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  1. For the group of three finalists, who are the voters for the winner and when is their vote submitted ? OR Does the voting which determined the hat trick also choose the winner and it's just announced later?
  2. CC just cancelled on campus classes through at least April 15th “Students should plan to remain off campus from Spring Break through at least the end of Block 7, and possibly the rest of the academic year,” university officials wrote. “Students, when you leave for Spring Break, please take your essential belongings — including medications and items needed for study — with you now. You may wish to take all of your belongings.”
  3. This is the most jacked up this arena has been since 2015-16. Tied 1-1 after two. Like two price fighters going tow-to-tow, just constant back and forth high end intense hockey blows being traded back and forth. Typical Denver ref. Situation. Just by Random chance sitting right next to Weatherby's dad was quite cool when he popped that one in.
  4. My first post on here since the week before the national championship game in 2016. Couldn't figure out how to change my name and I didn't want to make a new profile. I'm outside the doors of Magness Arena and the bells are ringing. I have a strong sense that the doldrums are over starting tonight. So I guess I'm just going to have to post this with the wrong name. Yeahbaby9 signing in!
  5. It might have been a wee bit inappropriate, but I bought up the Tampa bay rape hotline and showed it to them so that they could forward it to their team following the Sat night game. Is that bad?? # yikes!!
  6. Quinippiac fans invade Sioux pregame party.
  7. Dont be nervous this team has it. Does anyone have the address or the name of the business that has the pre-game party?
  8. Anybody downtown that can give me Insight on what scalpers are asking for tickets. We're on our way down there now to check it out
  9. Well I won't get into a debate comparing #8 with LJ. Schmaltz is a special player with rare skills AND I agree he had probably his best game as a Sioux yesterday. He hustled, played physical, won puck battles and played with a grit and determination that I had not seen before. LJ also played, imo, his best game game as a Sioux. Seemed like everytime he was on the ice he completely dominated physically (and not over the edge) and won the battles (usually easily) and made the good play to advance the puck. I noticed both him and Schmaltz in a positive way more than anyone else throu
  10. Any discussion of best player on the ice yesterday would have to include Luke Johnson and I think you should be the one to say it. Lol Johnson set the pace with which the Sioux so impressively played that game...
  11. Don't forget about the part where they kept throwing the puck out of the rink when we were putting pressure on them in their zone....
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