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  1. it's all good, I knew what you were saying. I agree she has shown she has D1 talent and would have been an asset with another D! program had she chosen that route. My remarks were directed at the situation in general whether football, hockey, etc.
  2. Basketball or whatever sport an athlete participates in is just one part of their lives. There may be multiple factors regarding the decision to transfer besides their sport. I will wish the athlete the best on their future endeavors.
  3. Filip Rebraca decision soon https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiA_OGJn47wAhX1dc0KHRt9DacQxfQBMAJ6BAgREAk&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hawkeyenation.com%2Fnews%2Fbasketball%2Ffilip-rebraca-decision-coming-soon-iowa-basketball-well-positioned%2Farticle_77c5bcd0-a20a-11eb-b9c2-b7ab70253840.html&usg=AOvVaw32jCE7Zlbinjqp8KwEpMPi
  4. Minot State will play in ACHA D1 finals. Mary will play in ACHA D2 finals. Minot State women lost in semi-finals.
  5. Preston Ruedinger to Valparaiso.
  6. I believe most of the transfers will be lateral as is indicated by the stats on the WBB blog. The group I see gaining the most out of the transfer rule is AAU, elite camps, recruiting blogs, etc. as they can be continue to be representatives of players after they commit from high school.
  7. Brendan Howard was GNAC Freshman of the Year 2019 and All-GNAC 2nd team as a sophmore. 2 time Montana Gatorade Player of the Year. MSU-Billings didn't play this past season. https://www.montanasports.com/college-sports/msu-bs-brendan-howard-seeks-grad-transfer-opportunity
  8. Adam Jacobson @CoachJake_NDSCS Great to see our own Ambah Kowcun as a Finalist for NJCAA Div. 1 National Freshman of the year! Ambah is no doubt the best shooter in the country and one the best scorers! Excited to have her back next year! #GoCats #WorldExposureReportAwards Quote Tweet World Exposure Report WBB @WorldExposureWB · Apr 13 Six Finalists named for 2021 World Exposure Report NJCAA Div. 1 Freshman of the Year #njcaawbb #WorldExposureReportAwards https://worldexposurereport.com/news_article/s
  9. Interesting Rebekah Dallinger tidbit, she played with Shyla Heal on NSW Metro Under 18 team. Shyla is the daughter of former TWolve, Shane "The Hammer" Heal and was #8 pick in WNBA draft. She had 37 points, 17 rebounds in Region 13 Championship game. Hope UND has at least inquired about her. https://www.montanasports.com/college-sports/juco/mcc-women-blow-out-dawson-to-claim-region-13-championship-advance-to-national-tournament
  10. I wonder if the coaches keep an eye on the Mon-Dak Conference for recruiting. Rebekah Dallinger (Miles City} was NJCAA D1 national leader in scoring at 25.3 points per game. Ambah Kowcun (NDSCS) was 3rd at 23.2 points per game. Both are Aussies, Freshman, and shot over 40% from 3. Dallinger: 6.9 r/g, 5.1 a/g, 2.9 s/g Kowcun: 5.2 r/g, 2.9 a/g, 1.8 s/g
  11. UND has 6 players at 5' 10" or above on the roster currently going into next year. The 3 incoming freshman and 1 transfer for next year are 5' 10" or above. 3 from the roster are below 5' 10" not including Keplin. Forgot about Sieben, so that would be 4 below 5' 10".
  12. @jakelieberman2 · 4h Eikens announcement will be coming very soon. Should happen in a couple of days or so, i've been told. Quote Tweet To me the more interesting part of the tweet is Jake Lieberman lists on his twitter account that he is a sophmore in high school. Illinois State message board is tracking Tyree because of Jones connection to DAE. Des Moines Register mentioned Rebraca is a target for Iowa.
  13. https://wbbblog.com/womens-basketball-transfers-fall-2020-summer-2021 912 transfers listed (P5: 187, Non: 725) 300 Grad Transfers 298 signed with new school P5 to Non P5: 57 Non P5 to P5: 31
  14. UT-Martin is in for a major overhaul as they have 15 players in the transfer portal according to Verbal Commits.
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