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  1. und1995


    How did you get them personalized? Do they supply jerseys or do you have to send in your own?
  2. Go Sioux. Beat the ‘neers tonight.
  3. What would have been acceptable was to remain as North Dakota and last time take its course and eventually a new nickname adopted. Not to force a nickname no one wanted and a logo the majority of people do not like.
  4. Will never buy anything with the god awful Hawk logo but would consider something with the Fighting moose. At least that would be a unique name.
  5. und1995


    I reported the listing on ebay. I believe it’s the same person who posted them on facebook a few weeks back.
  6. und1995


    https://www.undjerseys.com/ Anyone seen this website before?
  7. What will happen with the old banners?
  8. Awesome. thanks for sharing! any other potential videos you might have to share?
  9. Down 10 with about 5 minutes left. Roebuck called a timeout and Tiffany put the team on her back and ended on a 19-2 run.
  10. I’ve tried to find footage of this game, contacted the schools and athletic departments and i got nothing.
  11. Wish I did. This is the only one available for purchase from the NCAA for some reason.
  12. Here's the 1996-1997 Championship game for the Fighting Sioux. Go Sioux!
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