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  1. I think a large part of that issue was the "Jimmy's and Joe's", not the "X's and O's" on the defense. Specifically the lack of a dominating nose guard to eat up space and blockers to allow our inside linebackers to make plays. When we had that in 2016...we were salty! I personally would like to see us transition to a 4-3 scheme since I believe it's easier to recruit to. That being said, Bubba is a defensive guy. I'll defer to his pick as long as we recruit better to the scheme that we are going to be employing.
  2. UND08

    2020 FB Recruiting

    No offense...but I don't think the ice is thick enough for Bubba and company to take that kind of attitude. I guarantee you that if we start turning away athletes that can help our team because they stood us up for a better offer when they were 17 years old (and FBS is better)…then we'll be looking for a new coach and blowing things up in the next year or two...and if that's what you want to see happen...then why wait?!? I guarantee you this...if we enter the MVFC with the same attitude toward recruiting and player development that we have now...we will get our @$$es handed to us on a silver platter regularly...we need to get bigger, faster, stronger across the board...and if a decent-character guy can help us do that...then I'm all for it at this point!
  3. UND08

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Ya know what I think would be good for the program? WINNING...and generally you need talented players to win consistently and at a high level. Again...I don't think we are in a position to turn down a good player with no baggage if he decides he wants to be here...just my two cents though!
  4. UND08

    2020 FB Recruiting

    I don't know about you...but after watching the 2019 season it's pretty dang clear to me that we could use talent upgrades at pretty much every position! If the kid is of good character and can play...I say let bygones be bygones and bring him back if he's at all interested! I don't think we are in a position to snub our noses over some sour grapes due to the fact that the kid got an FBS offer 4 days before signing day and took it. I mean...I love UND...but if I was a high school qb and got an offer from an FBS program...I'd have absolutely taken it!
  5. UND08

    Playoff Time

    I've been tough on this team and the coaching staff this year...and I think my complaint still stands regarding the lack of any kind of consistency and the ability to put together a complete 60 minute effort in all three phases of the game. That being said...they did what they had to do and got their name called yesterday...and I'm pumped! I watched the Nicholls/SELA game last week...and I feel good about our chances if we play the way that we are capable of playing of beating the Colonels (while I'm also mindful that a sloppy effort will result in a very disappointing Saturday). If we can beat the Colonels and play NDSU tougher than we did in September...I'll consider this year to be a success, while hoping we can continue to build going forward (and not have a 2017-esque setback).
  6. They lost to Ole Miss by 11...now if you put NDSU and Ole Miss on the same field I think we all know how that would go...but I'm sure the committee will look at that and give them more credit for it than we'll get for our NDSU effort...
  7. The way I see it...UND and SELA have each won once against a solidly "in the field" playoff team: UND over Montana State SELA over Central Arkansas Neither team has a common opponent...I'd say that UND has the better wins, but also definitely has the worst loss...and SELA has an FBS loss that was competitive. The UND Football 360 guys called me "Mr. Negative" last night after the SELA loss...but when I try to look at this objectively...I don't feel very good about our odds if it comes down to these two teams for one spot. That doesn't mean we don't get in...but I don't think we get in over SELA...but who knows when it comes to a committee! Also...this is all moot if UND lays an egg tomorrow. I don't know about you guys...but I was in Flagstaff last year...and the bad taste from that game is still there for me. I take NOTHING for granted with this team...
  8. So they schedule a Valpo-esque team instead of NDSU and make the playoffs this year? Great! Then what...this team hasn't given me any reason to believe that we can do any kind of damage in the bracket. But I guess if we are just happy to make the field...then that's great! Besides we already had a cupcake game on the schedule in Pocatello (and we all know how that turned out). In all honesty what we should have done for 2019 is scheduled another Pioneer League team AND an FBS instead of NDSU. If you're going to lose that game anyway...we might as well get paid well to do so and not have it be counted against us. That way we'd be 8-4 with an FBS loss (8-3 FCS) and in solid position. But again would that have made us any better of a team this year? In my opinion the answer is no...
  9. UND08

    Coaching staff

    This is literally what hedge funds and the like do all the time in almost any business. Maybe ForumComm's end goal is to keep the 3-5 people worth keeping (Schloss, Miller, etc.) bring them over to the Forum as Grand Forks writers...and shut the Herald down. I don't know if that's their goal...but if the Herald can't be run profitably it very well could be.
  10. UND08

    Coaching staff

    A couple of thoughts that I had after reading the article and the discussion about it here: As far as the content and the message is concerned...I have no qualms about any of its content. Like others have said here, it's a topic that's very much out in the open both on this board and social media...it makes sense to me that the print media would get in on the discussion. Regarding the posting of the contract. That's pretty common nowadays as their web capabilities continue to develop. I doubt that it was in the print version, but posting a pdf copy of it is pretty easy to do nowadays. I hate McFeely...but Hammersmith was absolutely right. He's a gadfly...and whatever he can do to get a rise out of people...he'll do. I guess we should feel honored that he thought the plight of UND football was a worthy enough topic to divert him from his daily Republican bashing. Either that or it was just a slow news day... Fargo definitely gets favored over Grand Forks by Forum Comm...and from a business standpoint it makes sense, as Fargo is their hub and largest market. It's unfortunate...but it's probably not going to change.
  11. UND08

    Coaching staff

    And at that point of the season...you'll be able to evaluate his "under pressure play-calling abilities"...but for now he seems to be getting the job done just fine! That being said...I agree with others here that Roehl isn't coming here at any time. I for one hope that if a change is made that we cast a really wide net to find the best possible candidate...whomever that may be! Maybe more important...when that candidate is found...I hope the athletic department can find the resources to provide the tools needed for that candidate to succeed!
  12. UND08

    Coaching staff

    All of this...and yet NDSU still ran for 347 yards and scored 46 points in beating the #10 team in the country by 32... It doesn't matter how many people can predict a play when you're opponent still can't stop it...Execution > Creativity in my book!
  13. UND08

    2019 Fall Camp

    I saw this today and was wondering who #93 was as well?!?
  14. What section do UND fans sit in for this one? The ticket website showed a lot of the stadium as GA...but I'm not so sure that's right and I want to make sure I'm around some friendly faces...
  15. I went back and did some digging today. Factoring out the bodybag game each year, if you compare what we've done offensively in 2018 (9 games - exclude UW) to what we did in 2001 (exclude UMC - difference being we were a big fish in 2001 vs being a smaller fish this year) we average exactly 0.25 points per game this year less than we did in the year we won the 2001 D2 title (30.70 vs 30.44). We also had Cameron Peterka in 2001, which further puts things into perspective in my mind. Now before anyone gets after me too badly know that I share a lot of the same frustrations with our playcalling that many of you do, and I'd be fine with seeing Rudy move on. That being said...I remember a lot of "first one to 20, grind it out" type of games in the Lennon era...and Bubba is a disciple of that style of ball...so this doesn't surprise me much. That said, there are three cardinal sins that are glowingly apparent in my mind to this point: 1 - Lack of a kicker - We aren't going to be an explosive offense with our philosophy (despite Jack Michaels' thoughts in the pregame video). When you aren't explosive, you are going to have some drives stall...and not having an adequate kicker has hurt. I believe that plays out in our redzone stats this year. I believe poor kicking costs us 3-5 points per game. That being said...finding a good kicker is easier said than done sometimes (I mean LSU had to go to a non-scholarship D2 school to find a grad transfer kicker)...and I think Leech can do it...but he needs to be pushed by someone next year...the staff needs to bring another leg in. 2 - Poor special teams in general - Glaringly obvious. Opponent starting field position is too good and our punt protection is amongst the worst I've ever seen at the college level. That's unacceptable and change needs to happen yesterday. Nothing anyone on this board doesn't already know... 3 - Utilization of John Santiago - The staff moved him to running back as a true freshman...and it worked out GREAT! That being said...he's not a fit for what they want to do now, and there is nothing wrong with that. He was recruited as a slot...that's where he should be playing in this offense. To use him as they have most of the last couple years has been borderline criminal. I (unfortunately) caught the end of last night's MNF game, and I saw Saquon Barkley run an angle route, catch the ball 5 yards downfield, make 2 guys miss 20 yards downfield and hurdle a defender to set up their winning score. In my head I immediately saw John Santiago doing that same exact thing! I wish I'd see more of that...but I've come to the realization that I won't...and that disappoints me. All this said, we are 6-4, and one bad fumble by Oliviera vs Idaho State and a Special Teams debacle vs Idaho away from being 8-2. This year seems to feel a lot like 2016, without any luck going our way. No matter what happens...the athletic department can't afford to fire Bubba this year, unless a few of the posters on here are going to write the buyout check. It's been a mixed bag, but I'll still take this over the Mussman days! Hope we play well this weekend and get in...I'll be in Phoenix so I plan to make the trip up to Flagstaff. Go UND!
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