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  1. Very weird when I looked at the 2011-2012 team roster. Almost all of those guys are still here except of course, Rowney, Nelson, Kristo and Knight. Blood, and MacWilliam. That team had the young talent and I still believe that if Nelson would have stuck around one more year we had a good chance of winning it all last year. A lot of freshmen on that team and you are right they needed a guy like Mario who hated to lose to pull them along. Maybe someone will fill that role this year just not sure who that guy is.
  2. I was trying to think of a team that was thought to be dead without a ton of talent and then came on to make the championship game. The one that came to mind was the 2004-2005 team: http://collegehockeystats.net/0405/rosters/ndkm But when I look at the roster I think holy smokes there was some good players on this team including four current NHL players and a number of players that played pros. But that team needed guys like Fabian, Massen and Canady to show the young guys how it's done. This was the team that took a lot of penalties including 186 minutes by Matt Greene that year but learned late in the season how to be more disciplined. When they sent us East to play BU and BC we literally beat the crap out of those two teams and to this day that BC game is a fond memory. This year's team needs the defensemen to contribute in scoring and not just play D. When that happens we win. Time for Schmaltz and Simpson to start scoring again.
  3. I posed this in a comment to their ratings: I was very surprised that the Ralph Englestad Arena the home of University of North Dakota Hockey was not included. Even more surprise that Mariucci (Minnesota Gopher Hockey), Century Link in Omaha (Nebraska Omaha Hockey) and World Arena (Colorado College Hockey) were in your top 100. I have been to all of these arenas and they are very pedestrian. Mariucci has a corporate feel with almost no noise unless a goal is scored. Century Link is too large for Omaha hockey and portions are closed to make it more intimate. It doesn't really work. World Arena is a strangely shaped arena and not the best to watch a hockey game. REA reminds me more of the Excel Energy Center in St Paul where this are no bad seats, great atmosphere, and great hockey., I am guessing you were at REA when no students were there which obviously limits the experience. PS. Great to see Amsoil Arena as your Number 1. Great facility and very intimate for a fan!
  4. The word I heard is Jim Montgomery is who is on the top of the Maine coaching list. of course administrators are invovled so George could move ahead of Montgomery.
  5. Not sure why anyone would rather play Yale when they snuck into the tourney. Niagara was up to Number 7 in the PWR late in the season until Canisius upset them. My take: 1. I think it really hurts us to be in the same regional as Minnesota. Not because I'm scared of the Gophers but it takes the focus off Game 1. The boys need to really be focused on Niagara now. 2. We need to solve Chubak early. The longer Niagara goes and keeps the game close the more they think they can actually win. We are a much better team but we need to show it by scoring. 3. Everyone talks about Rocco. Rocco needs his hands to catch up to his feet. Either that or he needs to slow his hands down and not be so fast on the release. He needs to relax and let his talent take over. 4. If we get past Niagara I think we'll be playing the Gophers. Then I think the game comes down to penalty kill and power play. We need to be better than they are and that will be tough. This year the Gophers are huge and draw a lot of penalties cycling down low (the way a lot of Sioux teams used to). This Sioux team is not a physical team and they need to be patient when the Gophers are in our zone. Also they need to stop pushing everything into the high slot since it makes them so susceptible to odd man rushes when they make mistakes. This time of year if you are plus on the power play you usually win. I feel that this North Dakota team is more talented than Minnesota. We just need to let it all hang out and play like we did the last game against Tech where the focus was shots on goal. If we do that and get decent goaltending we make the Frozen Four. First Niagara. And what the heck is a Purple Eagle?
  6. Does anyone have any idea how Minnesota State (#11) got switched with Union (#12) so that Union plays BC in Providence rather than Mankato? Mankato and BC should have been paired together (6 vs. 11) and when they moved North Dakota/Niagara to Grand Rapids they should have moved Mankato with BC not Union. Can't be for attendance purposes since Union only averages 1900 at their home games. Drive versus fly excuse? Net result is BC gets to play a 12 seed rather than an 11 seed supposedly an easier game for them.
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