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  1. Did she write the article? Im glad they learned to make decisions off facts and numbers and not off what feels good.
  2. You left out the next quote which gives more insight to what she means. "We're trying to pull together operating costs and deferred maintenance so we have a full picture. When we bring in stakeholders, we want to make the most productive use of their time and focus the conversation on reality."
  3. FU's talking head said it's a win/win for everyone. Hard hitting journalism by Kolpack. How is going from a lame duck coach to and interim coach a win? Wouldn't happen in any men's sport.
  4. I don't think having someone on the team makes it any more or less available to those who want to do it. Example needs to be set. This is the quickest way to derail success on the field.
  5. Him being eligible for this year tells me he always understood the value of education. Maybe he realized he has a real opportunity to make a career playing football if he puts in the work and wants to pursue it.
  6. No one said he will be playing immediately. He is eligible to play right away just like the rest.
  7. I hope we kick the !@#$ out of EWU come years end. Maurice's old position group runs for about 300.
  8. He still has to earn his spot like everyone else. He left the team to handle a personal matter that a few men his age (or older) run away from. Competition bu position makes a team better. I welcome him back.
  9. Hard to argue that he could have been our best o lineman on our best o line in recent memory. As a true freshman. We have seen what he can do. Our run game improved significantly when he was getting starters minutes a few years back.
  10. If he can shake the rust, now I'm feeling good about a healthy Stockwell, D. Taylor and Grady. Plenty of experience to fill the other two spots. We got something.
  11. You were foreshadowing and we missed it.
  12. Do you need an FBS conference invite or is it the preferred and costly way to do it? can you not move up and be an independent like Liberty?
  13. How many has the MVC lost the last couple years?
  14. I look forward to the investigation. Feel UND did their homework here. I'm hoping when it's done they release a nice summary of numbers and explain why UND is in compliance. Maybe some comparisons to area schools so the people out there on a witch hunt really understand how in compliance UND was.
  15. It would make a lot of sense based on location. Best of luck to him. What could have been here.