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  1. BigGame

    SH Game Day

    5 guys to block 6 or 7 in short yardage will never work! That isn't saying they are good but the scheme is flawed from what I saw today. This offense doesn't fit JJ at all!
  2. I find the doom and gloom funny after a bad loss to a very good team. NDSU has better personnel then many FBS schools! I don't want to downplay the loss too much but if anyone thought we had a real chance today was fooling themselves. NDSU has better players at almost every position right now. My take is probably off of most on the message board but UND can be a very good football team this season if some things get corrected. We are very erratic on defense, most of the big run plays were directly related to guys not playing consistent gap control defense. This is a very fixable issue! On offense, we had a fairly large number of plays in which the timing was off by a lot. Also a very fixable issue! I think we will see improvement going forward!
  3. Is the game going to be online today?
  4. BigGame

    Shaw's gone.

    Just throwing crap at the wall to see if it sticks! Mike Commodore
  5. BigGame

    Spring Ball

    This helmet looks like a bumper car...
  6. I think he is probably doing the right thing, most school administrator's will just give the loudest parents anything they want for them to go away. This isn't just coaching but often in the classroom as well.
  7. They all have an opportunity, maybe not an equal opportunity though.
  8. This is all I could see when reading the comment.
  9. If not the FBS level, maybe he liked the weather better!
  10. I am certainly not a QB expert but the Graetz kid looked like he had a lot of tools but would need to develop. I think the Schuster kid looks more polished but with a little less to work with from a physical skills standpoint. I like the addition and my gut tells me he will be a player for UND.
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