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  1. Yup flying out Friday morning. I've never been to Connecticut so I thought what the heck might as well go for some hockey and New Haven style pizza.
  2. I was thinking something like this. Swap out the logos of course.
  3. Apparently the no taksies backsies rule was not in effect. Threw in my $1.09 to a great cause. Thanks for doing this.
  4. Clearly the voters simply mixed up UND and NDSU again.
  5. I imagine that the North Dakota in the end zone will be stylized like this.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA ? - 1968 1969 - 1970 1971 - 1985 1986 - 1989 1993 - 2008 2009 - 2015 2016 - *see note 1 below *1 This design has uniform numerals on its left side only; the right side has an "ND" logo (as depicted below). Found this on http://nationalchamps.net/Helmet_Project/ if that helps.
  7. Kyle Lanterman Russell from Up
  8. Love the play calling so far from Rudolph
  9. There you go, personally I like the change
  10. My thoughts tonight after the loss is might as well lose now when we still can. We got to learn from our mistakes and come out fired up during for the NCAA tourney and play like we know we can. Not the end of the world although it does make a long weekend for all the Sioux fans like me in St. Paul for the weekend. Go Sioux
  11. It makes me sad how petty this great rivalry has gotten. Instead of arguing about how UND's offense would match up against NDSU's defense or any other topic that deals with the game itself, we are arguing about who's ducking who. I can't wait till this game is scheduled and played so we can all put this behind us and get down to what really matters.
  12. They still send those emails out to students and they may as well be sending out spam. I never look at them and just delete them right away. I agree with putting up notices on the bulletin boards around campus but I think they also need something that will grab someone’s attention when the students are walking to class. Something like a board on campus displaying all the upcoming athletic events or something like that. Another thing is getting to the Alerus as a student is a pain. I think they still have shuttle buses going from campus to the Alerus but I'm not sure. If they do, they really need to start advertising it. I think that would help a little. For the students staying for the game, they really need to improve the atmosphere in the Alerus before and during the game. I know this has been brought up before. Some of the pregame videos and in game contests such as minute to win it seem like something straight out of high school. One of my pet peeves that still makes me cringe a little is when they have the players on the video screen doing something goofy or cheering on the fans. It seems out of place. The Alerus should really take a page out of the Ralphs playbook when it comes to building that game time atmosphere.
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