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  1. Desperately hoping for 14 more people to get on the bus to Omaha next weekend... Call/text Joanna 701-388-9825 If you are interested and want details. I am running around a lot and apologize as I won't get online to see messages as much. So calling/texting is the best way to ensure a quick reply. THANK YOU!!!!
  2. YOU GUESSED IT...a few seats left... we like to get as many in green as possible! CALL ME for details: 701-388-9825 -- texting is fine, too! Best to use my cell as a way to reach me...taking care of Dad is my job and struggle making sure I check every place I posted (so sorry!). Don't hesitate to use my cell number (did I mention that before? *bats eyes*! Short version: bus, driver tip, drinks and tickets = $190 and rooms are set aside at $85/night. If you have tickets, it would knock off $80.00. Don't worry about the weather - we'll take care of you! Joanna: 701-388-9825 Side note: Bemidji is FULL, Duluth we are into a 2nd bus, Omaha is half full and NCHC and Regionals are starting to fill, too.... Don't delay. If you've ever wanted to join Al on one of his trips...I gotta be honest, this would be the year to do it...Life changes too quickly these days! Parkinson's is a beast that he is battling hard....we get "new normals" all the time and have to adjust. Hockey and people on his bus ...nothing keeps him going more than sharing his passion. COME PLAY!
  3. It's time...and we always love newbies! Follow the link below to keep up on all the trips planned for men's hockey It's under my profile: Joanna Pearson (Pearson's Hockey Bus) and has a picture of the back of my Dad and me in our Sioux jackets. PLEASE NOTE: Keeping up with Dad keeps me pretty busy...texting me is always the fastest way to reach me: 701-388-9825 (in case the pictures of our card wasn't big enough ) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013733619173&lst=1101095953%3A100013733619173%3A1510675180&sk=events&hc_location=ufi St. Cloud - December 8-10, Bemidji - January 12 (there/back), Duluth - January 19-21 (starting on our 2nd bus), Omaha - February 16-18 Dad's 80 with progressing Parkinson's - if he can make it, so can you! *wink* If you have been putting off a trip with him, this would be the year to jump on!
  4. Time to show our football fans what the hockey fans have been doing for years! We cannot keep all the fun to ourselves! *wink* Let's fill at least 2 buses to support BUBBA AND THE BOYS in Vermillion! September 16 is guaranteed to be a full day of fun. We'll leave from the N side of the Ralph at 7AM sharp... load at 6:30AM. We will head home after the game...and yes, stopping along the way there and back. $96 per person covers game ticket, bus, driver costs adult beverages and water. PLEASE SIGN UP BY AUG. 11 by commenting in the discussion area or call/text me: 701-388-9825 (Joanna!) Money due at time of sign up - checks won't be cashed until two weeks prior to the event. Let's do this! Email: pearsonshockeybus@gmail.com
  5. Pearson's Hockey Bus is branching out! Let's take you out to a ball game! I was FINALLY able to find a hotel that would help me keep rates under $100 -- not an easy feat on the busiest Summer weekend of their season! Also, you have your choice of ticket cost for the game - signing up with me will save you service charges ($5-10/ticket). FAMILIES WITH 1 OR MORE KIDS...Please call me to sign up: 701-388-9825 - Joanna! Here are the details: SIGN UP BY JUNE 15th, PLEASE. Checks payable to "Joanna Pearson" - Checks won't be cashed until earliest - June 17. WE CAN PICK UP ALONG THE WAY. Bus: Departing N Side of Ralph at 9AM July 7 $90/per person Covers: bus, driver room and his game ticket/tip, beverages Game Tickets:... US Bank Home Run Porch View (3rd level/left outfield) - $25.00 Home Plate View (3rd level) - $35.00 (Dad's choice) The Deck (2nd level/3rd Base view) - $39.00 Field Box (Level one) - $48.00 Home Plate Box (Level one) - $80.00 Added a little info from my group guy next to the seating names. Here's a site you can look at to get an idea of the section you would like to choose...it helped me understand the seating better (since it isn't a hockey rink...). https://seatgeek.com/venues/target-field/seating-chart/minnesota-twins-26291/section-315 Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites - Minnetonka (free breakfast/pool) King - $94 2 Queens - $99 King Suite - $109 Feel free to call with questions - and definitely if you are a family with 1 or more children: 701-388-9825 Please sign up in the comments of this event OR by calling/texting me. Checks do about the time you sign up but again, won't be cashed until June 17 (unless otherwise discussed). We need 40 to fill one bus... if we can...we'll take TWO BUSES!! Let's do it! https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cd/MeekerBallGame.ogg Find my FB page under Joanna Pearson (one profile with my face is my personal page - the one with the back of our Sioux jackets is the trip page) https://www.facebook.com/events/691632454362625/?acontext={"ref"%3A"23"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}
  6. No, UMD fans just don't travel like UND fans do... only had 9 ...but was able to get them all rooms at our rate. Would you believe that UMD said when they called their folks to tell them they could get tickets from UMD - once they found out how much they cost, they said they weren't interested! *gasp* We definitely love our teams and support them... Sad for me to see that isn't the case across the board!
  7. I'mmmmm baaaaack.... and in a quick call to UMD-Duluth to offer them the use of all the rooms I had reserved with hopes our UND bus would be a go to Chicago...I found out they did not and were not going to plan anything for their fans. Next thing I know....I'm a temporary UMD supporter and have a bus picking up in New Brighton. If any of you are interested in hoping on ...we leave Moorhead, Wednesday, April 5 - head to New Brighton...New Brighton to Madison....(stay overnight) and Chicago bound Thursday morning! Call if you are interested in a multi-cultural trip to Chicago! *big smile* 701-388-9825 - Joanna!
  8. What time is that? Little Canada? I'll have to see if there's interest enough for the bus!!!
  9. We have a few spots we have to fill to get to the Frozen Face Off this weekend. Up for some good hockey and funtabulous fun? We'd love to have you on the bus! Two packages available: $225 includes bus, lower bowl tickets and beverages OR $160 includes bus, upper bowl tickets and beverages. CALL/TEXT: 701-388-9825 Joanna! Just need tickets? We can do that, too....we get a discount rate. CALL/TEXT JOANNA: 701-388-9825 Hotel? I MAY be able to still get you one at Loews - right across the street from the Target Center with our bus rate of $135/night.
  10. There's still a couple seats on our bus to St. Cloud this weekend...but if you just need tickets ($41) or rooms ($89/night) we can hook you up! Weather is looking to be icky - you may want to play it safe and hop on the bus. CALL BY TUESDAY IF YOU NEED ROOMS AND/OR TICKETS: 701-388-9825 Joanna!
  11. Enjoy UND hockey? Join us in our 42nd year of supporting our team on the road! We book the bus, drinks, tickets and hotel. You just hop on and enjoy good fun! Upcoming trips include (and we CAN pick up along our routes): St. Cloud (Nov. 18-20) $193 -bus pkg (bus, tickets, beverages) with hotel rate at $89/night - Leaving GF 9:30AM Friday (TICKETS ONLY: $47/each) Omaha (Jan. 6-8) $193 - bus pkg (bus, tickets, beverages) with hotel rate at $94/night - Leaving 6AM Friday (TICKETS ONLY: $22) Frozen Faceoff: we have 200 tickets reserved - and rooms at Loews (right across the street from the Target Center) Chicago: We will do a bus/hotel when our boys make it in. Tickets work differently (we don't get to reserve any) - so you'll have to have your own tickets. Can't make the bus? (shame on you! *wink*) - We can still get you tickets and/or hotel under our group rates. The more the merrier! email: pearsonshockeybus@gmail.com text/call: 701-388-9825 Don't delay - trips are over half full. If you know Al or heard of Al and his trips and been tempted...this is the year to go! We hope he'll have a few more traveling years in him...but we'll have to see what his Parkinson's has in store! This is the year to catch him! We'd love to have you part of our traveling hockey family. You'll love it! Let's help cheer our team all the way for FINE #9! Cheers, Joanna!
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