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  1. http://www.omaha.com/uno/hockey/dean-blais-steps-down-as-uno-hockey-coach/article_771e7314-08dd-11e7-ae41-8f22eefae827.html Glad that Dean can now enjoy retirement.
  2. The Annual NCHC Play of the Year Tournament started yesterday: http://www.nchchockey.com/news_article/show/767323?referrer_id=767342 First round matchup started yesterday and Jost is in there. Go vote. His goal is SOOOOOO much better than Pulkkinen's. . Shane Gersich is also in the brackets for his spinnerama. Check each day and vote!
  3. Hey I respect and like Dean. We have spoken a number of times. His North Dakota legacy will live on. But to call him a God is something else. I wish Dean the greatest success when his team is NOT playing ours. This weekend I hope we send Dean back to Omaha with two losses on his coaching record. Does this blemish his North Dakota Legacy? I think not. He will always be revered and liked when it relates to North Dakota hockey. Just not when we're playing his team.
  4. I am so over Blais. Gees he's been gone for 13 years. He's the coach of the opposing team. yeah I know we all loved him when he coached two national championships for us. BUT HE IS NOT OUR COACH!!!! I will be booing him when he is announced this weekend as I would every opposing coach.
  5. Was it over when the German's Bombed Pearl Harbor? Let's Do IT!!!!!
  6. a Presale for tickets began today but you need to have the North Dakota Champions Club Code to buy tickets.
  7. Well drink up before heading in. Remeber this is an NCAA event. There will be no alchohol at the Alreus center durng the game. And yell your head off.
  8. We just need to beat Northern Colorado and then we can start talking playoffs. Scary game with Studsrud hurt and most likely out for that game. Typical shoulder injury recovery time is three weeks so I'm expecting Studsrud to sit this weekend and hopefully healthy enough to play in two weeks. At least the team has the entire week to prepare Heidlbaugh (did you notice I didn't say Bartles) to be the QB at Northern Colorado. We'll need our defense to come up big and our offensive line to play well so we can run the ball. So win in NC and we're in the playoffs. Then we can start scoreboard
  9. I am assuming you are being sarcastic since we beat them 31-24 on Oct. 1. I'm guessing they are ranking Cal Poly higher than us since they have wins at SDSU and beat Montana at home. We need to continue to win and hope for a EW loss. PS. I hope our administration have been reading what they need to do to submit a bid for the games: http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2016D1MFB_BID - Checklist and Info_20161017.pdf SDSU has their new stadium and I'm sure they will be bidding a lot to play a playoff game at home.
  10. I have two tickets for sale for the North Dakota vs. Boston College game at Madison Square Garden On Dec. 3rd for sale. They are located in the North Dakota part of the Arena. They are in Section 118, Row 15, Seats 5-6. I bought them on Ticketmaster so with fees they cost $133. I'm willing to take $115 each since that was the original price without the Ticketmaster fees. http://www1.ticketmaster.com/college-hockey-showdown-north-dakota-v-new-york-new-york-12-03-2016/event/3B00503395CA0F17?artistid=821823&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=9&fg=sim&f_display_landing_popup=true&
  11. Guy's who I expect we'll see improve a lot from last year are Chris Wilkie and Joel Janatuinen. We need both of them to take that next step forward. Wilkie came in pretty highly touted and led the USHL in shots on goal the year before he came in. I think the game was just a little too fast for him last year mainly how quickly he was covered when trying to shoot. I'm expecting him to put up very good numbers this year with 10-15 goals. Janatuinen had moments that really showed his skill but was not really strong enough to excel. I think we'll see him much stronger, not so easily pu
  12. Buccigross must not remember that we lost three defensemen including our top pair when he says "good D". How our defensemen gel together is my number one concern going into this season. I know it will be hard to replace Schmaltz and Caggiula but if we have a steady defense and a good goalie you usually have a chance to win games.
  13. The one I remember was Kevin Maxwell leaving after his freshman year to play with the Canadian National Team in prep for the 1980 Olympics. Back before pros were let into the Olympics, Canada and the US had Olympic teams that played all year together before the Olympics. They'd played exhibition games against colleges and usually kick the crap out of them. Ed Belfour only played one year. Hrkac played two but he took a year off in between to play with Canadian National team.
  14. With Stecher leaving I thought I'd throw out my predictions: I hate to see Cam Johnson leave but he is undrafted and he may not get a better chance. Goalies take so long to develop that he could spend 5-6 years in the minors and still never get a sniff. I think he stays. I expect Thompson to leave. I think his development stalled this year and he probably needs to go someplace else. I expect Schmaltz to go. He needed this year to get stronger and he did. I hope Poolman decides to stay to play with his brother. Best case scenario we lose 4 senior f
  15. We will have three in Tampa. Staying at the Marriott Waterside. Sitting in section 124 Row P. We had flights, tickets, and hotel rooms back in January. This will be our 12th Frozen Four. Make sure you get to Channelside for drinks, food and live music. Assuming it's nice they will have a band playing the center courtyard. It's easy walking distance from the Arena.
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