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  1. UND going on the kill DePeatro belongs at the UM Aquatic center called for the DIve
  2. No supplemental discipline for wmu so they basically got a free shot to the head with no penalty.
  3. He got his bell rung when he head butted Adams thigh.
  4. Derek responded to to @siouxforeverbaby tweet and said Adams was in the crease and made contact with the goalie. So I’m guessing a new precedent has been set for goalie interference.
  5. Coming to a Swiss league game near you
  6. It’s actually unsportsmanlike like conduct.
  7. Davies and south Stanley going to ot3
  8. Even in years when Crookston has been good section eight can be murderers row. The year we beat GFC GFRR & FN and took 2nd in the 8a section we lost to warroad. Plus never getting to have the tournament in Crookston means you have to beat warroad thief river or egf in their barn.
  9. After RR takes a stupid major for boarding Jamestown gets a pp goal to make it 8-2. Final
  10. After 1 pp and 2 shorties to start the 3rd GFRR up 7-1.
  11. It’s only been a requirement since 2007 but finally being enforced starting 1 oct 20.
  12. Allentown is its only a 45 miles from philly.
  13. It is a great time. The weather is perfect the race is over so you don’t have an extra 150k in town. PGA doesn’t stop until October.
  14. It’s supposed to be a penalty for delay of game. Under rule 8.1.
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