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  1. I think things are starting to balance out in NCHC play... but you can't give Miami PP opportunities
  2. Looking for 2 tickets for this Friday's game. Message or text/call 32o-9o5-4965. Thanks
  3. Only on Hockey TV as per above posting. $ 29.95 /month
  4. I sure would like to see a replay of that Hain goal.
  5. Great reads Dave. I believe that Coach Bob May was the head coach in 1959
  6. Is Nichols 2-3 @ home and 4-1 away?
  7. Looking for 4 tickets for the Saturday night game vs Manitoba. Please message or text me @ 32o9o54965 Thanks!
  8. My wife and I made it to a Redbull hockey game in Salzburg last spring. It was sure nice to Ryan skate in one of his last pro games. He still had the skills!
  9. Very sorry to hear about your loss Ice Arena Man...Sheila and I extend condolences and prayers to you and your family. Wayne in Spicer
  10. Has a preliminary schedule for the 2019-2020 season been released?
  11. Despite 7 seniors graduating, who would be a early departure possibility for SCSU?
  12. This was game was billed as a first round bye for the Huskies
  13. mn_sioux

    UND vs DU

    Cadet Ice Arena. .. nice!
  14. mn_sioux

    UND vs DU

    Considering the weather forecast.... when does the team fly out to Denver.
  15. Just got done watching a Salsburg Red Bull's game. Nice to see Duncan and VandeVelde playing!
  16. Actually they have one more game in hand and play 3 against CC
  17. Still waiting on the live video feed on NCHC.tv
  18. Looking for a pair of tickets for Sat night Sioux vs SCSU. Would like lower bowl but would consider others. Thanks! PM or text/call 32o9o54965
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