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  1. How many has the MVC lost the last couple years?
  2. I look forward to the investigation. Feel UND did their homework here. I'm hoping when it's done they release a nice summary of numbers and explain why UND is in compliance. Maybe some comparisons to area schools so the people out there on a witch hunt really understand how in compliance UND was.
  3. It would make a lot of sense based on location. Best of luck to him. What could have been here.
  4. So he will be back than like the last kid that left the team with people in his ear
  5. He likely only is transferring here until June. Length of current contract since nothing has been announced publicly.
  6. Now I'm confused, now it's not important?
  7. Defense pinned their ears back last week and got into the backfield. It showed up in the sack dept but they did get beat on a couple end arounds and some cut back plays. Need to play fast but also be a bit dicplined. I'm not overly concerned yet. Season still hinges on the OL next year.
  8. We did and it didn't happen as often as we would have liked. Made things difficult. I don't think that was Any of the Dakota schools loss other than UND.
  9. The women's team should have understood that results drive attendance. Just because UND supports the men's program does not mean they were entitled to anything. Still don't understand how this caught anyone off guard.
  10. Personally im not sure NDSU is ready to pay their basketball coach more than their football coach. I think the MVFC schools know that I don't think the money is there to do so. It's just my opinion. There is some cuts coming in May to the athletic dept. Just cause the Forum refuses to ask the questions doesn't mean the money tree is growing on campus. I also think basketball attendance will fall in the MVC unless they invest like the top half of the schools in the MVC. I think any of the Dakota schools would be a great addition to the MVC. If they invested their resources appropriately they would be very competitive.
  11. Budget cuts will be coming for NDSU athletics in May. Are hey really going to jump to a league where they will have to fly everywhere and increase all coaches salries to be above top half? Ill guess no. If they do more power to them. Leaving a one bid league for a more expensive other.
  12. Very favorable schedule remaining.
  13. Soon the women on the team who choose to play elsewhere will be posting where they may be heading. That will be the next string of tweets and retweets. Anything else will be repeated of the talking points above.
  14. Paid attendance is differenet than butts in seat attendance. Was 209 the number who bought tickets or the number that showed up?
  15. Pretty interesting tweet from a recently departed player from FU Lots of comments about coach/player relationships there Not saying I agree or disagree but obviously was within the program and does not think real highly of current staff https://mobile.twitter.com/BCarlton6/status/853347211278680065/photo/1