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  1. Actually Montgomery was thanking the linesmen and the refs after everyone else had left the ice for letting him call that no Goal. Plus telling them thanks for the 27-2 in PIM against North Dakota. I now dislike Montgomery more that Gwozdecky. What a jerk!
  2. http://www.omaha.com/uno/hockey/dean-blais-steps-down-as-uno-hockey-coach/article_771e7314-08dd-11e7-ae41-8f22eefae827.html Glad that Dean can now enjoy retirement.
  3. The Annual NCHC Play of the Year Tournament started yesterday: http://www.nchchockey.com/news_article/show/767323?referrer_id=767342 First round matchup started yesterday and Jost is in there. Go vote. His goal is SOOOOOO much better than Pulkkinen's. . Shane Gersich is also in the brackets for his spinnerama. Check each day and vote!
  4. Hey I respect and like Dean. We have spoken a number of times. His North Dakota legacy will live on. But to call him a God is something else. I wish Dean the greatest success when his team is NOT playing ours. This weekend I hope we send Dean back to Omaha with two losses on his coaching record. Does this blemish his North Dakota Legacy? I think not. He will always be revered and liked when it relates to North Dakota hockey. Just not when we're playing his team.
  5. I am so over Blais. Gees he's been gone for 13 years. He's the coach of the opposing team. yeah I know we all loved him when he coached two national championships for us. BUT HE IS NOT OUR COACH!!!! I will be booing him when he is announced this weekend as I would every opposing coach.
  6. Was it over when the German's Bombed Pearl Harbor? Let's Do IT!!!!!
  7. a Presale for tickets began today but you need to have the North Dakota Champions Club Code to buy tickets.
  8. Well drink up before heading in. Remeber this is an NCAA event. There will be no alchohol at the Alreus center durng the game. And yell your head off.
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