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  1. Front https://imgur.com/gallery/pbcWtUO Here is a pic of the front. It is a mini. I'm currently working on the 2016-present. I plan on making as authentic as possible minis for each style UND used through the years.
  2. http://imgur.com/gallery/kbBPTBs Finished the back of the 2015. Added the FCS logo, #, and Potato Bowl Decal
  3. did a little draw up of what it might look like. Very rough sketch
  4. I hope this means the whole surface will be covered. No more players slipping into wall after TD.
  5. I think I'd prefer the gray three stripped ones from the 80s I think it would go well with the gray pants . Either way I would just love to see a throwback.
  6. So in this photo I think it's 1973, was he wearing a grey or a silver helmet?
  7. Think these pride stickers would have been a Forrest green? Also I had no idea we used to use them.
  8. This helps so much thank you!
  9. I don't have the shell yet. I was looking for a style that could most accurately represent the era. I have found darker grays, but the shells are more modern ones.
  10. Shoot. I might have to take some liberties, I'm hoping the pic is just bad lighting.
  11. Would this be the right shade?
  12. Thanks! Would you call it a light gray or a silver
  13. Did we ever use white helmets that you know of or can I assume when I see a light color its gray?
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