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    Eades yesterday at Boosters said MacWilliam will play this weekend. He also said Kristo is skating but not practicing with the team.
  2. You have to remember that Maine and Dartmouth are currently tied with BU for the 15th spot. How would you feel if we had to play Maine in the frst round of the playoffs which could easily happen?
  3. Sorry I don't agree. My take is that the Number 1 seed wll play Friday night and the Number 2 seed will play Friday afternoon. The flexibility comes into play if Minnesota is one of the top 2 seeds. If they were either Number 1 or Number 2 they would play the Friday night game as they have in the past. This year they are most likely to play on Thursday assuming they make it to the Final Five so that leaves the Friday games already set up.
  4. I realize this but my first bracketing was simply to put the Number 1 seeds closest to home. Since that put New Hampshire in St Louis I swapped the Michigan bracket with the BC bracket. I just didn't show it changed on the final version but I did state that I swapped them.
  5. Sorry I forgot about that . I was looking at the Pairwise on College Hockey News and their version has Dartmouth ahead of BU for the final spot. USCHO is using the RPI as a tie breaker even though Dartmouth wins the individual comparisons with both BU and Maine. But if we go with what USCHO has: The first group is 1 Yale, 2 North Dakota, 3 BC, 4 Michigan Second group is 5 Denver, 6 Union, 7 Merrimack, 8 Omaha Third group is 9 Notre Dame, 10 Miami, 11 Duluth, 12 UNH Fourth Group is 13 RPI, 14 CC, 15 BU, 16 TBD Since Yale and UNH are hosts they have to be placed in Bridgeport (Yale) and Manchester (UNH). But for the first go round I will place the Number 1 seeds closest to their regional. So we're back to Bridgeport 1 Yale vs 16 Atlantic hockey 8 Omaha vs 9 Notre Dame Green Bay 2 UND vs 15 BU 7 Merrimack vs 10 Miami Manchester 3 BC vs 14 CC 6 Union vs 11 Duluth St Louis 4 Michigan vs 13 RPI 5 Denver vs 12 UNH Why not just put the Michigan bracket in Manchester and the BC bracket in St Louis? Hey I'm done. Who knew that when Yale beat CC early this year that common opponent criteria keeps Yale ahead of North Dakota.
  6. Not sure if you are predicting these regionals but if we bracketed today with the current Pairwise you would have: East (Bridgeport) Yale is the host: #1 Yale vs #16 RIT/Atlantic Champ #8 Nebraska Omaha vs #9 Notre Dame Midwest: (Green Bay) (Michigan Tech is the host) #2 North Dakota vs #15 Dartmouth Unless they only use the RPI as a tie breaker and then BU would oust Dartmouth here #7 Merrimack vs #10 Miami Northeast (Manchester) UNH is the host: #3 Boston College vs #14 Colorado College #6 Union vs #11 New Hampshire (Duluth is tied with UNH with Duluth getting the tie breaker but they can put UNH in here) West (St Louis) Host is actually the CCHA no real team. #4 Michigan vs # 13 Rensselaer # 5 Denver vs #12 Duluth (we can't have this so now what?) Why not just swap Rensselaer and Duluth so no first round conference match up). so we'd end up with #4 Michigan vs #12 Duluth #5 Denver vs #13 Rensselaer So would these brackets be so bad? Maybe for attendance you swap the entire Midwest and West Brackets to put Michigan and Duluth close to Green Bay but that's about it. Of course a lot of these will be decided based upon the tie breaker they use.
  7. Well they picked up Panzarella so they have at least one more defenseman coming in. USHL though not BCHL or AHL. I'm guessing we might even sign one more unless Hill is progressing.
  8. If you see an Omaha fan at the game or out and about in Grand Forks, thank them for coming to Grand Forks for the games. I always thought we were nice people but when we went to the games earlier this year I could not believe the number of people who thanked us for "coming down" to the Omaha games. They were super nice and even some firemen we ran into thanked us. Please reciprocate!
  9. We can all say that the ECAC is weak but so far this year some of their teams have had some nice wins outside their league: Yale: Beat Colorado College and Vermont Union: Beat Minnesota and Alaska Anchorage but lost twice to Western Michigan and once to Alaska Brown: Beat BU and tied BU, UNH, and Providence St Lawrence: Beat New Hampshire and tied Mankato but lost twice to Ferris State Clarskon: Beat St Cloud but lost twice to Duluth RPI: Beat BU but lost and tied Colorado College Dartmouth: Beat New Hampshire but lost to Vermont What I'm getting at is their overall schedules may be weaker than ours but they have been able to win games against the Big Three conferences (WCHA, Hockey East, and CCHA). After seeing Bemidji State (CHA), and RIT (Alantic Hockey) make the frozen four recently and then getting beat by Yale last year in the regionals it shows that you can't take any team lightly and you better come with your best game every night once the playoffs start. Competition may make our team better but we have to use those experiences to beat teams we should beat. No taking periods off once we get to the playoffs like we did the first 1.5 periods against Yale last year.
  10. I started thinking about next year and the players coming in. With four senior forwards (Frattin, Trupp, Malone, Davidson) and three senior defensemen (Marto LaPoint, Genoway) gone for sure, it seems a little strange that we only have one defenseman coming in. Let me know if I'm missing something but what I see coming in next year is: Nick Mattson (D), Mark MacMillan (F), Michael Parks (F), Rocco Grimaldi (F), JT Miller (F), Colton St Clair (F), Brendan O'Dponnel (F). If things stay where they are today and noone leaves early that leaves us with Defensemen: MacWilliam, Forbort, Blood, Simpson, Gleason, Mattson, Hill. So only 7 defensemen with Hill never really playing and Gleason hardly playing D this year. Forwards: Lamoureux, Gregoire, Hextall, Kristo, Knight, Rowney, Rodwell, Nelson, Cichy, Bruneteau, Dickin, MacMillan, Parks, Grimaldi, Miller, St Clair, and O'Donnell. So 17 forwards. Man that's a lot of forwards. Goalies: Dell, Eidsness, Maris (I'm assuming they leave Gotheberg play another year in the USHL. So that leaves us with a 27 man roster. Am I missing an incoming defensemen or is Gleason expected to play regularly and somehow Hill has developed into a reliable backup without ever playing a game? I'm actually fine with Gleason playing everyday. He performed well last year but I think we need one more defensemen on this team. And looking at the forwards man are there a lot of good players going to be sitting every game unless some leave due to not getting the playing time they'd hoped for. Thoughts?
  11. From the picks it looks like Sparky, Siouxknocka, Upper Deck, and Budwmn move on but SiouxSax, and MissSioux85 got knocked out this round since they both picked Pony tonight and he didn't have a goal. Is that right?
  12. I voted for Dell as the first half MVP. After the way Eidsness played I was very concerned about our goaltending. Dell had played very few games last year and looked lost when he was in goal at home. Then to see him come in and take over as our goaltender and to now lead the WCHA in wins as well goals against average..., I had hoped for it but wasn't expecting it. Dell has stepped up and took over when we most needed him. So even though Frattin gets the press because of all of the goals I just hate to think where we'd be without Dell in net.
  13. I have two tickets for sale to the Saturday night St Cloud game on Dec. 4th. Tickets are in Section 303 Row J seats 15-16 Paid $40 each, just looking to get some gas money for them so would take $20 each. Feel free to call me at 701-371-6062. Will be in Grand Forks both Friday and Saturday so could meet either Friday night before the game or any time Saturday before the game. Or if you're in the Fargo area I could meet Friday before 3:00PM
  14. The thing that bothers me is that we have a veteran team. We only lost two players off last year's team. After 10 games we're sitting at barely over .500. With the schedule coming up we could easily be under .500 at Christmas if we continue to play the same way. Some may say "yeah but that's UND. not very good early but turn it on after Christmas". That's fine when you are bringing in tons of new players but we should not be where we are now. We should not get embarrassed on national TV and fall behind 5-1 in the first period against Maine. It's not just goaltending either. it's entire team defense plus lack of scoring from key players. The only two games all year we played well defensively is against Fairbanks and the Friday night game against Duluth. I was expecting more from this team and I want to see them play to their potential. I knew we had a tough schedule to start with but I expected us to beat both Alaska teams, sweep Bemidji, split in Maine, sweep Denver (who had to replace almost all of their top players), and split with Duluth. That would put us at 8-2 right now. That's what I'd expect with a veteran and talented team like we have. I guess we'll see if they can put it together against Wisconsin who plays 8 freshman.
  15. I don't agree. With us sitting at 5-4-1. Wisconsin should be favored over us especially in Madison. Their record is 6-2-2 Omaha should be favored over us especially in Omaha Their record is 7-1 Notre Dame should be favored over us Their record is 6-2-1 We should be favored over St Cloud since we're at home Then we'll see where we sit.
  16. Do you have Al's number so we can call and get the details?
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