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  1. Enough for the refs apparently.
  2. Played at Michigan, I think
  3. 3:00 eastern. Noon pacific.
  4. Were they napping during intermission? They look really slow right now.
  5. Yup, North Dakota is "basically home", but the XCel Energy Center is always a neutral site. Solid logic there.
  6. As usual, an overtime lacrosse game right before something we all want to watch.
  7. My baby no. 2 is why I'm not going tomorrow. She was supposed to show up March 14th so I didn't buy tickets, but decided February 18th was a better time to be born. Plus I went to the high school tournament last weekend. I'll probably be at the game on Saturday, though, regardless of what time it is. Although an evening game would certainly be easier to go to.
  8. Refs don't know what they're doing, either.
  9. Well, the audio people still don't know what they're doing.
  10. I guess I didn't add that I didn't have to pay to send them. Target Center paid for the shipping costs. As for Timberwolves tickets, I wouldn't waste my time going to an NBA game, but something like a discount on my own Frozen Faceoff tickets would have been a nice consolation.
  11. I contacted Target Center and it turns out it was another person with the same name as me. They said they recently switched ticketing systems and in the process my account and his must have gotten merged together incorrectly. The strange thing is, instead of Target Center canceling the tickets I had and reissuing new ones, or having me send them back to Target Center, he actually had me send them directly to the guy who bought them. Unfortunately, it was a Hermantown, MN address, so likely a UMD fan. Oh well, he's the one who paid $525. He should get the tickets.
  12. I also just got Frozen Faceoff tickets in the mail. Four sets. The only thing is, I didn't buy them. I can't find a charge on any of my credit cards, but here they are with my name on them. Not only that, but they also had the wrong address on the FedEx envelope. It was a house number down the street so my neighbor brought them over. Has this happened to anybody else?
  13. You think the kids on the ice are the only ones who are part of the team? I guarantee you every one of the players would tell you otherwise.
  14. Maybe it was the WWE talk.
  15. So he's got the offer for an in-person meeting with the Department of Player Safety. What does that mean right now? Does he get to keep playing until he meets with them and they make their ruling? How does that all work?