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    Shaw's gone.

    Just throwing crap at the wall to see if it sticks! Mike Commodore
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    Spring Ball

    This helmet looks like a bumper car...
  3. I think he is probably doing the right thing, most school administrator's will just give the loudest parents anything they want for them to go away. This isn't just coaching but often in the classroom as well.
  4. They all have an opportunity, maybe not an equal opportunity though.
  5. This is all I could see when reading the comment.
  6. If not the FBS level, maybe he liked the weather better!
  7. I am certainly not a QB expert but the Graetz kid looked like he had a lot of tools but would need to develop. I think the Schuster kid looks more polished but with a little less to work with from a physical skills standpoint. I like the addition and my gut tells me he will be a player for UND.
  8. He got offered by a FBS school, most kids will jump at that opportunity and UND likely could have done nothing to stop it.
  9. He is our very own...
  10. I guess unless you worked side by side with the guy I would have to say your information comes 2nd or 3rd hand at a minimum. I would call that speculation based upon you making a comment without first hand knowledge of the situation. I do know a lot of people like to speculate on this forum while acting like they have factual information. So unless you personally worked along side or regularly witness him working for extended periods of time I would call it speculation. Or we can just call it what it really is which is rumor or gossip.
  11. Pretty sure it's speculation. Truly amazing how lazy a poster can be about his own posts. He didn't even capitalize the first word of his sentence. Sad for the rest of the members of this forum.
  12. Unless things have changed greatly in the last few years I would be surprised if he would qualify academically.
  13. Yeah, I don't know how good he would be but just because he is a position coach on the same staff doesn't indicate what he would do if given control of the offense. A lot of coaches would do things differently than coaches they work with but they need to show a united front publicly even if they don't agree with how things are being done.
  14. You can be a great OL coach and not be a good OC.
  15. If they hire Hedberg as the OC I don't think I could continue to watch and support the program. Nice guy, but a terrible play caller.
  16. The offense was horrible today and the only bright spot from my perspective is how hard Brady plays and competes. Kett makes a few throws but is not consistent and he doesn't really look over the defense pre-snap. If he did the sack total could have been cut in half because PSU wasn't hiding the blitz. Defensively out tackling still sucks and we apparently do not have one player as fast as that QB today. Gap control sucks most of the time with our defense and we can't seem to contain. That said the defense made some big plays today. I am glad UND won the game but they will need to play a lot better or a playoff game will be an ass kicking.
  17. How many offers did Golladay have coming out of high school?
  18. I am a pretty firm believer that what you do isn't nearly as important as how well you do it. UND stunts out themselves out of position to make plays a lot on defense and because of this we don't have players in all the gaps. This style of defense creates big plays for the defense but it also allows big plays for the offense. Noah Larson looks to me like a very talented LB that gets caught running around a lot because of blitz and stunt calls. I would really like to see him have the chance to read and react on defense instead almost always stunting or running to spot without seeing the offensive play develop. Weber took advantage of UND big time because of this.
  19. Well that is certainly saying something!
  20. Just because someone teaches those things and even if they are good at them it doesn't mean they are going to win. I have been on and coached both poor teams and championship teams throughout my life and the common thread with the good teams was talent, effort, and execution. Coaches have the most control over effort and execution because recruiting is very inexact. Right now I think UND really struggles with consistent execution and effort to a lesser degree. I would say confidence plays a major role as well and the other things you mentioned would be helpful. That said I always learned more and improved more on the teams that struggled to win but nothing is the same for every person.
  21. Quick question about the targeting penalty yesterday. I was hoping someone on the forum will have the answer. These rules are fairly new to football and I haven't bothered to check into them specifically but how is it the refs can not make a call during the play, go back and review and give targeting penalty and negate a turnover. If you are allowed to review a play and make a call based upon review, why can't it be done for every other penalty? We could have a holding review on every single play.
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