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  1. Midco online working for anyone?
  2. I have a question, that I don't know the answer. Please DO NOT take this as I believe it, but I'm just asking the question. I'm wondering if the fact that Berry is such a nice guy is what is causing the hard nosed, play with edge, chip on the shoulder, don't screw with me type attitude (that we have always had) to drop off. Is Berry intense like Hak was at practice? I remember reading articles that Hak was extremely intense at practice and games. That would have to rub off on your players. Is this just because Berry isn't that way? Again I don't know this to be true but just simply asking the question.
  3. That is true, we need to ride that line I believe. That elusive line.
  4. They better win without OT this year. Also would like to see them play with an edge, a chip on their shoulder. We used to play that way and seems we have moved away from that a bit. I would like to getting back to playing hard nosed, take no BS hockey.
  5. Agree 100% the football ticket revenue needs to be removed from the REA contract, in no way, shape or form should the football program pay for the hockey program at all. That money needs to all go back to the U/football program. Is that enough to drive the football program to new heights? I honestly don't know? Also why can't we get a deal like NDSU has with the Dome? No rent, free to use for games, etc. That was reported on this board many pages ago.
  6. Very well said. I am 100% in favor of funding the football and bb programs more, however we can not cut back on the hockey team. I agree that the football ticket sales part of the REA contract makes no sense at all. That money should go back to the University (football team) to be reinvested back into the program. Is there a way that can be accomplished? Is there a way to fund Football and BB with more money and still fund Hockey (our largest followed sport) at the same level we do today?
  7. wow you sound like an NDSU supporter, "Hockey doesn't matter because it's a niche sport." You think that is helping the divide in the fan base? It's easy for you to say that the problem is the hockey only fans? Pot meet kettle. WOW I thought you were better than that. Guess not.
  8. Long post but very well said. I think this is what everyone needs to read. Yes UND needs to grow Football and BB but NOT as the expense of the hockey program. Now I do believe that UND should be getting more of take than they currently are, if that means everything stays the same for the hockey program AND we can stick more money into Football and BB, great!
  9. I think we continue to struggle to score goals but have a little better time than last weekend.
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