable home for the alaska school.
  10. Why.... pray tell.... do you think anyone would be against Historically accurate logos? there WILL be 3 different logos on natty banners anyway very soon. So if they toss up the historical logos, that would be both appropriate and accurate. The Brein logo is the best, and most unique but it wont be up there.. sucks not because of the logo but because that era had so many unbelievably talented teams that didnt complete the mission... oh well. Conference Championship banners will have to do. There are a few others Brein logos we have to embrace throughout the arena...
  11. Well... thanks to the logoed lamp... They have, and will too.... technically.
  12. Jeeebuzz fark...... Can we just talk about our magnificently large and in no way overcompensating scoreboard instead of heading back to the NCAA/SBoHE/PatheticUNDLeadership debacle process discussion.... Its massive, I cant wait to see it in person, the old lamp is awkwardly hidden and a bit out of place, so what. It takes zero dollars away from anything else. Get over it.
  13. Lost in all this is... Where our natty banners ?
  14. We agree on much more than we differ id wager....
  15. The hallway would be fine as it isnt a full on "public space" for gamedays. The old scoreboard lettering being used on the entrance to the green room is fine. As long is a newly made display isnt visible on TV.... NCAA is not concerned. In actuality the name and logo are officially changed, they won, the NCAA have gone back to not even knowing where North Dakota is, let alone giving a !@#$ about logos in the building.
  16. I actually believe they should have moved the old underscoreboard lamp to the concourse somewhere, or on the ceiling of the hallway between the olympic and ice level of the REA. Would have fit nice with the old Ralph seats and pictures there. It does not fit well with the new scoreboard.
  17. Horseshit team in front of him, i didnt put much stock in hid numbers The called him up a few times. I thought they'd give him another year to develop.
  18. Keaton Thompson Luke Johnson Afam Tambeleavi All were not offered Qualifying offers and become Unrestricted Free Agents.
  19. If his hip injury was the resurfacing and impingement repair, and that a common thing with the back pain, that puts him back into the mix about Thanksgiving Christmas timeframe, and rehabbed fully by coming in to UND in Fall of '20. As others stated, buying Rizzo stock now would be quite wise, I think he could make an immediate positive impact on the program's title defense run.
  20. From the Vees..... "This was a difficult decision but in the end was the decision that was best for both the Vees and Massimo Rizzo,” Vees head coach, general manager and president Fred Harbinson said. “The past two seasons have been trying for Massimo, dealing with significant injuries which forced him to start the seasons late and miss substantial stretches of games. “We felt that with Massimo’s recent surgery, it would be best for him to rehab at home next season. Fortunately we were able to make a hockey trade with Coquitlam that helped our team in the process. Massimo will always be a Vees alum and we wish him the best during his recovery next season,” Harbinson finished. The Vees would like to thank Rizzo for his contributions both on and off the ice, and wish him the best of luck with the Express and University of North Dakota in the future."
  21. Thought maybe stale diet coke and cotton candy would be more fitting. My tar pot is so heavy to tote around.
  22. Maybe actually having a legit budgetbfor logo and branding would have been a good idea..... The logobis a small patch icon at best, shoulders and sides of helmet is where it lives best... well the right side at least. H A W K S diagonally wouldnt be as awefull. All of this is really aweful though... woof
  23. Aaaaan wow did the Jets get fleeeeeeced by the Rangers. Trouba for Pionkashit and the 20th overall. wooooof
  24. Can the Blues repeat? .... (No) Can a Canadian team win a cup?.... (ball?) Who breaks out?.... Does a winter classic actually happen without Chicago?... (Debatable)
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