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  1. Aviation major - damn hope this isn't a mistake that haunts him for a lifetime.
  2. Ready to get back to the champion year defense where they know we are coming but they can't stop it.
  3. It's the government if they want to find skeletons they will just keep digging until they find something. Not sure what the person who filed this thinks they will accomplish other than appeasing their anger and hurting student athletes.
  4. As far as approaching "million dollar donors" to fund women's hockey. Even their pockets are only so deep so if they were asked to give a large donation to support women's hockey it would merely be shifting money that probably would have been donated to the school for something that is more of a priority than an athletic program that is bleeding money and will continue to bleed money. I don't know what the effort was to save the program but I also don't have a problem if there wasn't much effort made (which we do not know).
  5. A lot of contradictions and head scratching comments in this story.
  6. It's great fun to go back and watch his high school highlight film. I am 100% certain that everyone on this board wants Elijah to succeed in life, in school and on the field in that order.
  7. Okay go even further back what was Finley and what was Sharon before they combined. (It was the Reynolds Rockets before they were the Valiants).
  8. I blame Muss.
  9. Five games as a UND starter and some have him going to the NFL. I am cautiously optimistic. I want him to suceed in life, the classroom and on the field.
  10. I wonder if they feel insulted when someone calls them a boutique?
  11. Definitely should not be played for. Its time has passed. Heritage center display with the icon of the winning team each year facing out.
  12. I'm fine with it going to the state museum, but how can they pass a law that impacts an item that is not owned by the state? Isn't it owned by the Blue Key club of both schools?
  13. One thing is for sure they better beef up the security in that building. Is it a felony to break into a government building? Regardless they better include a warning in the guidelines and expectations for homecoming royalty at SU.
  14. It was already announced years ago that the trophy was retired, this is just the final chapter. There is no way that UND would rip that scab off. The good thing about having it on display in Bismarck is that UND owned the trophy a majority of the time of its history including most of the last decade it was played for. The Sitting Bull trophy was also retired with South Dakota you won't see any discussion about that coming back.
  15. Actually when I've heard the Sioux Forever chant it is coming from the student section at hockey games. In a couple of years incoming students will have no attachment to Fighting Sioux and it will dwindle with time. All us old duffers will continue to wear our Fighting Sioux clothing until it is thread bare (which is more related to tradition and frugality than not accepting change.)