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  1. Sad deal I enjoyed watching their games OTA. Will miss these ones too:/
  2. I may have missed it but does Dave have multiple personalities or was he just booted and created another account?
  3. Guys guys guys Dave is watching these games in 320p in his moms basement 27" tube book shelf tv. He can't tell the difference between fleury and Murray you can't blame the guy!
  4. These games in nashville are so fun to watch with the crowd involvement. Simmer on CBC just called it college-like.
  5. I don't mind the delay on the roku as I think it goes hand in hand with the improved picture quality I've experienced (less buffering as well). I for one hope they leave well enough alone!
  6. I know that I will be staying home during the frozen face off (regardless if und is there or not) and saving that money to spend in Sioux Falls at the regional(as long as und qualifies) due to my disinterest of going downtown Minneapolis and to the target center.
  7. None of them!
  8. No! I don't think he has publicly mislead anyone.
  9. Good points but because they disagree with the decision doesn't mean that it makes the lies that they are publicly spewing ok. I mean do they think they are our president or something?!
  10. Didn't they hear there was an announcement that afternoon? And What happened to the NCAA policy preventing teams from having organized practices prior to the season beginning?
  11. I'm sure this has already been stated but Idalski's contract had also yet to be renewed. Knowing the school had to cut about $2 million in annual expenses from athletics, the title 9 lawyers, and knowing his contract had yet to be renewed, he and the team had to have a good idea. I suspect their timely practice was intentionally planned to add drama.
  12. Hey Jim, looks like it's not updated yet after last nights games.
  13. Are un-called dirty season ending hits from behind also part of the college game? No no wonder why we have guys leaving early. How about blatant runs on a goalie that can't defend himself? I say F Duluth and F sandelin. Hope they fail miserably tonight.
  14. In the lamoreaux twins world, money must grow on trees. How do I get accepted into this world!? Also where was all of this support when the women's team was losing $2mil plus per year?
  15. Sorry misunderstood ya! I thought you meant he was out recruiting for the USA hockey team!