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  1. BACKGROUND: FEB 2020 - BOOKED SUN COUNTRY, MSP - BNA, FOR TWO SOULS... For purpose of review, what are readers/posters doing w/ airline tix bought as non-refundable? Play chicken w/ the respective airline and hope they cancel flight (which presumably allows one a full cash refund)? Pull the trigger now with a cancel and hope for a voucher, whose credit will allow one to re-book the Nashville flight for October 2021? I assume there is a time limit on said voucher, so that is something else to consider. Please share your experiences or anticipated outcomes w/ other airli
  2. Thanks for recognizing articulate speech when you don’t you see it. ..
  3. Regarding the listing on hockeytv.com, where exactly did you see the game scheduled?
  4. Not going to SF, can't sell your tickets? Donate to BBBS of Sioux Falls. See other topic thread, 2018 West Regional - Attendance or Schlossman's Twitter for details.
  5. ‘Douche move’? Would you reconsider it as ‘fiscally responsible’? Hoping for 50% ROI from some SCSU fans. Of course buying the pair involved some risk way back when, but fifteen straight years was getting close to being a sure thing.
  6. Am I correct that tickets for this regional purchased online cannot be re-sold? If not, any advise?
  7. Twin Cities metro-area advertising has ebbed and flowed over the past ten years, per my observations, which is mostly billboard advertising. Prior to the mid-2000s, there wasn't much of that going on, if I remember correctly, but of course my memory is not what it used to be. The content has varied too, sometimes touting some media ranking, aviation or general do-gooder displays. During the years 2011 - 2015, there seemed to be a lot of billboard advertising, but gradually dropped off. That method was not as prevalent until recently, fall of last year it seemed to pick up again along the m
  8. That is where he is, thanks for the reminder. Love Dave calling Sioux Hockey.
  9. Dave Starman replaced by Pat Micheletti? When did Starman step down?
  10. Would have to make travel plans to a Joe Senser's, if one knows that it will NOT be on NCHC.tv. Anyone know how to tell for certain it will not be the web?
  11. NCHC.tv website has both games listed on its schedule, 8:05pm start each night.
  12. Not that it matters much but believe it was Kotyk that ran Poolman.
  13. She was responding to me as apparently I used inappropriate terms for a referee. Lesson learned today: First Amendment doesn't apply to those who choose to vent some frustration on this message board. I will point out that I did throw a bone, in the same post, to the 'bozo' or 'clown' that ultimately made the decision to waive off - he must have seen definitive evidence on some zoomed-in image on that small monitor that Hoff was in the zone before the puck. If I was able to see the same image, then I will gladly change the descriptor to 'expert'. Otherwise, I claim that the evidence
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