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Total Goals & Penalties pool


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OK anyone who guesses agrees, that the winner can pick a person (from the postees) to not post for a week :lol:

This is just for the Boston Game

I'll start with 12

This could be torture to some of the more Obsessed among us - Or a relief for others :lol:

In case of multiple winners they all get to pick one person

***I reserve the right to make other New Rules as this happens :lol:

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Fetch Blows the whistle & calls TIME OUT

this is for the Boston College game (Tonight on TV) :lol:

Time In

I think Siouxnami was brining up the fact that Boston College is actually a ruze because BC actually plays in Chest Nuthill, MA which is a suburb of Boston so that game technically isn't in Boston.

While I have you here I pick 21 and the sioux winning 5-4...

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