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  1. Let Dave Tippet be head coach. He's got more experience. Hak can assist.
  2. The Blues/Avs game tonight is the NHL.TV Free Game today.
  3. Oh, you're talking about the grandkid Lou, not grandpa Lou. That's quite a difference. I assumed "the" Lou Nanne was stepping away from all things hockey, and that didn't make sense to me.
  4. I've been thinking about this since Friday. I'm totally OK with reviewing for offsides, but like you said, only if the goal was scored on a rush. I'd like to see a time limit set on how far back they can go to look for offsides. For example, if the puck entered the zone more than five or ten seconds prior to the goal being scored (which is a lot of time when you're talking about a line rush), and the linesman called it onside, then it shouldn't be allowed to be overturned. Obviously Hoff being two inches further too far forward on zone entry didn't affect the outcome of the play considering how much play went on between zone entry and goal score, but it cost us the game even though during the flow of game play the linesman said it was ok. I understand why they called it the way they did and I won't complain about it, because they called it by the rule book. But in the same way they changed the "crease violation" rule after the 2003 (I think) National Championship game, I think this rule needs to be looked at.
  5. Source?
  6. Parallax has nothing to do with Hoff being over the line. The only way for him to have been not across the line but still appear across the line would be if his skate was lifted up. Still offsides.
  7. Enough for the refs apparently.
  8. Played at Michigan, I think
  9. 3:00 eastern. Noon pacific.
  10. Were they napping during intermission? They look really slow right now.
  11. Yup, North Dakota is "basically home", but the XCel Energy Center is always a neutral site. Solid logic there.
  12. As usual, an overtime lacrosse game right before something we all want to watch.
  13. My baby no. 2 is why I'm not going tomorrow. She was supposed to show up March 14th so I didn't buy tickets, but decided February 18th was a better time to be born. Plus I went to the high school tournament last weekend. I'll probably be at the game on Saturday, though, regardless of what time it is. Although an evening game would certainly be easier to go to.
  14. Refs don't know what they're doing, either.
  15. Well, the audio people still don't know what they're doing.