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  1. ^^^^^this. Add a section. Reserved spots assigned. Reserved spots not assigned. Nonreserved. Push the tailgate ally and kids games further south and spread the reserved spots assigned more east to west. Get the dedicated tailgate rigs upfront where people see them walking in.
  2. I don't think there is a right or wrong way to do it if you trust your staff and evaluation process. On the flip side having a kid on campus for three days isn't bad either. Dan has been whining for a week about UNDs being right before NDSUs and the kids who will take part in both. All the while UND has been doing one day elite camps for years along with a number of other camps that offer a chance to evaluate.
  3. One would sure think the "Vice President of student affairs and diversity" could absorb the responsibilities of the associate "Vice President of diversity and inclusion". Important topic but a good opportunity for $$$ savings to reassess the dept.
  4. What's your point? It's still starts the day after. Why are you so insecure about this?
  5. NDSU has theirs the day after. I would imagine a fair number will do both. If the camps are about giving kids opportunities than having two camps 70 mikes apart makes sense. Travel once, have two opportunities.
  6. I'm appalled that the women's golf coach is a sophomore while the men's coach is a freshman. How dare they have a rookie men's head golf coach. Thanks for pointing this out.
  7. Do what it takes to sell the tailgating spots to local businesses. lots of big businesses in Fargo but spots and let their employees manage them. One spot will bring 50-100 tailgaters. Not all go to the game but it just adds to the atmosphere. Find an an incentive to get them to purchase a spot.
  8. It would prove to me a 28 yr old fighter can beat up a 40 yr old fighter. Its a payday for both but like Pacquiao vs Mayweather should have taken place a couple years earlier.
  9. http://www.khq.com/story/35614000/ewu-offensive-coordinator-fred-salanoa-resigns-to-return-to-family-in-hawaii 3 O-coordinators in one offseason is not a good thing.
  10. General studies major is a tough one. How many schools offer masters programs in that?
  11. I think this rule helps justify not seeing redshirts used the past few years in basketball. Why save a fifth year you won't benefit from. Personally don't see Shanks or Bernstein being anymore than 7-8 options at where they transfer too
  12. Drinking at Judy's
  13. It could be argued signing Jones last year would have/could have been a Mussman extension mistake. Good for Jones earning an extension. I'm sure if there is another offer out there for him he could take it. Faison seems willing to roll those dice.
  14. Did she write the article? Im glad they learned to make decisions off facts and numbers and not off what feels good.
  15. You left out the next quote which gives more insight to what she means. "We're trying to pull together operating costs and deferred maintenance so we have a full picture. When we bring in stakeholders, we want to make the most productive use of their time and focus the conversation on reality."