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  1. To top it off the paved lot are all reserved spots. They sold the reserved parking spaces for $30 each shortly after the tickets were released and they sold out. Also at NCAA events they do not allow any drinking of alcohol except in the suites or in this case at the Highpoint Bar and Grill in the arena. They sold entrance tickets to the Highpoint for $30 a day and you can only get in with one of those tickets. So party before the game if you like since no booze at the game. PS. As someone mentioned if you come for the first game you CANNOT leave between games.
  2. Club seats are simply a row of chairs on the rail behind the regular seats. So club seats are between the suites and the regular seats. Here is a seating chart for Force games: http://www.fargoforce.com/page/show/1274451-seating-chart The dark green section all the way around the arena is where the club seats are.
  3. Any hints on when Stecher, St Clair and Olsen might be back?
  4. This next month is a scary month for the pairwise. The two games against Niagara are the scariest since they are LAST amongst all teams in the pairwise. If we don't sweep those guys who knows how far we drop. Then we also have CC who we also need to sweep. Granted we could make some of that up if we can win 3 of 4 against Duluth and Omaha. So here's what we need to do: Sweep Duluth (I'm getting tired of of being satisifed with a split at home, time to sweep) Sweep Niagara Sweep Colorado College (see above) Split at Omaha If we do that we'll be in the top 4 in the pairwise wi
  5. Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COzpaaK-GdE
  6. I was surprised we ddn't see more of Schmaltz. Also surprised that with a 4-0 lead the coach continued to play Eichel's line as much as he did. Going form playing Sunday night and then playing in a Monday afternoon game will be tough enough let alone continuing to play your top line a lot. Todays game could be a problem if Slovakia plays like they did against the Finns. PS. Eichel reminds me of Toews with the long reach and skating skills. He looks like a man among boys most of the time he's on the ice.
  7. Very weird when I looked at the 2011-2012 team roster. Almost all of those guys are still here except of course, Rowney, Nelson, Kristo and Knight. Blood, and MacWilliam. That team had the young talent and I still believe that if Nelson would have stuck around one more year we had a good chance of winning it all last year. A lot of freshmen on that team and you are right they needed a guy like Mario who hated to lose to pull them along. Maybe someone will fill that role this year just not sure who that guy is.
  8. I was trying to think of a team that was thought to be dead without a ton of talent and then came on to make the championship game. The one that came to mind was the 2004-2005 team: http://collegehockeystats.net/0405/rosters/ndkm But when I look at the roster I think holy smokes there was some good players on this team including four current NHL players and a number of players that played pros. But that team needed guys like Fabian, Massen and Canady to show the young guys how it's done. This was the team that took a lot of penalties including 186 minutes by Matt Greene that year but learne
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