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  1. Actually the WAC FBS scenario only lasted about a year with SV. Before that it was an NCAA rule change that would allow the Big Sky to move up to FBS on its own, and before that it was the Sun Belt that would transform the Big Sky schools to FBS. I may be forgetting a scenario or two along the way. SV will never give up on spinning new myths as each myth is proven wrong.
  2. Huh? What does any of this have to do with your knowing nothing about the WAC's magic-wand ability to create FBS schools until everyone had heard the story? It's your MO, when you're proven wrong move on to the next wild misrepresentation as if you'd known what you were talking about all along.
  3. Does that surprise you? IIRC, SiouxVolley knew nothing about the WAC's supposed magic wand ability to create FBS schools until it was discussed publicly in Idaho's athletics study. Then he jumped on it as if it had been part of his predictions all along.
  4. Looks like your boogeyman, Gene Taylor, got a new job. I guess K-State doesn't share your opinions about his integrity.
  5. OK, but so what? Without some sort of proof, there again is nothing either reasonable or logical about SV's assumption that the MVC would only consider schools w/o a men's tennis program.
  6. Are you really suggesting that the MVC would not extend a bid to an otherwise qualified and desirable school simply because that school has a men's tennis program?
  7. Sure, but that's because there are fewer players on a basketball team. Three players is 60% of the starters on a BB team. How good would a football team with 13 "dudes", as you put it, and a bunch of adequate players for the level be? I'd say that would be a pretty damn good team. The same is probably true of most team sports.
  8. Really? You think it's dumb to suggest that a league that has been strengthened considerably over a number of years can be better than it has been in the past? This is not the old MidCon. It has become a relatively compact conference, with good schools, and a number of traditional rivalries. Those are the ingredients of a fine Mid Major basketball conference. Again, I don't see why it has to stay a one-bid league.
  9. I don't see why the Summit has to stay a one-bid league.
  10. Agreed
  11. Well, that's exactly what US News did and they rated UND the #202 national university. It is what it is.
  12. I don't need to do any research on your aviation department. I already know its reputation. My point isn't that UND isn't a very fine school, or even that NDSU is better than UND, or USD, or SDSU. My point is that the statement that "it ain't close" is wrong.
  13. Here an quote from a a Letter to The Herald by former Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor at UND, Dr. Michael Anderegg. It's old (2001), but I think it sums up your attitude and the current attitude of many UND supporters well: "Ever since arriving at UND some 28 years ago, I have heard much talk about the excellence of UND as an educational institution. Much of this talk was naïve and ill-informed, based on little more than wishful thinking..." Your suggestion that UND is much better than its regional competitors (I believe you used the phrase "it ain't even close") is exactly the sort of talk Dr. Anderegg referred to as "naïve and ill-informed" 16 years ago. Some things never change. BTW - Do some research into NDSU's Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials.
  14. “That needs to be historic,” Faison said of the Nickel Trophy. “We’ll recognize it appropriately. Moving forward, that won’t be part of the new series.” Faison said the Nickel Trophy will be retired and likely displayed somewhere on campus.