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  1. Not sure what your point is. If what you're saying is true it's true of everyone including UND. You're better off not pointing fingers, you may find them pointing back at you.
  2. 611 out of 612 ain't bad. I wonder how UND's players would have fared had they received the same scrutiny.
  3. But it isn't a joke. Caffeine is plausible.
  4. Clean Victory Stage One contains 250 mg of caffeine per scoop. The NCAA limit is 500 mg, the caffeine content of Mt Dew is 91 mg per 20 oz bottle, and the average half-life of caffeine in the human body is 5 hours. You do the math.
  5. It would not have required 20 Mountain Dews if he was already using a supplement that contained large amounts of caffeine. That was the original point. Somehow that got changed to Mountain Dew being the only source.
  6. Until the identity of the substance is publicly confirmed there won't be any such anti-NCAA story.
  7. They have stopped reporting on it because there's nothing to report. I suspect that -- off the record -- the press does know what substance was involved. If it was caffeine, as has been suggested here, there is no story. Who cares about the timing of the Forum's reporting? Brock didn't play and NDSU won the game. It's very unlikely that reporting such a small matter sooner would have any difference.
  8. The simplest explanation of the known facts is usually correct. For the caffeine explanation to be true all that is required is that one college student made a mistake in preparing for a very important game. No law enforcement, no conspiracy of NDSU players, coaches, etc. Just one guy drinking too many mountain dews while taking a supplement containing lots of caffeine, that's all.
  9. Now you're claiming to know what a "neutral observer" might find peculiar about it? I'm by no means neutral, but the caffeine explanation seems to be, by far, the most likely to me.
  10. But not to come back and demand proof that your "joke" isn't true.
  11. Oh, something happened. But Siouxphan27 is attempting to shift the burden of proof of his accusation of "roid" use at NDSU to Bison73. Bison73 needn't provide any proof to dismiss that claim.
  12. Got a link proving it wasn't? Accusations made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
  13. You're right, special teams is the easiest way for UDFAs to make the roster. That may well be why the Viking's invited him. Still, he does seem to fit Jet McKinnon's at RB role well, and McKinnon was, after all, an FCS guy too. Who knows? I'm a Viking fan, so whatever's good for the Vikes is good with me.
  14. Santiago is somewhat similar to McKinnon and the Vikings never really McKinnon after he left last year. It won't be easy to get noticed, but I'd say that there is an opportunity with the Vikes for a guy with Santiago's skill set, especially given Dalvin Cook's injury issues.
  15. Apparently it's not so obvious. If it were schools like UND and NDSU would put a lot money and effort into it.
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