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  1. former players

    I initially heard he was likely going to be allowed to play in the WJC, but now I see they officially said he can't play in that.
  2. New Offsides review rule

    They also don't know when they missed an offside call, which is really the purpose of the whole "defending team gained possession" rule change. So if a goal is scored, they'll review the tape going backwards until they either see the defending team gaining possession, or the attacking team enter the zone, either onside or offside. Then they'll know if it's a good goal or not. I would guess in most cases zone time isn't really all that long. The situation in last year's tournament game was definitely the exception rather than the rule, in that we held the zone for a long time before the goal was scored. And even that wouldn't take more than a minute to review to see if the other team gained possession during that time. It's only during a challenge that this looked at, anyway.
  3. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - SATURDAY Gameday

    Yes! Please!
  4. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Broncos - FRIDAY Gameday

    I heard that, too, and laughed.
  5. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    "A few years back" It was actually 16 years ago. It was the 01-02 season when Josh Siembida was brought in.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Union - FRIDAY Gameday

    Did a Union guy just dive on the puck in open ice and cover it for no reason?
  7. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Union - FRIDAY Gameday

    You're way ahead of me on NCHC.tv. How are you watching the game?
  8. GO WILD

    Care to revise your opinion? If nothing else, the officiating for tonight's Wild game rivals the quality of officiating on Saturday night in Denver.

    Thank you

    What was the result of the review?
  11. NORTH DAKOTA @ DU - FRIDAY Gameday

    This game is eerily similar to last night's Wild/Preds game.... Just sayin...
  12. NORTH DAKOTA @ DU - FRIDAY Gameday

    That was two years ago. Anybody who would have committed due to that team would still be in high school or juniors.
  13. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    Root definitely didn't allow it. Denver's contract with Root Sports was in place before the NCHC formed and Root had exclusive rights to the broadcasts. I don't know about Altitude.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Redhawks - SATURDAY Gameday

    The ruling was that the goalie had the puck covered and was pushed into the net. I admit I was staring at the puck during the replays and not paying attention to who was making contact with Larkin.
  15. NORTH DAKOTA vs. miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    I was ready to downvote you, until I realized you were quoting yourself.