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Disclaimer: This is NOT a summary of the weekly Fighting Sioux Coaches Show. It is NOT a verbatim transcript of any show actually broadcast. Comments by the show's hosts, coaches and guests are made up to the best of the author's ability and are fake direct quotes. This summary contains every highlight from the fictitious show. Any resemblance to any person living, dead or semi-dead is purely coincidental. This broadcast transcript represents the wild imagination of the author and is not associated in any manner with SiouxSports.com, the University of North Dakota or US College Hockey Online. This summary MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED without the express written permission of the author.

Tom Homersey: This is a special Frozen Four edition of the Fighting Sioux Coaches

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PCM, I'm a bit surprised you missed this other call:

Caller: Hi, this is Stagard (Home from the Bar). I was just wondering if you are recruiting Sidney Crosby? Have you heard of him?

PCM, that was as funny as it gets. I was crying. Anyone reading it would enjoy it, but the Hakstol quotes only make it better for those who have regularly listened to him.

And then there was the finishing touch:

...Thanks for the verbatim transcript PCM


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