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  1. Time for rumors Eades was the primary recruiter. With the decommit last year from JT Miller, and now this year from Matteau, and Koulis. Plus there is speculation that Jordan Schmaltz and his brother will head to Juniors, and also Seth Jones porbably heading to the WHL something was up. There went our recruiting class. Eades may have gotten the blame and thus the program "needed" a change. I for one would like to thank Cary Eades for his hard work with the Sioux. I enjoyed watching him in college and he had a ton of success as an assistant coach. Thanks.
  2. Chris Heisenberg (CH) who folws all of college recruits tweeted a number of things after Koules de-commit that ring with me so here you go: CH: " Fundamental problem with the USNDPT is that by disrupting 16 yo kids in order to help them on pro path, it's hard to prevent them from going pro" CH: "And "problem" is not the right word. But kids breaking commitments reflects poorly on them and parents. If you're not sure then don't commit" CH: " And lastly ,in my view, if you are going pro, at least get something guaranteed out of it to make it worth your while. If you pass NCAA scholarship for pros (WHL) get either a guaranteed ed. package (not one that voids if you sign contract) or lots of cash." The part about reflecting poorly on the player and parents stands out to me. I know that when JT Miller decommitted so late I thought to myself, "How could you trust him in the future?" At least Koules and Matteu jumped early enough that the coaches can plan accordingly.
  3. Portland is known for being the fast track to the NHL. Even though I think the OHL is better. Just check out their list of ex-players: http://winterhawks.com/page/alumni Wherever Mr. Jones goes I'd expect he'd play there for one season, get drafted in 2013, and then play in the AHL/NHL the fall of 2013. It would have been great to see him in Grand Forks and it's not completely ruled out but his trade to Portland makes the odds of him coming much worse.
  4. I'm actually good with the Target Center if that works. Ice was never great but the hockey was those years they were building the X. It's great for fans with all of the places to stay, eat, and drink. Plus it's easy to get to for UND, ST Cloud, Duluth and even Omaha. I'd prefer it to be a permanent site and don't like the idea of going from the Twin Cities/Omaha/Denver. The X is better for hockey but the Target center works for me.
  5. Game 1: Union vs. Ferris State. Thinking I'll root for Union because a Zajac plays on their team. Game 2: I hate those dirty Gophers and those stinking Eagles. I have to watch one of those teams play for the national championship. I won't really root but will probably like to see BC over Minny. I will not be standing and cheering when either team scores. Championship: Rooting for the winner of the Union /Ferris State game. If you have any reasons I should root for someone else please let me know.
  6. Rumor mill has it that Forbort blew his knee when he went awkwardly into the boards when he was checked from behind and will not play the rest of the year. Hopefully we'll know more in the next couple of weeks. Tough month coming up with Minnesota, at St Cloud, Wisconsin and then at Duluth. We at least need Knight and Lammy during that stretch.
  7. I like you wish Miller would have lived up to his commitment. it wasn't so much that he backed out but the timing of it being so late we couldn't even pick up another forward.Shows a lack of class in my mind. I can root for him to do well when he plays for the US but I cannot wish him well otherwise because of his lack of integrity. I guess he didn't think he would get the proper nuturing by playing at a US college that has recently produced Toews, Parise, Oshie, Stafford, Greene, Porter, Zajac, Frattin, etc. Oh and I forgot how annoying the Canadians are when they constantly boo our boys. This is their super bowl and 99% of the US doesn't even know it's going on. Here's hoping they don't medal.
  8. Saturday tickets are sold. Still have two tickets for Friday's game. $25 each.
  9. I have two tickets for sale for the Icebreaker tourney for both days. Tickets are in section 112 Row K seats 5-6. Paid $50 each, would like to get my money back. Let me know if you are interested in one or both days.
  10. We need to beat RPI first. Last year we didn't show up for the first two periods against Yale. We can't let that happen this year. Then we can worry about the Denver/Western Michigan winner. I think Denver is going to have a tough game too so it's not a given that they will make it to the championship either,
  11. When I checked out ESPNU yesterday the Saturday games were NOT on ESPNU. Based upon the initial schedule they were listed as "ESPN Syndication" which means that ESPN would be producing the games but they are not on TV yet. I have read though where UND is negotiating to try to get the games on TV locally. ESPNU DOES show the Sunday games being broadcast on ESPNU though.
  12. I agree. Once we hit the regionals the Fourth line doesn't need to play much. With all of the TV timeouts you don't need 4 lines. The idea of rolling four lines doesn't work unelss the game is full of penalties and you need to give your top line players a break. I say we roll four lines at the Final Five to try to keep everyone fresh but once we hit the regionals we go to to three lines using Lammy on the penalty kill and in other strategic spots. Of course this is in the hope that Kristo can come back and play like he did before he got hurt.
  13. This would be perfect if they swapped Merrimack and Duluth. Makes Yale actually beat someone to get out of their region.
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