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  1. 2 lower level tix Saturday night 2/10 vs Colorado College. Section 103 Row E, corner 5 rows up where UND shoots twice. Tix can be picked up in Fargo. Call or text 701.212.2780. $50 each.
  2. Need 2 lower bowl tix for tonight, Sat 2/25. Text info to 701.212.2780
  3. One that SME did last year for another set of Hawks...did we get better or worse?
  4. Scheels Fargo today. Not a lot of logo consistency between pieces.
  5. So, I'm watching my nephew play basketball on Midco Sports last night and the team they are playing are the Warhawks...apparently another native bird.
  6. So, did I miss the part in history where the P-40 War Hawk was ever actually called a "Fighting Hawk" or has any relevance to North Dakota?
  7. Anyone actually know when/if this proposal becomes public record?
  8. I never knew vikings wore race car helmets...
  9. I'd rather it be something like the minnesota wild logo they did then just another variation of a side view bird, front view bird, or bird head.
  10. Great image, but first thing I thought of was pheasant.
  11. Found this one on dribble that someone from Fargo did.
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