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  1. So how bad does this make Jutting look? New coach and the next thing you know they are 8th in the pairwiise. not a great time for Mankato to be on a roll when we play them the last series of the year. Oh well.
  2. Sorry but I disagree. Bjugstad has the potential but hasn't shown it consistently. With Ambroz, Budish, and even Issackson Minnesota has big boys this year with Bjugstad being the biggest. These guys do the molesting and not getting molested as you state. I was surprised that he came back this year expecting him to get pulled up by the NHL. I am constantly looking for more from Bjugstad and I seldom see it. He is still too passive most games and it looks like he tries to turn it on and off rather than playing at a high level consistently. Net result he still has potential and is not one yet
  3. This past weekend I was disappointed overall that we didn't win a game but I definetly saw Hakstol's point about the improvement of the team. We finally saw Grimaldi as we expected and Caggiula was very good. I was not happy with the Macmilan brothers and it look slike the defensemen have not yet picked up Berry's game BUT... We could have won both games, in MInnesota, on the big ice. Heck we are still 6th in the Pairwise. I have said from the beginning of the year that the Sioux have the ability to win a national championship this year. We're going to find out in the next 6-8 weeks
  4. Bugstad is a horse with his size and very hard to get off the puck, but you can't barely average a point a game (he averages 1.04) and be considered the best player in college hockey. He is currently 20th in scoring. He disappeared for a third of the games so far . He has the potential to be great but I seldom see the desire. In the Final Four last year he was awful on the biggest stage. He may become a very good pro due to his size but he is not the best college hockey player so far this year.
  5. I plan on doing this after we win Friday http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIeWjLC_SB0&feature=player_embedded
  6. You focused on the defense I focused on the offense. Minnesota is number one in the nation scoring 3.82 gpg. North Dakota is number six scoring 3.45 gpg.
  7. Not sure why anyone is really being negative about the Sioux chances. The only advantage I see for Minnesota is the big ice and the propensity to get the calls in their own building. Sioux have 2 of the top 3 scorers in the nation, veteran team this year forwards and defense. They have already played BU and Notre Dame and now it's time for Minnesota. 5 on 5 Sioux win both games. Throw in the power play though I'm guessing a split. Traditionally in Minnesota the Gophers have twice as many power play chances as the Sioux. If for some reason power plays are equal both nights, Sioux Sweep! I
  8. Ok. Why was everyone booing number 6?
  9. Time for rumors Eades was the primary recruiter. With the decommit last year from JT Miller, and now this year from Matteau, and Koulis. Plus there is speculation that Jordan Schmaltz and his brother will head to Juniors, and also Seth Jones porbably heading to the WHL something was up. There went our recruiting class. Eades may have gotten the blame and thus the program "needed" a change. I for one would like to thank Cary Eades for his hard work with the Sioux. I enjoyed watching him in college and he had a ton of success as an assistant coach. Thanks.
  10. Chris Heisenberg (CH) who folws all of college recruits tweeted a number of things after Koules de-commit that ring with me so here you go: CH: " Fundamental problem with the USNDPT is that by disrupting 16 yo kids in order to help them on pro path, it's hard to prevent them from going pro" CH: "And "problem" is not the right word. But kids breaking commitments reflects poorly on them and parents. If you're not sure then don't commit" CH: " And lastly ,in my view, if you are going pro, at least get something guaranteed out of it to make it worth your while. If you pass NCAA scholarshi
  11. Portland is known for being the fast track to the NHL. Even though I think the OHL is better. Just check out their list of ex-players: http://winterhawks.com/page/alumni Wherever Mr. Jones goes I'd expect he'd play there for one season, get drafted in 2013, and then play in the AHL/NHL the fall of 2013. It would have been great to see him in Grand Forks and it's not completely ruled out but his trade to Portland makes the odds of him coming much worse.
  12. I'm actually good with the Target Center if that works. Ice was never great but the hockey was those years they were building the X. It's great for fans with all of the places to stay, eat, and drink. Plus it's easy to get to for UND, ST Cloud, Duluth and even Omaha. I'd prefer it to be a permanent site and don't like the idea of going from the Twin Cities/Omaha/Denver. The X is better for hockey but the Target center works for me.
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