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  1. FYI - NDSU only used the old "snorty" logo for the November 16th, 2019 game against South Dakota as a nod to the 125th anniversary of NDSU football. Both the yellow and the matte green helmets have used a more modern version for years. The Bison switched back to the modern logo for the 2019 playoffs.
  2. It is colder in Minneapolis, but not that much. Average daily temperature (High/Low °F): Minneapolis 22/6 Madison WI 27/8 Iowa CIty IA 31/14
  3. I think you're overestimating the MIAC. IMO, UST is likely to have a tough time in in the PFL for a while.
  4. This is really great news for St Thomas, the Summit League, and sports in the Twin Cities, the State of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest. Minnesota has needed another DI school for decades.
  5. Basketball has, by far, the most potential. 3+ million people in the metro, 5.5+ million in the state and only one other DI Basketball team. Plus, a potential crosstown rivalry with the Gophers. The next 10 years will be interesting.
  6. I suppose talking about stadiums is premature at this point. In any case, a semi-annual game at any of those stadiums, or an on-campus stadium, would be great fun. Summit League and MVFC teams don't get enough coverage here in MSP. St Thomas joining the league should greatly enhance the Summit's presence in the metro area. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Allianz field is closer, bigger and nicer.
  8. You are using the highest number in the estimated range of 12-15K. Even using that potentially inflated number, WSU would still have the smallest football stadium in the FBS. It seems very unlikely that a school with FBS aspirations would tear down a 30K football stadium to build a 12-15K multipurpose stadium.
  9. Nonsense. The worst call of the day was the missed PI in the end zone against ISU. Had the refs gotten that right it might have been 3+3+7=16 and ISU would not have been in position to possibly win at the end.
  10. All-weather stadiums are great in this part of the world. Nevertheless, The players, officials, media, and fans still have to be able to get to the stadium.
  11. Gothmog

    Playoff Time

    That's certainly not surprising. They're the higher-ranked team and they're playing at home.
  12. Nicholls drew 8,500 fans for their first round game last year. I don't see any reason to expect that UND should be able to outbid them for an FCS playoff game. It's about attendance and there will likely be more butts in in seats in Thibodaux than there would have been in Grand Forks. At this point, they have the more established FCS program.
  13. That would have been a very weak call. It's not clear from the replay that he even touched the facemask, much less grasped it.
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