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  1. What are the TV options again?
  2. nhockey30


    Is this because of the appearance (real or not) of declining recruitment? We are losing a lot of recruiting battles, just curious.
  3. nhockey30


    Anyone have a YouTube stream tonight at all?
  4. WOW... why is Blaisdell in the portal?? Guess I didn't see that coming
  5. You truly are a legend! Thank you so much!!!!!
  6. Ok thanks, was just hoping as my work phone allows youtube but I won't be able to stream nchc on it. No other ways to watch.
  7. Anyone? I know it happened in the past just can't remember who the wonderful person/people were.
  8. Hello everyone, In the past there was some wonderful people that would hook us lowly people with a youtube stream for those that don't have midco and don't have NCHC TV. I was wondering if there was any awesome people that would do the same again? UND games would be great but I would take all the games if someone is willing. I'd be willing to through some money at them as well. Please??
  9. Watching Hermantown play right now, that Biondi kid is good. Is there any UND recruits playing today?
  10. Good idea, I just don’t know how many I’ll catch
  11. yep I was wrong.. Thanks for your input. We should all bow down before you... Almighty one.. Why would I be surprised by an NDSU troll as yourself.
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