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  1. How many position coaches under the age of 35 stay at one school for longer than 2-3 years? I'm not saying we pay enough for the position (more $$$ = better candidates)...but guys in these positions move on for multiple reasons...a better opportunity, to be closer to family, or out of coaching (can make more money quicker in private business). If we have position coaches that are happy just being position coaches...then I'm of the belief that we have the wrong types of people on our coaching staff!
  2. I'd personally put the recipe to NDSU strength success as a combination of better quality athletes coming in and a strong culture that doesn't allow for mediocrity. That being said, if NDSU was actually "pushing the envelope" (for all you Bison rubes I wholeheartedly don't believe they are from a program level)...then why aren't we?? If you're not cheating you're not trying...Do we sleep better at night going 5-6 and doing things "the right way"?!?
  3. Secondhand knowledge I've gleaned from some former Bison football players...but I'm surprised NDSU hasn't created an endowment to fund Jim Kramer's salary at a P5 level...he's quite impressive...and the results do speak for themselves! Also...I know where a lot of our people stand regarding our guy...and I think the results speak for themselves at times too...
  4. Looking at realistic types of targets for the RB coach opening...I'd be pretty happy with a guy like this... Ryan Olson - Running Backs - Football Coaches - Grand Valley State University Athletics (gvsulakers.com) - Comes from a successful D2 program in GVSU that finished top 15 in rushing yards in D2 last year. - Coaching experience in the FBS at EMU - Playcalling experience at the D2 level - Coaching experience at a successful NSIC D2 in our recruiting area There are likely others with this resume or better...but this type of resume should be the minimum expectation.
  5. That wasn't the question I answered...it was "how will they be next year?" As to your question...As far as FBS goes...I have a feeling that so long as they maintain their speed/strength advantage over an opponent...they'll be fine. To me they look a lot like Michigan (albeit Michigan is a higher level team). Michigan was pretty dang good this year...until they ran into Georgia! If the talent level is equal or better...NDSU will win most of their games (given 22 more scholarships). Pretty generic answer...I know. But football boils down to talent and athleticism. NDSU generally has more of it than the opponents they line up against due to superior recruiting and player development.
  6. Not an NDSU guy at all...but look in the trenches and that'll tell you how things will go for them. I have no reason to believe that they'll be any worse...but I'm pretty uninformed!
  7. THIS RIGHT HERE!!! FBS Schools are doing it to us...why not move on down the food chain?!? For the record I've seen our coaches following a fair number of portal athletes on twitter...if a player can help us win...we'd be foolish not to do a deep dive!
  8. 1 - Classically speaking...I'm with you here. That's how I view it as well...but I'm now a believer that many modern athletes don't view things this way. It may just lead to the downfall of several teams and maybe even the game in general...but it is what it is at this point...and we aren't putting that genie back in the bottle unfortunately. I will say that maybe the majority of athletes don't leave the game "crippled"...but how many can say that after their college career is over they haven't had a single surgery? How many can wake up in the morning and not feel a bit of pain that reminds them of their "playing days"? To me that's putting your body on the line. My dad did that for 30+ years in his career...he did it for money...the kids do it for a scholarship (and maybe for their teammates and University "pride"). 2 - Agree with your take for the most part...but it's a whole lot more demanding than what a non-athlete faces in college. I get the value of a scholarship...I'd have loved one (I just lacked talent)...because I see the value of an education. I went to college with a lot of football players at UND who also saw its value, as they were often some of the best students. But not everyone on a football team feels that way...and I would guess there is a correlation between a student athlete's emphasis level on the word "student" and the probability they enter the transfer portal. Also...I don't really view flights/meals/lodging as a high end perk. Sure you might get to fly to Missoula, MT...but you're not sightseeing...it's going on the road to go to work. You hear coaches use that exact language often. 3 - I 100% agree with your thoughts here...but again this isn't how the world works. Would Otis Weah be getting sponsorship $$$ if it wasn't for a good OL blocking for him? Probably not...but sponsors are often pretty dumb here, and will pay the person who can exert influence on potential customers to use that product. It's not right...and it's not just...and it probably causes locker room issues in lots of places...but the world doesn't always function how it should. 4 - I'm 100% on board with this! We get used as a glorified JUCO by the FBS schools. I think the best we can hope for is to maximize our reputation as a place that players WANT to be at...and we should probably look to do the same thing with D2 or other FCS schools that the FBS and upper FCS schools do to us. Devon Krzanowski has been a nice pickup for us...we can probably find a few more guys like this if we are willing to look.
  9. 1 - I never made the connection of equating football players to soldiers/cops/etc...but you're telling me that football players don't put their bodies on the line? I guess career ending injuries that carry over into life after football NEVER happen... 2 - They get tuition...I get that. Free flights, lodging and meals are not really a fringe benefit. When you travel for a job...it's pretty customary that transportation/food/lodging are paid by your employer. 3 - Those poor teammates that don't get the high end NIL deals that work just as hard are learning a valuable life lesson...the cream rises to the top, and the talented people get paid. If you want to be part of that group...work for it! And if that's not enough...well sorry life isn't fair. 4 - Regarding the "investment" made by the school...this is no different than any business in the country right now. Hire an employee, train them...and then they up and leave. It's the world we live in today...and I don't think we're going back. People break contracts in the real world all the time. I'm not saying I like it...but it happens. Also...I'm pretty sure we aren't giving 4/5 year scholarships...it's a year to year agreement. The school can yank a kid's scholarship at any time...why shouldn't the kid have similar leverage? These kids should probably enjoy it now...their new found freedoms may likely kill college football as we know it...but at the same time the whole game seems to be built on who can build the biggest 8-9 figure war chest to pay coaches lavish salaries and build lavish buildings while providing the same benefit to the players that's been provided for decades...which isn't exactly a healthy business model to begin with. The genie isn't going back in the bottle here folks..."adapt or die" is a way of life. Bobby Petrino catches a lot of grief for his use of the transfer portal at MSU. Well the pre-Petrino Bears made the playoffs two times in program history. They're in for the second year in a row (2 in 3 years) and we are sitting at home. I don't really care how we get the players we need...but it would sure be nice to be in Grand Forks for a playoff game this weekend!
  10. Why shouldn't athletes be able to capitalize on their notoriety for profit? Why shouldn't athletes be allowed similar freedoms regarding who employs their services that coaches get? I'm a card carrying conservative North Dakotan...but college football players put their bodies on the line for us for twelve fall Saturdays (and several other days for practice/training)...and for most of us our relationship with the athlete ends on those Saturdays...if they can better themselves in that four or five year period then I don't have a problem with that. We need to find a way to be the "better option" for athletes at other schools just the same!
  11. It's a new era in football recruiting/roster retention. I get what those of you who are saying that we shouldn't build a team using the portal mean...but the damn portal is going to destroy teams if we sit back and do nothing. Gotta match inflows and outflows...if talent is available that can help us win...go for it...because you never know who's going to be left when the dust settles anymore! And I don't blame kids for betting on themselves and leaving either...life's short...if you are willing to bet on yourself then I think you should! We need to adapt with the changing times...
  12. These 2021 numbers are absolutely putrid...no way around that! I saw someone put it on Schuster...how many red zone interceptions has he thrown? It's an honest question...as we seem to fumble a lot inside the 20 (Maag has been particularly prone). It's a team sport...and there's plenty of blame to go around...whether it be skill players not hanging on to the football, quarterbacks making bad decisions, a scheme that's easier to stop when space gets tight, or an offensive line that can't grind out the tough yards when everyone in the building knows what's coming. It needs to be significantly better next year...or we'll have a record that's likely worse than 5-5 at this point in the 2022 season.
  13. Not an esteemed football mind by any means...but I feel like if we think that...opposing D-Coordinators do to...then they overplay. It's why the option call worked so well for us...we gave a look as if we were running an inside zone play, and countered back to the right on the option. The right DE for WIU was sucked in and slipped...Tommy pitched early so he didn't have to take a hit (probably smart) and Weah trucked his way in. The counter action fooled the defense and made them look kind of dumb. We don't seem to run a whole lot of counter-type run plays...and maybe we need to do more of that in my woefully-uninformed opinion.
  14. I think what many people are overlooking here is that games are won and lost up front. On Saturday, our offensive line got us 200+ yards rushing, limited penalties, and kept the QBs on their feet (albeit against a bottom tier MVFC team). When that happens...this offense looks pretty dang good! We still struggled in the red zone though...and that's because we couldn't generate enough push to knock WIU off the ball when everyone knew what was coming. We often have to resort to "smoke and mirrors" to get it done inside the 20. That is the single greatest limiting factor I see in our offense right now, and it's not totally unexpected with youth and inexperience moving into starting roles. That should continue to improve as they season. Tommy can fake a handoff and throw the ball 40 yards downfield...which is about all we ever ask of a QB in going deep. He made a throw to Richter on Saturday that was right where it needed to be (and Richter made a great adjustment to it). But with Maag not really being able to factor into the offense, our ability to stretch the field is SEVERELY limited right now. We need to address that in a big way through recruiting/development if we want to take the next step. The throw Tommy probably can't make is the 20 yard frozen rope into a window or a deep out route. I'm not going to knock him too badly for it...outside of a couple of generational QB's at the farm school...there are a lot of FCS level QB's that can't make that throw. This team will go as far as it's offensive line takes them in my opinion. We looked damned good this spring when we were rushing for 275+ every game. If we can get back to consistent 225+ yards per game on the ground, we will be just fine!
  15. I get that it came at a bad time (and it was definitely a bad time)...but we're being awfully critical of a guy who threw 1 interception...which came on a bang bang play when he was trying to make something happen. The proper play would have probably just been to eat it and kick the field goal...but there's no guarantee we make that either. It hurt a lot...but I'm gonna cut Tommy some slack here...those things happen to all QBs. I think this team is really missing a healthy Maag...we need a physical big bodied receiver to step up...and I'm not convinced that Richter is athletic enough to do it (if he is he needs to show it).
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