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  1. Nope. The good thing is that now it will be proven that there are multiple coaches out there that can do exactly what Hak did (and maybe...gulp....actually win a big game now and then) given the massive built in competitive advantage that exists at UND for the hockey program. Good luck in Philly as there won't be any apologists for you there.
  2. Bring in a guy that has proven he can win the big game (paging Cary Eades).
  3. The Flyers Cup drought continues for the foreseeable future. Philly is one of the harshest media sports markets around. Good luck.
  4. Eades wins USHL title. Some people just know how to win the big games.
  5. I'm sure the $10-12 per hour for shift work with the constant threat of slowdowns has nothing to do with it.
  6. Even I must admit that the Muss comparison is horrible. Muss couldn't win any games much less the big one. Its too bad that each team doesn't have a separate coach for the regular season and the playoffs. Hak is very good at pulling a team together and developing them to a certain point. However, he's simply not a big game coach.
  7. So its the old if you've never done it then your opinions/observations are automatically wrong?
  8. Once again you are being naive in regards to the roll the Ralph plays at UND. If those other coaches had the opportunity to coach at a college with state of the art facilities, is the biggest event in town by a long shot,funding is never an issue, and has the rich history that UND does don't think for a second that multiple other coaches couldn't replicate Haks record and even hang something other than a participation banner once in awhile.
  9. Haks system works, he just needs more time.
  10. Still can't figure out the Hak man crush on Murphy. 0 goals in 2 years and he's getting power play time. Meanwhile a senior that has produced as recently as two weeks ago.....in very limited playing time sits (Panzarella). I really like Cags and Parks but they disappeared after Christmas this year.
  11. Ahh yes, the name calling to try and deflect the 0'fer Frozen Four record. A monkey could have this team in the playoffs most years given the silver platter the team was handed to him on and the top level resources that have always been available to him.
  12. Good think Hak got in via the Alumni Director's family when the gettin was good.
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