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  1. Was very nice to have Jason Blake as travel partner, MSP -> BNA, this morning. And some joker chanted “Sioux Yeah Yeah!!!”as we landed, pleasant to hear as well.
  2. For those compliant souls gracing their presence at Bridgestone, I hear of a special get-together at the Wildhorse Saloon Friday Eve. Anybody have tix wanting to unload?
  3. Perhaps there are a few of us on here, as in new to the idea of watching someone else's YouTube stream. What are the steps to accessing this stream on YouTube - log in to our personal YouTube acct, then get access the game stream via our own forum member login info? How is the stream quality, do lots of viewers slow it down? Would be happy to contribute instead of ponying up $30. PayPal, Venmo as possible avenues of payment? Thanks for your consideration.
  4. Is the team expected to be COVID-tested this afternoon? Is so, how long before puck drop?
  5. How about The Spud? Buck pitchers anyone? Was early Friday afternoon start for those, if I remember correctly. Oh Lordy!
  6. Nicely done, a chemistry reference.
  7. There are plenty of 'opposite' wingnuts too. Like the large wingnut who mocked & ridiculed my father-in-law for wearing a mask in grocery store. Both extremes need to come back to the middle and shut their respective mouths.
  8. BACKGROUND: FEB 2020 - BOOKED SUN COUNTRY, MSP - BNA, FOR TWO SOULS... For purpose of review, what are readers/posters doing w/ airline tix bought as non-refundable? Play chicken w/ the respective airline and hope they cancel flight (which presumably allows one a full cash refund)? Pull the trigger now with a cancel and hope for a voucher, whose credit will allow one to re-book the Nashville flight for October 2021? I assume there is a time limit on said voucher, so that is something else to consider. Please share your experiences or anticipated outcomes w/ other airlines. ...thanks for your consideration in this matter.
  9. In the last several weeks, there has been several ~20-hour gaps between successive posts - gave me hope at the time (not so much presently) that ALL would stand down from provocation, vilification and repellent denunciation that this thread largely represents.
  10. Ancient (and probably not so ancient) viral DNA is a definite part of the human genome. Started assimilating way back when, perhaps as life as we know it, began. Or is there another reason DNA vaccines make you apprehensive?
  11. I was not a math major during my tenure at UND, but the above numbers indicate a 2009 H1N1 mortality rate of 0.00203%.
  12. Thanks for recognizing articulate speech when you don’t you see it. ..
  13. Regarding the listing on hockeytv.com, where exactly did you see the game scheduled?
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