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  1. UNDSioux23


    It is 100% fake, doesnt even come close to my geo
  2. UNDSioux23


    I have 1 of each color in a 56 with tags on.
  3. UNDSioux23


    What size color and style are you looking for?
  4. UNDSioux23

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    Agree, I do think it's pretty sweet to have Boeser in Vegas Wednesday night and Wolanin Sunday...if you have the time to go early or stay longer.
  5. UNDSioux23


    Would anyone be interested in my Penticton Vees Gabe Bast jersey? Was ordered directly from Penticton last year, I've never worn it and it just hangs in the closet with the rest of the collection.
  6. UNDSioux23

    Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Rumor around Bismarck was she cheated on him...again just rumors
  7. UNDSioux23


    @Big A HG
  8. UNDSioux23


    PM sent
  9. UNDSioux23


    I've got a white authentic Geo size Medium...still has all of the Gemini logo and lettering
  10. UNDSioux23


    Recent acquisition...
  11. UNDSioux23

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Good thing I know a guy who already has 2 of Luke's gamers from Penticton.....
  12. UNDSioux23


    I second that.
  13. UNDSioux23


  14. UNDSioux23


    This is Kristo is my most favorite game worn jersey, and happens to be in my collection...and yes 2009-2011 they had green numbers/letters on the whites and blacks but never on a 13-17 North Dakota jerseys...The Reebok on the front is correct and not a fake, quite puzzling but an awesome find!
  15. UNDSioux23

    Help!!! Real or Fake??

    It's an actual flag but a cheap replica. The green interior "headdress feathers" should come to a point and the letter thickness on UND varies.