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  1. I don't agree. With us sitting at 5-4-1. Wisconsin should be favored over us especially in Madison. Their record is 6-2-2 Omaha should be favored over us especially in Omaha Their record is 7-1 Notre Dame should be favored over us Their record is 6-2-1 We should be favored over St Cloud since we're at home Then we'll see where we sit.
  2. Do you have Al's number so we can call and get the details?
  3. So are any of these guys about 5'6" and 155 pounds (Joe Whitney like) or 5'8 and 165 pounds (Cam Atkinson like) and is extremely fast? I think we need a few of those guys.
  4. Hey Matt. We're one row behind you seats 1-6.
  5. Six of us sitting in section 116 Row 10 again. On the aisle. Every year since the X opened.
  6. I think the rule was that no crew could ref all 3 games so I'd expect a new crew tomorrow night.
  7. Cepis has now taken over the crown from Robbie Earl as the biggest diver in college hockey. Touch him and down he goes and half the time the stick goes flying too. What a piece of crap. The worst part is Derek Sheppard believed it every time. Game tying goal beause of a dive. What a waste.
  8. Friday: Gregoire Saturday VandeVelde
  9. Knowing St Cloud I highly doubt their players would drop the gloves. This is a team that has prided itself on low penalty totals. With the Shepherds there everyone will be looking for the Sioux to retailiate. The way you do this is hit them every time they touch the puck, make them pay to get into the zone, and pay special attention to Roe and Lasch so that by the end of the game their entire team is battered and bruised but even more importantly we are ahead on the scoreboard. Play physical, tough hockey and win the game. Like I said, if we challenged Marvin or anyone else to go I'm guessing we'd see them hiding behind their coach. Just win baby!
  10. This is how I remember these games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OxZE1H9Vbk VandeVelde had two in that game.
  11. You too. Knock it off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuStsFW4EmQ...PL&index=27
  12. Knock it off! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuStsFW4EmQ...PL&index=27
  13. Bandwagon? We don't need no stinking bandwagon! We're Sioux fans and will always be Sioux fans!
  14. Last night we had a goal waved off so let's start there. Goals disallowed: 1/29 vs. Denver (goal waved off due to a penalty called on Knight for interference) 11/14 vs St Cloud State (goal waved off after Referee says "He meant to blow the whistle") 11/21 vs Denver (goal waved off after review. Ref says Malone kicked it in) I'd like to know how many goals we've had waved off so far this year. I can't remember the rest. I need your brain to remember others this year. Anyone?
  15. Enough with the negative waves Moriarty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuStsFW4EmQ...PL&index=27
  16. Candians like their junior teams: http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianp...OdEtX5JQ18J-3Xw
  17. Is anyone else as embarrassed about Sioux Men's basketball than I am? I fully understand the transition to D1 and knew that we'd be taking our lumps especially when we played the teams from the bigger conferences. What I wasn't counting on is losing to teams like Mayville State. I also was expecting that as the season went along some of the freshmen that had been redshirted would begin to show their promise and show us more. This team is getting outscored on an average of 72-56. In the majority of the losses they have not been competitive. The scores are actually closer than most of these games really were. Of the 56 points we're still getting about half from the 3 seniors and a third from two of the juniors. Only one player on this team is averaging in double figures. What makes anyone think that next year we will be more competitive when half the points will graduate? Now is it coaching? Is Brian Jones the right head coach? Is it recruiting? Is it that I'm too impatient?
  18. So far after watching the games here's what I see happening: I see Sweden finishing 4-0, Russia second in that bracket at 3-1 and Finland at 2-2 I see Canada beating the US. Simply put when I watch Canada they look like a pro team and the US looks like a college team. Canada is much more physical and the US has not played a team that is physical AND fast. Unless our goalie stands on his head I see us losing 6-2 with Slovakia or Switzerland finishing third most likely Slovakia. First quarterfinal we play Finland and squeak out a win. Second quarterfinal Russia pounds Slovakia. First semifinal we lose to Sweden, second semifinal Canada beats Russia. Final: Sweden upsets Canada and shuts the damn Canadian crowd up. Man I hate it when they boo the US players for no reason except they are from the USA. I just don't get Canadians hating the USA.
  19. Oh the World Juniors. We follow it because we love hockey and we usually have one of our own playing it. Very few people in the United States even know it's going on or what it is. This past weekend however I spent an evening with a Canadian hockey fan at a wedding reception in Minneapolis.. She is originally from Saskatoon and even though she has been living in Fargo since 1972 she still follows the juniors. After she explained to me what Boxing Day was, she then said the only thing she wanted for Christmas was to have Canada beat the USA on New Years Eve. The first word out of a person at our table was "In what?" She then proceeded to explain that in Canada the world juniors are watched in similar fashion to the Super Bowl in the United States. The reaility is we, and when I see we I mean even us hockey fans from the US, don't truly understand what the big deal is. Here's hoping though that our boys in red, white, and blue can disappoint all Candians on New Years Eve and also in the medal round.
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