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  1. 11, guessing you figured that out already...
  2. True fact! This runs through my head every time I hear it - When you say "I seen", I assume you won't finish that sentence with "the inside of a book". I see. I saw. I have seen.
  3. Tells me I can't login on my device. Used my Apple TV all season last year with no issues.
  4. Gonna go out on a limb and say MCL injury.
  5. I did not comment to get drug into an argument. I was simply stating facts as they currently stand. When they, meaning Bismarck Public Schools, can sustain two teams for more than just the short term. with players in grades 9-12 (and I am sure some 8th graders), they will. Bismarck Public School System will not foot the bill for two teams up until that time. I guess those are the people with whom everyone should raise their concerns.
  6. Since there is a 14u team with Bismarck Hockey Boosters, Bismarck Public Schools is not going to (nor are they able to) force anyone younger than 9th grade to play at the high school level. I understand you coached in a smaller town. Not everyone is gung ho to have 7th graders playing against seniors. If parents/girls choose to stay at the 14u level, that is their prerogative.
  7. Apparently your friend may not have as accurate information as you may think. Numbers have never been at a sustainable level for BOTH schools (key word is sustainable here). One has to take in to account the number of skaters at EACH school and for the foreseeable future. One school may have 6-8 skaters and no goalie and the other school may have 12-13 with 2 goalies.....and two to three years down the road, that reverses. What do you suggest they should do in that case.....hold a draft every year so each team has the correct number of skaters and 1 goalie, even if it means some girls may not be playing for the school they actually attend? I am far more "in the know" than you may think.
  8. Actually, no they do NOT have the numbers to support more at this time and NO they have NEVER cut, despite what all the rumors out there are saying (some claiming they have had as many as 100 girls tryout??). Will there be a time in the future when two teams will happen....yes. As of right now, if ALL girls currently playing at the 10u level continue playing hockey (which is really when the numbers are large enough to support it and sustain it) it could be as far out as 2023. Unless the numbers are strong enough to support two teams for longer than a year or two, they will not go through the expense of adding a second team only to drop it a year or two down the road to pick it up again in 5.......I really wish that everyone who THINKS they know everything about Bismarck girls' hockey would take the time to actually get all the facts.
  9. Will Caggiula be playing this weekend? Was in Green Mill after Saturday night's game and he came in on crutches.....
  10. And, the glass shatters in Colorado Springs. 2:43 left in the game with the Gophers up 3-2. This will be a lengthy delay.
  11. Tsiouxnami

    FCS Playoffs

    One would think the Bobcats were the team that had never played in the cold before. OUCH!
  12. We have DirecTv and have a couple of the digital boxes on our smaller, analog televisions. We can pull in LPTV on channel 3-3 in Bismarck, so we are able to get all Bemidji home games.
  13. ^ Caught it immediately and LOVED it!!
  14. 2-0 UMass Lowell with a shorthanded goal
  15. Based on that performance alone.....Seth Jones.....come to North Dakota!! You want to be a part of that! :-)
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