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  1. It's relevant because it indicates the relative state for the two programs just 4 years ago. Is there any reason to think has UND improved enough and/or that has NDSU dropped off enough to make the game competitive? UND had one of its best seasons since moving to DI that year and yet the game was a embarrassing blowout. Honestly, there's no reason to think that this game won't be more of the same.
  2. That's exactly the point. The house doesn't make money by winning its bet with with bettors more often than it loses, that would expose them to losing money. It locks in a profit by equalizing the amount wagered on either side of a proposition and pocketing its cut.The house isn't interested in gambling with its own money. They don't care if the spread is accurate as long as it locks in their profit.
  3. Well, if the spread really is too high you'd expect some of that legendary "own the farm" money to move it down where it ought to be. At UND +31.5 it's easy money...right? You better get yourself some of that.
  4. You do understand that point spreads are set to equalize betting on both sides of the bet thereby locking in a profit for the house. Other than the initial spread, the spread is set by bettors voting with their dollars.
  5. Sure, the price is less for those games. But that's primarily because there aren't many UND fans buying Bison tickets for games against other teams. Which was, of course, the point in the first place. There's no way around it. The increased demand for this weekend's game is caused primarily by 1) UND fans wanting tickets 2) It's the first home game in 9 months for an NDSU team with a lot of new faces and dynamic new players. Bison fans desire to see UND is, at best, a very distance third if it's much of a factor at all.
  6. Talk about apples and oranges. The last two games you refer to are two months from now and around Thanksgiving time. Can you tell me how many Bison fans would be offering their UND tickets for sale if they were on on 11/9 or 11/23, or any other date for that matter? Of course not, early season games are different.
  7. Most of the tickets being sold are being sold by Bison fans. Nothing wrong with that, but it does indicate that at least those Bison fans are not that enthusiastic about seeing the game. If every Bison ticket holder held on to his/her tickets there wouldn't be a secondary market.
  8. Who do you suppose is selling those tickets?
  9. I remember reading a study a few years that concluded that "rivalry" games are statistically more likely to result in the favored team winning than games between non-rivals.
  10. Gothmog

    2019 Season

    goo goo ga joob
  11. Time to shut this thread down. It has no purpose but to provide a forum for the personal agendas of a few posters.
  12. The obvious point is that current Summit schools would add sports like baseball or soccer. No expansion necessary. At the moment, there is no problem with the Summit's autobid. And as I said, the Summit schools, especially the ones along I29, won't ever allow there to be a problem. You're imagining a problem that doesn't exist and probably never will.
  13. Nonsense, it would be much easier for Douple to find a couple of schools willing to step up to adding a popular sport like baseball or soccer than it would be to start a new football league. The Summit league only has 5 current football schools (or will next year), which is not enough to qualify for a football autobid, and those schools are already members of a stable and very competitive football conference. AT this point, the Summit League adding football would only serve to potentially endanger UND, NDSU, USD, SDSU, and WIU's FCS football autobid with zero benefit to any of those schools. Your ideas make no sense at all.
  14. It seems very unlikely to me that the Summit membership would ever permit the league to lose its autobid for lack of a Baseball or Soccer program. IMO, that's just not going to happen. The league is too valuable to its members. If it became necessary someone would find the funds and solve the problem
  15. Not sure what your point is. If what you're saying is true it's true of everyone including UND. You're better off not pointing fingers, you may find them pointing back at you.
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