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The Frozen Four experience


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The trip down:

left az at 6:30, flight delayed so hopped into a airport bar, though well at least i will get there sometime late and its not a thursday morning flight delayed ;) had a beer on the flight and watched entourage on DVD season 2....oh yeah, read half of the book the average american male, pretty bad language but i recommend it for sure!!

Arriving in St. Louis:

got off the plane at 12:30 am, ready to go in shorts and t-shirt, said oh crap its 30 degrees here, sweatpants and sweatshirt in less than a minute, greeted by 10 or so crazy sioux fans that arrived from other cities at same time. always a nice greeting. hopped in a cab with a big gopher fan who owns a bar on 1st avenue in minneaplolis, cant remember his name, im very bad with names.have to work on that for sure..nice guy bottom line, he was cheering for the wcha. got to the drury inn at 1 am or so. ordered a big azz pizza, man it was good. waited for my 3 friends driving from grand forks, 1 from bemidji. they arrived at 2 am, pizza took friken forever and they frogot my damn cheesebread so they enjoyed some hot pizza since it took 1 and 20 minutes to get the thing. threw a few beers back and called it a night.

The metrolink:

didnt use, just hoofed it and cabbed it

Thursday games:

ate by the drury inn at maggie o briens at 10 am, good place, nice bar, many hockey fans. cabbed it to al harboskys for pre game. met a few here that i have not met before. siouxnami who i know and others, tons of fun. drank mini pitchers and it was damn cold outside, hey, trust me your blood thins out in the first month you move here and its been 16 years so i can be a wussy if need be :D stayed for a about 3 hours, gettin tipsy. then jumped on the bus that took us to the game, maine vs state...well sat for a hout then went outside for my buddy to have a smoke, then saw a big sign that said WELCOME HOCKEY FANS and it was a huge beer tent. hang out there the whole rest of the 1st game and throw a few back. run into the gopher fan i shared a taxi with the night before so that was cool. take some pictures and then its game time. yeah, i will make this part short...oh yeah, we lost...dammmm, great seats.got beat, sh$% happens, great turnout by sioux fans.moving on..........went right back to hotel, yeah pretty bummed but im on a trip so need to go out. hit up maggie o briens again then came back and got my 2nd pizza from the same place and they screw up the stupid cheesebread order AGAIN....whatever i was so frken hungry, didnt care....


wake up and say to myself im gona fly back to az today, screw this, then think about it and remember the hobey baker ceremony so change my sunday flight to saturday instead of late friday to see duncs win the damn thing. sell our title game tickets hang at the fanfest all day, take pics with the hanson brothers for the movie slapshot :lol: ate at houlihans twice, dont ask why, just did it. got to the hilton, see duncs geting out of a car and get a quick photo before he has to go to the hobey trio autograph signing. make our way to the hobey ceremony, great time watching duncs win it. end up at the team hotel across the street of the hotel, chill with many sioux fans and many sioux player parents, mr kozek was a friken riot and fun as hell, porters family very very nice. millers as well. about 6 red bull vodkas deep, stumble in to the hotel lounge and run into some friends from bemidji and coach hakstol and company. hang and have a beer and then duncs come strolling in sitting wiht his dad. signs many more autographs and is nice as hell and says sorry for th 3rd time that day to us for not winning thursday vs bc. made it back to my hotel by 2 30 am after a nightcap at maggie o briens and ordered another pizza from the same place thats screwed me twice on cheesebread, this time i say screw the cheesebread, just give me the bigegst damn pizza you can make :D damn it was great again...passed out because i had to be in a taxi at 6:15 am to the airport.


tried to read the rest of my book but passed out on the plane, woke up landing in az, great time as always, sucks losing thursday for sure but you have to make the best always, learned that last season...

i have been to 5 frozen 4's in the last 8 years and 3 in row which seems unreal, my first ever was 2000, damn lucky to have a team that can get there this often, yeah we want number 8 for sure, im with everyone on that but when you step back and think about this tradition and team we get to watch every year, you go man this is sweet and we will have many more to come. its a great weekend and for anyone out there who hasnt been able to make one you have to do it next time the sioux make it, the fans are unbelievable and they are from anywhere in the country, COLLEGE HOCKEY is the theme EVERYWHERE and you cant top that for us that love sioux hockey. cant wait for DENVER next year..FIGHT ON SIOUXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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I enjoy reading these & there should be more

I have only been to several Final Fives & you wonder if the Frozen Four in Bigger places can be better

& if they are really worth the drives

So the Show me State likes to show off :lol:

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I got off work at 5p Friday. Drove 7 hours to Albuquerque. Normally it's only a 5 hour drive but traffic was detoured off the interstate. Don't know why. Took over an hour to go 15 miles and back onto the interstate where there was bumper to bumper traffic into Albuquerque. Slept fast in my hotel room. Up at 4:00am and was on time to catch my 6:30am flight to St. Louis. I arrived in St. Louis Saturday around 12:30P and left at 1:00P Sunday. I had a wonderful time!!! Spending time with good friends, making new ones and watching a good game of hockey was well worth the trip. It would have been so much better..... well, you know.

Thanks again to forecheck for the great ticket for the championship game!! We were behind and to the left of the goalie on the glass!! When I squinted just right, I could almost, almost pretend it was us on the ice. I was so excited that Michigan State won that I was banging on the glass. I was told by an usher to knock it off. He was nice about it.

After dinner Saturday night, we spent the rest of the night at the bar in our hotel, Adam's Mark. We met many BC and UNH fans that night. Wooo, I didn't realize these two fan bases disliked each other so much until then. I was talking to BC fans and UNH fans came up and the BC fans stepped back and when the BC fans came back the UNH fans stepped back. The UNH fans were MUCH more verbal about their hate for BC. Regardless, I met some great hockey fans that I hope to see again every year at the F4. UNH will be playing us at the Ralph in December so we'll meet up again there. Oh, and a BC guy who "know him well", said Bob Norton was a lush! How can he keep all that trivia from frying with his brain cells!?!

I had a great 24 hours in St. Louis. Now if only the 2007-2008 season were starting next week, life would be good!

*copied and edited from the BC/MS game thread

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Okay, I'll tell my story.

The roads were crap and it took us what seemed like forever to get to Watertown, SD where we finally drove out of it. Had a pickup pass us on an icy stretch and start to fishtail......yeah that was fun.

Made it to St. Louis about 1pm the next day, and checked into the cockroach in. OMFG we got what we paid for. This place was a dump....but it was only $49 a night. It's kinda funny when you think about it. There was a dusty 1/2 full can of Michelob Light on top of the entertainment center........hidden from plain sight. We also found a t-shirt that didn't belong to us. And housekeeping CALLED us to see if we wanted their services on Friday morning. THAT'S A SIGN THAT IT'S A CLASSY PLACE! Oh, I almost forgot, it was cold in our room so Mr. HockeyMom fired up the heater and smoke started coming out of it......it was about half a second away from combusting when he decided to shut it off. Oh, and it had two flat sheets on the bed and no fitted ones. It did have a airport shuttle that took us to the Metrolink station.

The Metrolink, now that is a whole 'nother story.....we were trying to help a blind guy get off and the driver shut the door too fast.....and his cane got stuck in the door.......so he starts swearing that he missed his stop (we missed our's too). Mr. HockeyMom was trying to get his cane back inside the train and the people behind us were hitting the emergency stop button....the guy didn't stop the train.

A group of people got on the train and were talking about all the weed that they had smoked and how they needed more, and this chic had a HUGE portable CD player and was dancing in the middle of the isle.....when the train slammed on it's brakes, she launched backwards and flew down the aisle almost falling over....and going from the front of the car to the back.

Then there was the guy sleeping behind us that may have actually been deceased.......

I swear, I could ride the train all day for entertainment purposes.

We laughed almost all the way there and back, and except for a couple hours on Thursday night, had a great time.

We're headed to Denver next year!

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I missed out on the name tags, too! Siouxmama said she never did run into UNDLAW. And, someone had asked me to bring her reward to the F4. I carried that damn dog biscuit around the whole day and never did run into her! Oh, well. :lol:

HockeyMom were you there the whole weekend?

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My stomach hurts from laughing at all the stuff that happened to us on the trip.

Ditto!!! Our group had a fantastic trip! We had a few "What happens in St. Louis, stays in St. Louis!" moments and a LOT of "Guess you had to be there!" moments!! Anybody see the "Dickie Do Award" t-shirt at Union Station??? Gets me giggling just thinking about it! Anyway, St. Louis was wonderful and our traveling companions were fantastic. We saw a lot of neat things, ate a ton of great food, met lots of great hockey fans and drank LOTS!! (Who knew MO had such great wineries??) It was our first Frozen Four and we are now hooked!!

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I wish we had run into you. You would have loved the UNH fans!! :lol:

You would have loved the BC fans behind us that told us to sit down BETWEEN PERIODS on Thursday night. They also had very little knowledge of the game of hockey.

On Saturday night friends of ours two sections over did the "you sit" chant when we deliberatly stood right in front of them during periods. Funny shiz.

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We had a wonderful time in St. Louis, other than the Sioux losing on Thursday night.

Left shortly after noon on Wed. and roads were not good until we got past Watertown, SD. Spent the night in Blue Springs, MO at the Quality Inn. Found many other Sioux fans there at breakfast in the morning.

Thursday - Got to Al's about 11:45 am and stayed until 2 pm. Met and talked with a number of Sioux fans we know, Siouxelevens, Siouxnami, Siouxmama and others. AT 2 pm we left to check into the Drury Plaza, and what a wonderful place. Very friendly and helpful staff, free buffet breakfast, three free drinks every day, free snacks in the evening, and a great time. Went to both games, and discovered we were sitting by some gopher fans that we sat behind for several years at the Final Five. They were there to cheer on the Sioux. Losing the game was a bummer, but we headed back to Al's after the game. Did bump into UNDLaw at the arena and he said that the nametags were at Al's. We never did meet up with him there though. That is when we learned that dancing on the bar is evidently a custom/pastime in St. Louis. We saw it at Al's and in other bars.

Friday - We visited the Arch, and had lunch down at Laclede's Landing. Tried to do the Anheuser Busch tour in the afternoon, but all of the tours were already full because of hockey fans. Imagine that. Did go through the souvenir shop, and into the Bud room. Then back to the Drury Inn for our free drinks. Was standing in line at the bar when we were text messaged that Duncan won the Hobey.

Saturday - Had lunch down at Laclede's Landing again. Did a little shopping for the trip home. Took the Metrolink over to Union Station in the afternoon, met up with old college buddies, and then went to the game. Didn't have any of the HockeyMom type excitement on the Metrolink though. We wished we had discovered Union Station earlier on the trip. On to the game. Very fun game and a definite anti-BC crowd. It was a great ending. Went back to the hotel for late night snacks and birthday cake for KirkEisenbeis. Went up to the room on the elevator with four WI fans who asked if I was going to Denver. I said I sure hope so. Their comment was as long as there weren't any Gophers. I replied that we certainly didn't need any dirty stinking rodent type varmints in Denver. They roundly supported that, until as I was getting off the elevator they realized that a badger could fit that definition as well.

Sunday - a 13 hour drive home that was surprisingly not bad.

A great trip, even though the Sioux lost. Thanks to all of the wonderful Sioux fans that we talked with.

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I missed out on the name tags, too! Siouxmama said she never did run into UNDLAW.

I was right where I said I would be... drinking at a table and at the bar... and the closest person to the impromptu "Ugly Coyote" dance by the AH female bartending staff (i.e. See ScottM and release_the_commodore and UNDLAW drool spot on the bar!).

Couldn't stomach going back after the - gulp - "loss" to BC and decided to get drunk with a bunch of Maine fans at the closest bar near The Omni (our hotel). Next year... YES, next year when we go to Denver... I will organize a get together that will include tatooing these ID's to your backside personally! :lol:

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For those of you who witnessed how Illinois people drive...that's typical for them. Hence the reason why us Wisconsites have a nickname for our southerly neighbors. That being FIBS: F'in Illinois B*st*rds :lol:

In a setence: There goes another FIB with his damn boat.

St. Louis is a nice city. Lots of cool things to see and do. Most of Missouri is very pretty. (Yes, hills are a real thing, not something you only see in movies, in case some of you who don't leave the Red River Valley were wondering :D )

Budweiser tour is always fun...although you'd think they would give out some beer at the end....not water. ;)

I've never been to Denver, that'll give me an excuse to go next year.

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We left Wednesday from Fargo on Northwest. We met two young guys in the airport bar before leaving. One had won the trip to St. Louis and he had decided to drag his brother-in-law who was a NDSU fan along. The NDSU fan had not seen a hockey game before. We hit it off and the entire weekend we had a great time with them.

Arrived Wednesday evening around 7:00 via plane and stayed at the Sheraton City Center across from the Scottrade Center. $42 for a taxi from the airport to downtown. Oh well. Spent most of Wednesday night at Bernie Federko

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For those of you who witnessed how Illinois people drive...that's typical for them. Hence the reason why us Wisconsites have a nickname for our southerly neighbors. That being FIBS: F'in Illinois B*st*rds :lol:

There's a reason we drive the way we do!! Those damn overly defensive drivers turn what should be a half an hour drive into a two day drive, the interstates would be clogged with out of state cars and we'd never get to where we're going!! (I live in ND now so you haven't run into me lately.) :D

*one of my son's ex-girl friends was terrified to drive with me in Minneapolis. hmmm, maybe that's why she's an ex?? Nahhh...*

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