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  1. Siouxdiehard

    ITS OVER!!!

    Our last Hobey winner? How long ago was that (yes I know when it was) !! You got to be kidding with that one! How'd the NHL go for him? - is he still in Austria? I don't recall the NHL drooling to get him - want him yes, tempting him - I don't think so. Shots from standing at the top of the right circle and waiting for the puck are not going far in the NHL and that was his complete skill set. The NHL wanted to see more and didn't. Glad he got the award - congratulations to him - but he wasn't going anywhere early.
  2. Siouxdiehard

    ITS OVER!!!

    RARE exceptions. He was also an improving player. Unlike many recent guys who have gone progressively downhill after their freshman year. Maybe not every senior - I think most of us can agree on the guys coming back that make us groan.
  3. Siouxdiehard

    ITS OVER!!!

    How about this as a school rule: NO SENIORS - Jones is a rare exception to the low quality of the "left overs" that are Seniors at UND - and he missed a year to come here. This year's Senior leadership was mostly leading the way to the penalty box. Gardner should have been benched more than just 1 time for 1 period and should have had his "C" taken before Christmas. We are better off building for the future with replacing Freshman than playing these guys. Or leave them on the team and cut scholarship and play the new blood if they are anywhere close to the older player. A loyalty to the player issue, I know, but playing for a crappy program is becoming an issue with St. Cloud, Duluth, and Denver out-recruiting us badly. Other sports and especially top programs have had to make these same decisions. We should be the Alabama Football of college hockey with our fan support, facilities and "culture". College football has a lot of equity and tough teams too, but there are still annually successful teams - at least in contention. 2 years now that we have not been. We are losing the boost we used to get in polls because of our history. Yep - we lose key players but all the good teams do. No more frickin' excuses. Alabama would fire Sabin in a heart beat if they had these last 2 (or 3) seasons.
  4. Hopefully Shaw's Dad will be gone. Shaw will not even see the minors. The "best player on our team" finishes with no goals for his last 22 games. He is far from the best player on even our team. We will not miss either of those guys. There is a reason you are a senior and still in college hockey.
  5. That's because he's a transfer and not really a part of the stupid behavior culture
  6. This team has shattered records and streaks it took a few hundred guys to build over the last 15 to 20 years - not sure they have left a single record the Sioux could be proud. This Senior class should sneak off campus and never show up for any alumni crap.
  7. Hey - I just realized I have something to hope for!
  8. You can do this up 5 to 1 with a world class PK.
  9. Never a Thome fan. Not one now either. May not outright lose games but will never win us one. But a memorable move for a guys last game in a Sioux jersey.
  10. I recommend not buying tickets to Minneapolis this year.

  11. Gardner will not be in the big show - too slow, no real puck sense as well as the penalties. No matter how good you are at face-offs you can't make up for that. The usual deal - Seniors at North Dakota are still there for a reason. Getting rid of Shaw will also be a relief - he's got to be -300 =/-. Hopefully his dad will go as well.

  12. I am reluctant to jump on the coach but I am afraid Barry does not have what it takes. 2016 was a "miracle year" with a not great team but since then this has been the worst performing hockey program since Rube Bjorkman. Our power play has been in the lower class of the country since Shaw took over. Even our PK is marginal compared to years past and what we need. Thankfully we found a goalie but he came in expected to be a back-up and was not "coached up" to become a starter. Barry continues to play Gardner - great face-off guy, but came as a freshman with that. Good defense but poor offensive skill, puck handling skills and an absolute idiot taking penalties - there has been no consequences to - he remains a captain and has not been benched for even 1 minute. The team is undisciplined. Upperclassman have not shown much improvement and some have gone backwards. The team is taking more shots from the blue line than I have ever seen and the majority of the shots are of poor quality. Several goalies have had "the best game of their lives" or described as "standing on their head" when they have made 1 or 2 exceptional saves and the rest are routine. BC players have way underperformed. Yep - college hockey has gotten more competitive, the players have let their coach and followers down and one of the premiere programs in the country continues its freefall to mediocracy.
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