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  1. Sure, NDSU usually takes the foot off the pedal when they have a lead. Perhaps I should have phrased that as "could have." Doesn't matter. The point is valid. The UND team I saw today is a mediocre Valley team in most years.
  2. You're not close. Any of NDSU's championship teams would have hung 60 on you today.
  3. You got your asses handed to you by the weakest Bison team in a dozen years. It ain't arrogance if you can back it up.
  4. Let 'em go. Don't need people like that. They'll change their minds once they see their money can't buy everything.
  5. What are you saying? In your mind are the people of Minnesota mostly for or mostly against the topics mentioned in the OP?
  6. Again, you're being ridiculous. I doubt you could find one Bison fan who didn't understand that Central Arkansas is not The University of Arkansas.
  7. Sounds like a personal problem.
  8. Oh c'mon. NDSU has always allowed their facilities to be used as a platform by many, mostly conservative, groups. If we are ever to heal this country's divisions, we need to respect each other and each other's opinions...political and otherwise. Also, I suspect that like the rest of the state, the groups the OP mentioned, have a decidedly conservative tilt at NDSU.
  9. Again, who cares? NDSU as an institution has no opinion on those matters and the opinions of individual Teammakers, Bison supporters, and Bison Football players are their own and none of your business.
  10. Again, why would Philly have signed Carson Wentz to a $128m contract if they didn't consider him to be a top-tier QB? At that point, they had had 3 years to watch him compete against NFL level talent, they knew what they were getting.
  11. A top five contract would also be pretty nice.
  12. There were 20 NFL draft scouts at the game Saturday. Why do you suppose they were all wasting their time (during a world-wide pandemic) on a "solid" QB. They could have concluded that without coming all the way to Fargo. Also, what exactly are your credentials as a NFL draft analyst? As a rule of thumb, when most experts disagree with you, it's probably you that are wrong.
  13. Right, he was drafted way too high. That's why the Eagles signed him to a $128m contract after seeing him play for three years. Money talks...and Carson Wentz has probably already made more money playing football than all the UND football players in history combined. By the end of his contract, he certainly will have.
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