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  1. You mean the rest of the first amendment?
  2. The left is referring to the anarchists as right wing extremists. https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1vz7m0DrupA5AEIFBWmF4HQ43sI2okT52vftFiVtPJfA/mobilebasic
  3. So the curfew went into effect in at 8pm looks pretty crowded.
  4. The NASA engineers come through again
  5. I believe that was in the herald with the grand forks sales tax receipts down 17%.
  6. Crookston and St Cloud just ahead of the times.
  7. Yep, Justin Auch is the director of business development at Also Creative Inc
  8. Jonathan Holth and Shawn Clapp, along with Justin Auch
  9. Minnesota will allow church services at 25% capacity.
  10. Air show first weekend in aug canceled but UND will start flying Tuesday.
  11. No it didn’t but my time working the ramp in grand forks you didn’t see many charters it was usually our boys that charter and it was delta double dipping send the overnight aircraft out as the charter on Thursday and Saturday.
  12. But Emperor Walz is having a press conference tonight.
  13. BIS and MOT are the same as FAR Williston is the same as GFK.
  14. When we drove back yesterday to minot it was all gone at least on highway 2 and only between the air base and rugby had snow in the ditches.
  15. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/ncaa-president-fall-sports-return
  16. Let’s hope there aren’t any sccc distinguished professors waiting to protest.
  17. So Taco Bell has two positive cases and fired both of them for not working their shift?
  18. That’s why I never bid LaGuardia when I was flying even though it’d have been a much easier commute over Harrisburg and Salisbury.
  19. Don Shula psssed away at 90.
  20. Vegas_Sioux

    The Herald

    It maybe time to admit it and pull the plug. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/announcements/6468650-Herald-to-convert-routes-to-mail-in-coming-weeks?fbclid=IwAR1p92cfmmnnZBMpRjQLVrNcbKrK9NiyJF-HYifKzkqX-GIt7v2hgTUiLCw im guessing mail delivered heralds for Saturday will make it to you by Tuesday.
  21. Well you know where the Oklahoma Sooners nickname comes from right?
  22. If you are in grand forks and haven’t bought flights yet. GFK is going to 1 a day to msp for June.
  23. Vegas_Sioux

    The Herald

    Not really but made for interesting public access web streaming.
  24. Vegas_Sioux

    The Herald

    That will be the end of the herald. And 60 bucks a year it’s great read.
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