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  1. Non-UND FCS Thread

    OK, let's restate that: NDSU's 2 best wins trump USD's three best wins. Wins can not be summed in that way. Two, or even one, quality win can easily trump 3.
  2. Non-UND FCS Thread

    I don't agree. Back to my original point. Wins over two current top ten FCS teams on the road trumps anything USD has done. Stop with the Sagarin nonsense.
  3. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Just stop it. You're trying to say that beating one bad team is better than beating another bad team. In the real world that's just not true. IMO, that's a principal weakness of computer rankings.
  4. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Switch the four poor teams on the two team's schedules around and both teams would still be 6-0. That's the point.
  5. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Again, you're comparing bad teams: Here are the comparisons that matter: YSU (road) > YSU (home win) EWU (road) ~ WIU (road)
  6. Non-UND FCS Thread

    That just rehashes the same thing I objected to in the first place. USD gets more credit for beating bad teams than does NDSU.
  7. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Interesting that you would say that I'm ignoring other factors when you haven't mentioned any factors other than Sagarin (until this post of course).
  8. Non-UND FCS Thread

    And BTW - have you done the same "this year" comparison for every one of USD and NDSU's opponents and recalculated USD and NDSU's SOS based on that?. If not, at you're back at square one.
  9. Non-UND FCS Thread

    I've already explained that. USD gets more credit for beating the poor teams on its schedule than does NDSU. That was my point in the first place.
  10. Non-UND FCS Thread

    No, if Sagarin is an objective measure of SOS, then it is an objective measure of a team's "resume." Again, you're misusing Sagarin. It can't mean something when comparing two team's opponents but mean nothing when comparing those teams directly.
  11. Non-UND FCS Thread

    You're fixated on Sagarin, not me. All other polls and ratings also have NDSU above USD. And those I've seen have EWU above WIU.
  12. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Road win over YSU makes that win better than USD's win over YSU. Again, you can't use Sagarin ratings that way. BTW - you're now claiming that WIU is significantly better than the best team in the Big Sky.
  13. Non-UND FCS Thread

    As I said before, NDSU and USD both beat up on 4 bad teams. It makes no difference if the four bad teams USD happened to have on the schedule were marginally better than the four that NDSU played. What does matter is that the two good wins on NDSU's resume are better than USD's.
  14. Non-UND FCS Thread

    You're really grasping at straws here. The term "resume," as you're using it, is meaningless unless it can be used as an overall rating of that team, and then be compared directly to other teams. To say that a team can be rated higher but have a poorer "resume" in the same rating system is just silly.
  15. Non-UND FCS Thread

    Sagarin ratings either mean something or they don't. If you can use them to compare the quality of two team's opponents, you can also use them to compare those teams directly. Sagarin says that NDSU has a better resume than USD, that's the whole point of the ratings.