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  1. Now until may 1. Probably will change.
  2. Your GAA goes down and you still lost.
  3. I remember back in the early 2000sthe GFRR goalie had to serve his misconduct for spouting off to the official. Plus reading the twitter comments all the Canadians going you can’t do this goalies don’t serve penalties was quite amusing.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/ColleenPickles/status/1236497385003585536/video/1
  5. Goldie breaking a stick over a cheerleader in the Olympic Arena was interesting watch.
  6. Yes but then you have to remember the password.
  7. MSHSL uses a modified NFHS hockey rule book.
  8. JBD, Smith, and I missed the 3rd star but all from UND.
  9. What class UNO, coaches didn’t come out for the hand shake. a bonus no fish tonight.
  10. He is the one that shut the other two up for the “high sticking”.
  11. Fastest time I’ve ever moved on after the Michaud goal.
  12. Delta. Travel waivers and refund orders have been issued.
  13. No kidding when his speech was on of the 3 best players in the country. I don’t know if I was the 3rd best player on my line.
  14. Hockey men’s hockey
  15. No kidding during the 2016 regional in St. Paul the only group in the upper bowl was the Ferris state band. Which should have been moved downstairs.
  16. nice slash across the hands to prevent it
  17. Jake is a graduated fighting Sioux and Alex says it a couple times a weekend.
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