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  1. What a non conference schedule so far.
  2. The loss of Harris impacts this game more than the addition of Carrington. You don't just replace an All-American corner regardless of who they may cover.
  3. Yes. Not real uncommon at universities with a couple major sports.
  4. WR that was just kicked out of Oregon?? http://www.espn.com/blog/college-football-rumors/post/_/id/8910/rumor-central-teams-interested-in-former-oregon-wr-darren-carrington
  5. I think their goal of posing nude was getting people to talk about them.
  6. He'd still be eligible but very unlikely to be drafted coming off an injury like that. Scouts will want to see game action to show he hasn't lost a step when/if he comes back.
  7. My opinion is EWU is in for a long year. You don't replace he three WR they did and two OCs. They could surprise me but I predict 6-5
  8. Some of the changes they could make would require more effort than they would money.
  9. If Blair added some weight, #4 could be solid.
  10. Having Grady back allows Mat Cox to slide inside where I think he is better. Only question mark for me on the oline is the guard opposite Taylor, being able to throw Cox into that mix makes the competition better.
  11. Any guesses at where he ends up? EWU? http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/20057331/oregon-ducks-dismiss-darren-carrington-dui-arrest
  12. This is what I am thinking. Lots of good players and tough to pick a #1 but it would be even more difficult to leave Cole out of the top 15.
  13. Tough seeing Bryson McCabe on that list. I thought we had a good chance with him out of JUCO. He has to be regretting the MtSt decision. Him and Reyes in the same secondary would have been so legit.
  14. They will be better this year than last year and again a borderline playoff team. Need to stop the QB sweep. Either them or us starting 1-2 isn't good but someone will be in that spot. Big game.
  15. Studs needs to be consistent all year for me to really believe this. He seemed to play better last year when we picked up the tempo.