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  1. Sorry, I thought the anger was over the use of Fighting Sioux. I guess i didn’t even look at the picture.
  2. und1995


    Saw this on Facebook today
  3. Something like this. Anything but the f’ing hawk.
  4. Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but these were for sale back in December and they sold out very quickly so I am guessing they will be sold again in the future. I was able to buy one but haven’t received it yet.
  5. und1995


    Just picked up this jersey last night.
  6. BB’s logo may not be the best but it sure beats the post office logo UND uses now.
  7. Why would it need to be “reigned in”? Looking at it from a financial standpoint, sioux stuff sells, hawks stuff doesn’t. It’s pretty simple.
  8. Where in the rules does it state that? As much as I’d enjoy that, i give it about a .01% chance of happening if that’s actually allowed.
  9. und1995


    http://depop.com/goffer_vintage/goffer_vintage-vintage-1990s-k1-sportswear-north Real or fake?
  10. und1995


    Anyone have a black jersey from this style? I have a white and a green and i’m looking for a black to complete the collection. Would need a size M or L.
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