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  1. We got you beat already...tix for just the Gopher series in Grand Forks are $50/EACH!!!
  2. Mariucci Arena - Minneapolis, MN ... November 4 & 5
  3. Very well written ... thank you for sharing that with us.
  4. Bleedin' Green since birth . . . AND ALWAYS WILL ... SIOUX YEAH! YEAH!
  5. That's not a freakin' dream . . . it's a Nightmare. You don't live on Elm Street do you? ...
  6. Ever wonder what Toews would look like with a beard? Beard-A-Thon Sounds like a good cause ... I'm puttin' down the razor!!!!
  7. I guess I'm old school and think that talking about this is putting the cart before the horse . . . the Sioux have to win two games before they get to the FF . . . let's focus on the task at hand first.
  8. Check this out . . . Teen goalie designs pads to trick shots . . .
  9. Yeah ... Who would've thaught Bemidji would be a great warm-up for the gophers
  10. That was freakin' hilarious ... I was watching the game with a friend and when he was done rambling on about "hiding the nails" we were wondering if we were watching an episode of This Old House I was wondering if we were the only ones who had a good laugh at that After last weekend I didn't see this coming ... GO SIOUX!!
  11. If you are in Grand Forks and would like to see the eternal flame it is north of Twamley Hall . . .
  12. Do tell ... Who do you "rut" for? I'd love to know since you have such a solid grasp on the seasons of UND and St. Cloud.
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