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  1. so 3/4 in the regular season; 4/4 in the NCHC playoffs and 4/4 in the NCAA's. That comes to 106 wins.
  2. Perhaps Mr. Carlson phrased it wrongly or perhaps the University was actually going to take irrevocable action prior to any decision by the legislature. I don't mind that he pointed out that it's still the law of the state and they need to comply with it. Certainly they can plan for things that seem likely but they can't take action. After all the horse may learn to sing.
  3. Grant Shaft who was in charge of the committee to keep the name who had one organizational committee meeting. As soon as the petition effort on the Spirit Lake reservation took off he disbanded his committee and made a motion to terminate the Sioux name with a year and a half left in our settlement period. His stated purpose was that the Summit league was considering bringing us in, but that wasn't a good fit for us and we didn't even wind up completing the application process. So please, don't mention "Shaft" and "candor" in the same sentence.
  4. They can't pass a law requiring a state agency report to them. After all the constitution says other agencies report to the Governor. If you look at the legislative history it makes a bit more sense. Wild Bill Langer wanted to interfere in the personnel process on NDSU. The people took the governor out of the equation except I suppose for his responsibilities in the legislative process.
  5. I have a question for anyone who's worked for the NDUS and got hurt on the job. Doesn't the University system have to obey the law and belong to the North Dakota Workforce Safety & Insurance? That's because it's a state law.
  6. The University doesn't write their own law is the point.
  7. That doesn't mean that they don't have to follow state law. Suppose a University staff member gets caught stealing from one of the institution. Do they go to the state pen or to one that's run by the NDUS?
  8. I believe they could be required to pay back any money spent illegally. I'm not sure on the specific mechanism. Regarding the "constitutional crisis." While the Board of Higher Education undoubtedly has administrative control they do have to follow state law the same as any other state agency. As to my own opinion I'm glad that the state legislature acted on respecting the wishes of the people of North Dakota as well as the wishes of the Spirit Lake tribe. I don't think there was a single issue that generated as much support this spring as that. Undoubtedly it was too little too late, but it was worth a try.
  9. I think that would be a very beneficial move. The problem is that you would have to get the city leaders to butt out because they have been part of the problem. The other thing is that the Alerus Gang has a big problem with the Ralph. They often complain that their poor results are because of the Ralph competing with them.
  10. Did Reg Dunlop play for the Federal League. I would have named it the "Iron League."
  11. Maybe we could book the Alerus for him.
  12. Can't he still use the old library?
  13. Blog Mafia? I like that. http://sayanythingblog.com/entry/tag/gflibrary/
  14. So the entire point of the campaign is to get the public to support a book by JRR Tolkien and the collected works of Theodore Geisel? Wouldn't that take about a foot of shelf space. I have two copies of The Hobbit. I could donate one and help save the public 25 million dollars if it would help.
  15. They had refinanced at one time. The new bonds are scheduled to be paid off at 2029, but according to figures the Herald Reporter put out the 3/4 percent tax would raise enough money to pay it off by 2019.
  16. They said it would go away when the bonds were paid off. The Alerus gang seems to be spending every nickel that they can to delay that eventuality as long as possible. Since the subject is the library though, maybe someone hear knows. In 1969 a bond issue was approved using property taxes to pay off the current library. Is it true that when the bonds were paid off the city council spent those mills on other projects meaning that we're still paying the old library tax?
  17. They seem to have only changed the logo. http://altru.org/pdf/FAQ_v2.pdf
  18. OR maybe his convalescence got him so far behind in school that moving on looked more doable than getting those grades back up.
  19. WTF was the question about regretting BC not being in. That was some guy from the Pipeline up in Canada. Dumbest question ever.
  20. That really sucks. I hope this weekend helps take your mind off of losing your friend.
  21. Green will really pop out of the crowd considering the colors the other team's fans will likely be wearing.
  22. Schlossman's instant chat works nicely as well. I'd also have a window on Sioux Sports because I think they limit the ability for the press box to see replays. It's nice to be able to look on SS and find out what happened on a disputed goal or penalty. If I wasn't going to be at a viewing party I'd be on one or the other.
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