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  1. UND to cut women's hockey

    Hmmm. I'll be curious to see if this gold medal creates any real traction...outside of message boards...to bring back women's hockey. I fall in the bring it back group. Yes, we are a hockey school. Yes, it is about little North Dakota girls dreams. I'm just not into impassioned pleading over it on a message board. I just hope it happens. But, I'm doubtful it will. Been wrong before though...
  2. Olympic Hockey

    It won't matter. The folks that doped up a curler (why?) surely have doped up their "banned" hockey team. Go Germany!
  3. SIU Athletics: $26 million in the hole

    They should drop women's hockey.
  4. Ditto. It's the Fighting Hawks now. That's the way it is going to be. Let the school, the students, the community embrace it. It doesn't mean you can't wear Fighting Sioux gear. But, suck it up and let them enjoy the new name. JHC, once more about the new nickname - grow up and get over it. I have my Sioux gear, but I'm getting sick of this BS. It's embarrassing. One more thing. I cheer for the University of North Dakota at intercollegiate sporting events. They are now the Fighting Hawks. It doesn't change the fact that I have cheered and will continue to cheer for the University of North Dakota.
  5. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Crow eating time...
  6. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Here is what really happened.
  7. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    It's tougher to win when you don't have a bounty on the other team's quarterback, isn't it?
  8. We're a hockey school. We should have kept the women's hockey program. You are what you is. Dropping the program may have been a financially sound decision, but the fallout over the decision is understandable. Using cheap political posturing on either side is ridiculous.
  9. Carson Wentz taking Philly by storm

    Wentz is a North Dakota kid. Yeah, he's got my support. I don't care if he went to NDSU. Hope he comes back next year and continues to tear it up. In the meantime, Foles better enjoy his single (probably) playoff game. Philly isn't the same team without Wentz.
  10. What do you think of the logo now??

    True confessions time. I broke down and bought a Fighting Hawks hoodie on Black Friday at Scheels in Fargo. I wasn't intending on it, but it just had the logo and didn't have the words "Fighting Hawks" on it. baby steps....
  11. Drugs Are Bad Mmmkay

    Here in Colorado, I think we should legalize the sale and possession of recreational marijuana. Oh, wait.... Never mind.
  12. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Union - SATURDAY Gameday

    !#$!#&% That's all I have to say.
  13. SDSU Aztec Mascot to be retired.

    Thus, the hypocrisy of the NCAA. If you are bringing in enough $$$, a white guy can wear fake native American garb and make up , and thrust a spear in the ground on a horse while the fans chant a racist as hell war chant and thrusting arms in "tomahawk" unison. Boy, I'm glad we quit doing that. Oh, wait....WE NEVER DID!!! OK. I swear I'm over it.
  14. SDSU Aztec mascot to be retired I'm pretty much over the loss of Fighting Sioux and I have no opinion either way about this, but I though I'd share.
  15. What the hell is going on?

    I heard there would be winning...