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  1. I was asking about the NCHC first round? Do we miss out on a large chunk of revenue and then have to incur the expenses of traveling? Could be a good story for Brad but doubt we’ll ever know
  2. How much is it going to hurt financially to not host a first round series?
  3. Or all that additional money for dropping all these sports
  4. Too narrow, ncaa soccer field needs to be 70+ yards wide. Could pull out the track to make it happen, but didn’t they just dump a bunch of money into the current field?
  5. Isn’t that the soccer teams practice field?
  6. We need to drive more if we want free throws. I would normally agree but the truth is we took almost all jump shots and three’s.
  7. Didn’t he just sign an extension. Really think we have the money for a buyout?
  8. supersioux

    2019 Season

    Can we afford not to have an FBS pay day?
  9. Why only 4 of 9 teams? Seems low to me.
  10. REA runs the UND ticket office correct? Pays the salaries of those people, marketing, staffing, etc.
  11. What’s the logo we have at our football game facility? Wonder if the president is going to demand a new logo there too!
  12. I would think Lennon would be going after the other coordinator.
  13. Either way it's going to cost UND at a time when there is budget struggles. Jones has leverage for a new deal or if they go a different route they'll have to pay much more than they are now. It will be interesting to watch both the MBB and WIH coaching decisions. Fasion will have some very interesting decisions to make.
  14. COA would get us a good chunk and would be a way for all sports to give a little.
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