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  1. Based on what - that's it is on Good Friday in the afternoon, that is is in a venue with no seating, that there has been virtually no promotion of it, or there is nothing going on around it to attract fans?
  2. Seems a little bias (but I guess they all do when you're down by a couple). +
  3. Let me guess the color guy is from the East Coast.
  4. I think it has evolved from "Cheers" to high energy noise. and I think this rides on the backs of the students. If you look at the schools that have a lot of energy it's centered on the student section that is jumping up and down and making noise - not necessarily leading cheers. You can't expect the energy to come from those that are in their 40s, 50, 60s, 70s....
  5. Yes they will be replacing the position. We know there is a process for hiring especially if the hire is from outside the University. They probably need to dig around and make some calls before creating a list.
  6. I think that is moving the bar. Betty attendance has increased, corporate accounts have lots of variables. His job is to run the program. Yes winning helps increase attendance and could increase corporate accounts but it's not a given. He's earned an extension - would be nice if they funded him enough that he could stop losing assistants.
  7. Trust me i would have rather been there then my year confetence is two weeks earlier. I will be there.
  8. Any chance he sits next weekend once league reviews tape?
  9. And remember how it was also the nickname that was preventing us from getting these games. Sorry to open that wound but it was definitely used as a reason
  10. I would have skipped the handshake line, surprised there was not an incident.
  11. Put a bad ass football player on skates and send him out.
  12. We need a good old fashioned Archibald retaliation.
  13. If all hell breaks loose at the end do penalty carry over?
  14. I am guessing they understand the importance of FTs i heard once they each shoot at least 100 at every practice. As Rick Barry says "it's a mental thing" (king of the underhand shot).